1000 Days
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1000 Days
Author :MoonAesthetic
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"Ms. Cowell, i'm sorry to say but you only got 3 years" The doctor said with eyes full of regret and sadness. Fear and sadness overwhelmed the young lad-- Veronica Cowell.

As a young girl like her, her life was already that miserable enough that she always wanted to kill herself to end all of the pain. Having a heart and brain disease at a young age is hard--drinking multiple medicines everyday, being on bed for hours and having the strictest rules of all, and now that the doctor stated that she only have a few time left to live it made the miserable more miserable.

She can't take it anymore, she stood up and bowed to say goodbye. She went to the (parking) lot to drive her car and left all the guards and servants behind. She drived the car and let tears roll down her face. She tasted the bitter and salty tears of hers as she cried and drove towards the condo where she lived.

As she arrived at the condo, she quickly parked the car on one of an empty space and left it to ran towards her apartment. She rode the elevator and was still crying when people started to enter, she quickly wiped her tears and one to the corner.

Moments after she arrived on the floor where she lived and quickly ran outside and almost tripped when someone who was so fast caught her before she hitted the cold-hard floor. She quickly stood up and thanked the stranger and ran towards her apartment. Once she arrived at the door she quickly intlserted the key and opened it.

She shut the door so loud that the sound echoed towards the room and the hallway. As her body leaned, it slipped against the door. She was on the floor, crying. Now that she's alone, she's left to cry her heart out. @@


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