1000 Days
3 First Meeting 1
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1000 Days
Author :MoonAesthetic
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3 First Meeting 1

"Miss Veronica!"

Her day always started with the name of hers being called out. She was standing infront of the mirror looking at her reflection. If i were to die soon, i need to die beautiful, she thought to herself as she looked at the every inch of her body.

She was wearing the school's uniform. A plaid skirt that reached above her knees, a long-sleeved shirt being topped on a long sleeved blazer. Her socks reached her knees and she wore a black school-shoes.

Her small waist, her long legs, her baeutiful yet annoying to comb her, her beautiful cold and pale skin that is filled with injenction shots marks. Her large-beautiful but looking dead and emotionless eyes, her pale-thin lips and her long-slender fingers.

Even though she had those flaws in her body she still look amazing but not perfect and she's satisfied with it.

"Miss Veronica!" She heard her name being called out again. A sigh escaped her lips as she picked up her bag and went to the door and opened it.

She took one last glance of herself on the mirror before walking out the room. "Let's go, you might get late" Evelyn said and opened the door for her and took her bag. They walked yet looked like running towards the elevator and arrived on the right time.

They were the only one on the elevator and as always they remained silent and didn't speak. Then, finally Evelyn broke the ice, "Are all of the medicine in your bag?" She asked her.

"I don't know. I wasn't the one who packed it" She answered before hearing a 'ting!' sound of the elevator. Veronica walked out the elevator first and Evelyn was behind her back following and observing her.

I thought she will cry and will not leave her room for like months at what the doctor telled her but it looks like she's enjoying her time left, she thought to herself and smiled as they walked towards the parking lot. Honestly yesterday was hard, we walked like miles for hours because of her, her face suddenly became grumpy when she remembered what happened yesterday.

"Where's the car?" Veronica interrupted her thoughts when she suddenly stopped and looked around looking for her car. "On the far end" Evelyn answered. "Oh, okay"

"If you go home or classes ended, go straight to the mansion" Evelyn stated as they walked towards the far end of the parking lot for her car. Veronica simply nodded before walking faster.


Crowded, people were everywhere when she arrived at the academy. She parked her car on one of the empty spaces on the parking lot in which expensive and luxurious cars surround hers.

She picked out her bag that was besides her and got off the car. Huge! She thought to herself as she observed her surroundings. Trees served as umbrellas blocked some of the sunlight and covered almost the entire school. It was like she was in the forest.

Clean surroundings and free from air pollution. It was perfect especially for her condition. She walked towards the entrance of the building and entered. More people greeted her sight.

She walked past through them and checked each of the rooms looking for hers. "Room 101, room 101, room 101" She repeatedly mumbled to herself looking at the rooms.

Then, finally! After an eternity, she found her room. She was pretty exhausted from that walking and such. Her room was on the third floor and it made her more exhausted climbing all of the stairs and to add that her room was almost at the far end of the hallway. She opened the door of her room and multiple pairs of eyes looked at her.

She gulped before she walked towards one of the empty seats besides the window. She placed her bag on the rack infront of her and settled down. Those people who stared at her eventually continued what they did-- chatting, studying or fooling around.

A good timing it was, the bell rang so loud that it made students on the classroom scattered and went back to their own seats but chatted with their seatmates.

A woman that was their adviser entered the room making the students quiet and sit properly. She placed a notebook she was holding on the table before speaking, "Class, we have a transferee student, please stand up and introduce yourself!" Introductions at its finest.

Veronica--who was the new student-- stood up and introduced herself as if she was already used to it. "I'm Veronica Cowell, you can call me Veronica"

Whispers were heard everywhere and every second it goes louder and louder until the teacher got irritated and shutted them up. "Class, quiet down!" and in just a second the classroom became quiet.

The teacher motioned for her to sit down and so she did. "Oh and by the way you can call me Miss or Ma'am Rian,"

"I hope you get along with her, okay? I don't want to hear anything from this classroom fighting or bullying it's own classmate, understood?" she added and students answered in unison the word 'yes'

"Ma'am, Lowell is asleep!" A student shouted pointing at a person besides Veronica who was asleep with its face down. Ma'am Rian sighed after seeing him and held the eraser on her hands and throwed it to his direction hitting his head.

"Ack!" The person jolted up awake making Veronica startled and almost fall on her seat (due to the sound of the chair falling to the ground)

"Mr. HanLu! Sleeping in class is probihited and you always did it multiple times! But i always let you off hook and now as a punishment, a trip to the guidance office after class is a must!"


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