1000 Days
2 Day 0.5
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1000 Days
Author :MoonAesthetic
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2 Day 0.5

"... Miss Ver..."

"... O..."


She can hear voices calling out to her name as she was sleeping. Someone kept shaking on her. She slowly opened her eyes and realized that she was lying on the floor with trashes around her. She slowly got up and adjusted her vision with the surroundings. She looked around to see that she was still on her apartment with the same clothes as yesterday.

Eyebags were below her eyes and she was pale like a dead person.

"Miss Veronica?" The woman-- Evelyn called out to her and made her look up. She tried to speak but no voice came out only air, so she tried again and this time her voice was low and somewhat rough. She cried all night, what can you expect?

"Yes?" Breakfast.

"Are you okay?" was the first thing Evelyn asked to her as she saw her condition. She thought that she will say 'breakfast is ready' or something because she alwats say that every morning.

Veronica shrugged and stood up from the floor and went to her room to shower.

As she showered, she stared into the space thinking of what she should do as she have limited time left. Should she do all the things she want? Waste or use all the money she have? What should she do?

She was only like eighteen and she was aready experiencing this. Fate's so cruel, she thought to herself and went out of the bath with the one towel around her body and one on her head.

So many problems, what should i do? She thought to herself while changing. When she finished changing she went out of the room and saw Evelyn preparing the food on the table.

Evelyn must have noticed her presence, so she stand straight and bowed to her, "Breakfast is ready" she stated after bowing to her. Veronica walked towards the table and sat on the chair. She wasn't hungry nor full but she still ate the food.

"Miss Veronica, about yes--"

"Yeah, i know. I'm going to die soon and have limited time left" She interrupted her and continued eating. Evelyn who was quite sadden closed her eyes for a moment and sighed. She was always with Veronica from the day she was born and watching her suffer and slowly dying is a heartbreaking thing for her.

She already loved her like her own daughter. "I'm so sorry, dear..." She said. "It's my fate anyways and the best thing i could do is enjoy the time i have left" She answered before she stood up, "I'm going to my room" She added and walked away.

Once Evelyn heard the door of her room shut, she took all of the plates and placed it on the sink to wash it. I'll just let her be, she needed some time and space, she thought to herself as she washed the dishes on the sink.


"I'm going to the mall to buy you things for your school tomorrow! Do you need anything?" Veronica heard Evelyn shout outside her room as she lied down on her bed curved into a ball. "Nothing!" She answered back and took the blanket around her body and throwed it away as it was hot.

"I'll be back!" She heard her shout before the sound of the door being loudly shut was heard.

Silence stayed at her room as she lied down flat on her bed staring at the ceiling. It's been like a minute or two and i just became bored, she thought to herself and rolled around her bed. I'll just sleep.


"Miss Veronica!" She heard her name being called out and her eyes jolted open. She saw Evelyn with her face that looks worried. "What? Why?" She said and got up. Her back aches and her head hurts. She can hardly breath and the air seems heavy.

"Please drink your medicine, miss Veronica" Evelyn said holding a cup of glass full of water and a piece of tablet on the other hand. She took it and drank it in a gulp not wanting to taste it.

"What time is it?" She asked and wiped her mouth. "8 o'clock in the evening" She answered and sat besides her. "Do you want to eat?" Evelyn asked her. Veronica simply shooked her head as an answer before lying back down. Silence were around them and no one even dared to talk.

"You'll be living on the mansion starting tomorrow, said by your parents as they were worried" She stated and stood up. She went to her closet to pack her things.

Veronica took a deep breath and relessed it. The air became light and the pain is gone. The medicine was always that effective but didn't save her from dying it just stop her from sudden attacks. She had multiple of medicines and she always drink it but none of those can remove the disease or somewhat, it stops, prevents and lessens the pain and the sudden attacks.

What a hard life it is... She thought to herself before closing her eyes as she was sleepy because of the medicine she took.


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