1000 Days
5 Park
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1000 Days
Author :MoonAesthetic
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5 Park

"Oh, Lowell!"

It was him, the guy that jumped out of the window. Jogging towards them, he picked up the ball that was infront of him and carried it between his arms.

It's that girl, He thought to himself. The man, who was Veronica talking to waved at her goodbye and walked away. I didn't even got his name, Veronica thought to herself and sighed, disappointed.

Talking her bag, she was about to walk away when she heard someone shout, "The name's Luke, by the way!" Looking towards the direction of that voice, she saw him-- the guy who have hitted her with the ball, he was smiling at her with his head tilted on her direction.

Smiling, Veronica shouted before he walks away completely, "Veronica's my name!" She shouted before he walked away.

Maybe it's a good day, after all, she thought to herself.

Little did she know...


As the teacher discussed, the bell suddenly rang indicating it's time to go home. Students rejoiced in their minds as the teacher said goodbye to them. They ran outside the room, laughing and teasing each other.

Veronica walked out of the room and even thought she really hated stairs, she still took it as there were no elevators nor escalators in the school.

Why is my room on the third floor?! She thought irritated while walking down the stairs. Finally reaching the very first floor, she jogged towards the parking lot where her car is located.

Humming happily, she arrived at her car and opened the door with the keys. She throwed her bag inside and went inside at the driver's seat. She inserted the keys and started the engine.

She drived the car and went on an opposite direction of her house. Happily driving to the park she usually goes.


Finally, she arived on the park and parked her car on the (parking) lot. She turned off the engine and removed her keys. She went outside the car and breathed in the fresh air. She walked while humming towards the park's bridge.

She arrived at that place. Koi fishes are located at the river under the bridge. She leaned on the rails and watched the koi fish swim.

Oh, there's a big one! She thought to herself and watched the big koi fish swim. I wish i could be a fish, but fishes are roasted, cooked and such, she thought to herself.

Her phone suddenly rang and it startled her. She searched for her pockets and found her phone inside ringing.

It was a call from Evelyn, she answered it and placed her phone on her ears.

"Hello?" She said.

[Where are you? Your parents are worried] Answered on the other line, Evelyn's voice sounds worried.

"I'm at the park" She answered and looked behind her to see two persons fighting, A girl and a boy. She can't help to click her tongue and just turned her back again.

[...L...T...A...] The girl's voice was too loud that Veronica can't hear what Evelyn said. "What?! Repeat it, i can't hear you!" She shouted and covered her one ear.

[...I...O...M...L...A...] Her forehead creased as she can't understand what everything she says.

"Prove it!" The girl's voice was heard even though she covered one of her ear. "Jus--" Interrupted, someone harshly grabbed her shoulder and turned her infront. Someone put their arms around her waist and pulled her towards that person.

Until, She felt something warm and wet on her lips. Her eyes greeted a person with their eyes closed. Someone was kissing her.


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