1000 Days
6 Worst Day
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1000 Days
Author :MoonAesthetic
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6 Worst Day

Someone was kissing her...

She closed her eyes and grabbed the person's shirt as the kiss made her weak.

A loud splash was heard stopping the kiss. Veronica gasped for air as the kiss stopped and just realized that her phone fell into the water. She looked down the bridge and fear crept up to her.

"Damnnit!" She cursed as she watched her phone sunk into the water. Angrily, she looked at that person-- the one who kissed her and slapped that person really hard that it tilted its head and rubbed the place where she slapped. She realized that it's a guy and as he tilted back it's head towards her, she realized who it was.

The guy who have kissed her was him, Lowell.


Lowell was being dragged by a girl-- Claire, who proclaims herself as his girlfriend just because her parents appointed her to be his date.

"Stop dragging me, i can walk" Lowell stated in a cold voice and shaked off her grip. He started walking ahead of her and went towards the bridge where he found a girl leaning forward resting it's elbows on the rails while talking to someone in her phone. The uniform of our school, he thought to himself as he observed her.

"Hey, wait for me!" Someone interrupted his thoughts with a loud and irritating voice. "Are you checking out that girl?! I'm your girlfriend and you're checking out someone!" Claire suddenly pointed at the girl talking on her phone-- the same one Lowell saw.

Lowell frowned, "First of all, you're not my girlfrien. My parents just chose you to be my date"

"I am!" Every word she said was emphasized and her voice was loud that people watched them like a drama movie.

"I already have a girlfriend and she's just there, waiting" He pointed at the girl earlier. I'll just pay her to be my fake girlfriend, he thought to himself.


"I said, i already have a girlfriend and she's there waiting" He repeated what he said. Claire smirked and crossed it's arms, "Prove it! Kiss her" she said.

Lowell sighed and walked towards the girl. He grabbed its shoulders and turned her to his direction as he pulled her and bended down and his lips met hers.

The girl grabbed his shirt but suddenly he heard a loud splash, stopping their kiss and released it. He suddenly felt a stinging pain as his head tilted to the other side. He rubbed his cheek where the girl had laid her palms on.

He faced her and realized who it was, it was that girl named Veronica, her eyes glaring at him and her hands clenched.

"Damn you!" She cursed to him as she tried to walk away but had her wrist grabbed by him and was pulled back.

'Kids nowadays'

People walked away and continued what they were doing. Claire left the place as she saw them kissed.

"What do you want?!" She shouted as her shoulders went up and down.

"Be my girlfriend, a fake girlfriend, to be exact" He straightforwardly said.


Veronica arrived at her house using her car and went inside of it. Her family greeted her with a smile and hugged her.

"Stop, i can't breath" She stated and they released the hug. "We're here for you, okay?" Her mother said as she looked at her with an encouraging and supportive face. They know already that i only have 3 years left, she thought.

Veronica smiled at her mother, "I'll just go to my room, i'm really tired" She said and walked away from them. She was living at her apartment with Evelyn for like 5 months and she admit it, she already missed this place.

But she didn't show that she was happy and really missed this place as to what happened at the park earlier.

-Earlier at the park-

"Be my girlfriend, a fake girlfriend to be exact" He said straightforwardly as he stared right through her eyes convincing her.

"No" She sternly said.

"I'll give you money" As she heard what he said, she can't help but to snicker, "Do you think that i'm poor and i'm like those girls that you can convince? You can't buy me with money" She said and shaked off his hand at her wrist and walked away but was stopped again by him.

Then again, he kissed her and was shocked to what he did. She heard a ka-chak sound and she was sure it was a camera.

He released the kiss and smirked at her. He showed her the picture she took and it was them kissing, "Will you still not agree?" He whispered in her ear with a seductive and low voice.

Veronica pushed him away from her. "Even though, i will not post it, people will still know, you know why?" He said and placed his phone inside his pocket.


"Because that girl is our schoolmate and she saw you wearing that uniform which is from the school"

Veronica groaned in what he said and sighed, "Fine, i'll agree" She said.

I shouldn't have go to this park and my instincts are right, i'm in big trouble with him.


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