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A War That Transcends Worlds
Author :BossCatto
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1 The Gate


Two years ago, at 12 October 2XXX, a mysterious gate appeared at the center of Aeon city. Garnering all kinds of attention from all kind of peoples. Most are curious with how the gate can suddenly appear in the middle of the street.

It's design are like those gate that came from the medieval era. Except, it was more majestic and much more bigger. Perhaps it looks like the gate from the Imperial Castle from the Eastern Empire.

But, following the appearance of that gate, a disaster ensued.

Just two days after that gate appeared, a wave of monster came rushing out of the gate. Killing and destroying everything that they could see. The creatures are those that usually told in fantasy novels. Such as orcs, goblins, dragons, and wyverns.

But the chaos didn't continue for a long time. An QRF team quickly took control of the situation and eliminated any foreign threat that came from the gate.

People called that day as the 'Gate Incident'.

From that moment, the United Earth Goverment decided to sent their forces to investigate the land beyond the gate.

What they found completely surprised them. It was a world where magic exist. It was a beautiful yet dangerous at the same time. Not only that, they also found all kinds of minerals that are supposedly depleted or almost depleted in Earth.

With this discovery, the UEG built a small detachment of elite soldiers. An elite among elite, the one who could take difficult mission in this New World.

And thus, the Task Force 141 was created. Their job was to scout ahead the New World in front of them. Reporting about the various kingdoms and empires that may exist in this world.

And if they can—eliminate any threats to the UEG.
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    《A War That Transcends Worlds》