A War That Transcends Worlds
3 The Unrest at The Empire
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A War That Transcends Worlds
Author :BossCatto
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3 The Unrest at The Empire

Two days after the battle ended. A heated argument are being held within the Empire's Gathering Hall. There, dozens of nobles are gathered to hear about the news of the battle. Not only the nobles, the high ranking military official are also present, even the royal families are present.

In the middle of the room. A man could be seen kneeling towards the Emperor in front of him. Cold sweat could be seen pouring from his head profusely.

"So, what you say is true?" The Emperor asked. He stared at the one of the surviving commander in front of him.

"Yes, Your Highness, what I say is true. The enemies are using strange magics to attack us from afar. We couldn't see them, nor even get close to them. As if their whole army only consisted of mages."

The Emperor frowned when he heard this news. At first, not only him, but other people couldn't believe the news of the Empire's defeat too.

How could they believe the news of the defeat? The Empire are known for their military strength. With that, they conquered many small kingdom around them. Sometimes even the smaller kingdom have no other choice but to yield to the Empire to avoid unnecessary casualties.

But now, the Emperor are at loss with what he should do. This is the first time after so many years that they faced a defeat. A humiliating one at that. Their soldiers can't even retaliate. With so many strange magics flying towards them, how could the soldiers push through? Even if he himself are present at the battlefield, he doubted that he could change the result himself.

"How strong is the enemy on Lien Hill?" Asked the Emperor.

"They're strong, Your Majesty, very strong. Some of my comrades are killed in a very strange way. Almost all of them have the same wound as big as a thumb on their head. Some doesn't even have an intact head." The commander stopped to take a momentary breath. His black eyes looking around the Gathering Hall. Trying to find out the reaction from the nobles.

"Just like I said, Your Majesty, they use very strange magics. We couldn't see any people who's wielding a sword or spears. They also have a strange iron bird flying in the skies. It was faster than our wyverns."

The Gathering Hall then turned noisy after the last sentence. A strange iron bird faster than the wyverns? They couldn't believe it. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn't do it, it was impossible. Is there even a creature that can fly faster than a wyvern or perhaps a dragons?

"Is there any other thing that's worth mentioning?" The Emperor stared at the commander kneeling in front of him.

"Yes, the magics that they're using are perhaps more centered with the fire element. With the explosion and burn injury, I couldn't think of anything else."

The Emperor--Koan Aenth--closed his eyes and started to think about the possibly new enemies to the Empire.

What they're facing right now are still not known if it's a country or not. But, they're clearly a dangerous foe that even the Empire need to be careful of. Though they still doesn't know clearly how much personnel the enemy have. It was safe to assume even though they maybe in small numbers, they're all an elite mages. From the report of his commander in charge of the battle two days ago, this new enemies that they're facing are from another world, they came through a portal up on the Lien Hill.

Are they... demons?

The Emperor shook his head. If it's the demons, then the news of their invasion would surely be spread throughout the whole continent. Even the Church of Light will not stand idle hearing the invasion.

This new foreign power are making his job difficult. Though he usually doesn't have any problem with dealing in any small kingdoms. What they're facing right now are completely different. The Empire doesn't have any information whatsoever regarding this new enemy they're facing.

Before the Gathering are held, the Emperor already sent his men to search about this new enemy they're facing. The only information he can gather are that these new enemy came out from a mysterious gate on top of Lien Hill.

Not only that, the enemy are reported already finished building a base on top of the Lien Hill.

It was a fast development, he must admit it. Even if he wanted to build a base with the help of wizards, it would not be that fast. Perhaps, are the base that they made a weak one?

"For now, we will watch the enemy movement. Don't do any rash decision without me knowing. We will face them when we're ready."

The Empire's Gathering Hall are filled with shouts and cheer. Most nobles and officials acknowledged the Emperor's decision. Most people that came from the Empire, especially the nobles and officials, are known to be prideful and arrogant. Only a little amount of people that are not arrogant and can think rationally.

The people then dispersed after the gathering are done. As they walked outside from the Empire's Gathering Hall, they saw a strange things flying around in circle high up in the air. Some of royal magicians quickly surrounded the Emperor, erecting a magic shield to protect him.

"W-what is that!?"

"That... is the strange iron bird that I mentioned before."

The commander answered. His face are unfazed by the sight he was seeing right now. He already saw it before. Why should he get scared again?

"It is not a creature." One of the magicians said. His eyes squinted while trying to follow the strange thing flying in the air. "It was something man-made."

The Emperor then glanced towards the magicians. His magicians would not dare to lie in front of him. If what the magicians said is true, then does that mean that strange thing flying up in the air came from their new enemies? Something that they invented themselves?

The Emperor smirked. If he could get that technology for himself. Then the Empire would surely grow stronger. Just imagining it makes him happy. He could not wait for his spies to come back and bring in some crucial information about the enemy.


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