A War That Transcends Worlds
2 First Contac
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A War That Transcends Worlds
Author :BossCatto
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2 First Contac

"Push forward! No retreats! Deserter will be executed on the spot!"

Commands keep being shouted everywhere on the battlefield. As far the eyes could see, you could only see death happening everywhere. People bodies torn asunder by explosion, people's head blown off by strange magic that appeared out of nowhere, a horrifying sight to see.

"Keep moving! Keep moving!" The commander shouted again, he ran through thousand of dead bodies of his soldier. They cannot retreat, nor can he, if they retreat then surely the Council will execute them with treason and desertion charges.

"Those who could kill the enemy will be rewarded with a hefty sum of golds! So move!"

Just as the commander stopped shouting his words of encouragement. A hole the size of a thumb appeared in his forehead. The commander's body then fall down. Blood still oozing from his wound. Frightening the soldier around him.

"T-the commander is dead! Retreat!"

They have no other choice. If they keep pushing forward, then only deaths awaits them. Retreating is the only plausible option. The soldiers doesn't even care about the Council's wrath. The enemy will hopefully deal with them sooner or later.

"Run! To the forest! Retreat!"

Explosions keep happening here and there. The casualties of their army are already very high. But they haven't even seen their enemies. The only thing that they heard before this massacre happened are a strange whizzing sound coming from the air. Which an explosion followed soon after.

This a war that they knew they couldn't won. The way they fought are different. It was unknown if the enemies are magicians or not. If they're all magicians, how many are there? How strong are they? It was a question that popped in everyone's minds. But none could answer it.

Though many commander that still alive insisted the soldier to keep moving forward. Those who actually comply are very few in numbers. Many soldier already retreated to the forest or already dead from the enemy strange magic. It was hopeless. Is it truly the Empire's loss this time?

One by one, the commander fell to the ground, all of them with the same wounds like the others. The battlefield soon are emptied. Leaving only the heavily wounded or those left behind. Some of the bodies are not even intact after the heavy bombardment from before.


"Is that all of them?" The man looked at the battlefield through his scope. He could see soldiers running and dead bodies on the battlefield. He lost count with how many enemy that he had killed in the last couple of hours. He even almost ran out of ammo because of it.

"Damn, how many did you kill dude? Some of yours kill are supposed to be mine!"

"Nah, you're just slow, man. You need to practice some more, maybe jerking off will do the trick."

"Oh, fuck you Arlan."

Arlan chuckled and stood up from his hiding spot. His partner followed soon after. In the horizon, they could see smoke rising up from the battle before. They could also see a couple of personnel carrier helicopters and a few trucks picking up the dead bodies and the injured.

"Man, it sure was a mess. Does the Unification War can even compare to this? Because, you know, you're a part of it Arlan."

Arlan just shrugged and doesn't say anything. The amount of destruction that he's looking at right now may not amount much when comapred to the Unification War. But can he guess what the future would hold for them? There might be a bigger war waiting for them later on. A war that is bigger than the Unification War.

"We should go back. I heard they'll be serving steak for dinner today." Arlan turned around and left his hiding spot, walking towards the temporary base not far off.

"Really? Then I'll be sure to eat a couple of portion for myself. Cause man, the ration sucks."

Little did Arlan knew, a war that will involve Earth and New World will happen. They will fight together againts something that will involve the fate of their worlds.
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    《A War That Transcends Worlds》