A new life in High School DXD
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A new life in High School DXD
Author :Solate
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163 Preparations 4

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The mansion of Gotei 13 was now being surrounded by countless beings with auras so powerful that they could create an imminent natural disaster only with their presences

All the Factions and Clans were Stunned when they noticed how there were such powerful beings before their presences and everyone was kneeling and looking with fervent respect, admiration or love to the Fairy King who was smiling softly towards his soldiers

Yukio: "We are destined to witness and participate in a new war ... Your friends and family could fall into battle and even your own life could be lost, I am not forcing you to join ... I admire each of you and I respect your decisions, does anyone want to leave now? "

At the question of King Fairy, all the soldiers looked at each other before smiling and getting up while raising their weapons

"We are in command of the Fairy King!"

"We will never surrender to a war!"

"Destiny is made to be changed!"

"The rules exist only to be broken and changed!"


Powerful screams were present while all the soldiers raised their weapons while striking their chests hard demonstrating their determination

Yukio smiled before turning his gaze to Saemys, she nodded with a soft smile before stepping forward and watching everyone

Saemys: "Those who are willing to participate in this war, please arises and follow me, we are not forcing any of you and even if you decide not to participate we will try to protect you as much as we can"

Shiva: "As I said before, I am willing to participate in this war and I will fight for this world and also for my life," He said in a determined way while he was the first to move towards Saemys

Michael: "It's like Shiva said, it's better to fight to let our world get involved in a tragedy ..."

Odin: "I certainly agree with both of you, who will help me to create a good weapon?" He smiled as he pulled out the piece of 'Uru', this was the Uru that Rossweisse had given him before

More and more they were walking towards Saemys while they decided that they would fight for this war, although they knew that all this problem was due to Yukio, they also understood that this man tried to help them at all times

Even if it wasn't, they had a duty to protect their world and that was something they had to do without failures.

Everyone left Yukio again alone with his soldiers, he turned his gaze to everyone before his sight caught some specific people

Yukio: "Green Who gave you the order to come to this place ahead of time?"

At the moment he named 'Green', a beautiful woman with long light green hair and eyes of the same color appeared before him and knelt

She had a very curvilinear figure, her figure was hidden due to her white armor made of the most mysterious metal in the entire world of Fairies, she also wore a crown on her head made of her own energy

Green: "My lord, excuse my offenses but I have been instructed by Queen Rose who has ordered me to stay close to you and help you in any situation"

Her tone became soft but showed great respect for the man that everyone knew as 'The Supreme Existence'

Yukio frowned but it was only momentarily "I understand, but why have you stayed all this time so close to Chang'er?"

Green looked sideways at Chang'er who was watching her somewhat worried, she could not help but lift the corners of her lips in a smile "That's because I have seen the 'Future' and I have decided to protect certain things"

Yukio: "I see ..." He nodded as he looked at Chang'er

Maybe Chang'er and the others would be confused with Green's words, but not Yukio ...

The wise of Green's ability, she was someone who had a power quite similar to Shiva, she would see the future but she was only destined to observe long lapses, at that point she was much more powerful

Although the only weakness of her power is that she could not control it and the visions of the future were randomly displayed without knowing when such a thing would happen.

Yukio wanted to ask this woman what she could observe in Chang'er's future but for now, he decided to leave that for later

With nothing more to say, he turned around looking at several soldiers before sighing "I want squad four to go to the human world and help Reynare with the situation, she will be your Captain from now on, go now"

Without saying more words the named Squadron disappeared without saying anything "Squad two, you help Rossweisse with the situation, don't fail me"

The same happened with squad two, Yukio then looked into the distance noticing a woman who had a snake tail was looking at him in a threatening way

Yukio: "Kaliya ... Follow me"

Kaliya: "I thought so" she said with a somewhat chilling smile as she "crawled" into the mansion with Yukio

The other soldiers to notice that their King left they immediately decided to make a perimeter around the Mansion

Instead, Athena who had stayed behind with Yaeko observed the enemies that had fallen dead in their hands with some nervousness, she knew this enemy that they were about to face had a terrifying force

"You shouldn't be scared ..." At that moment a soft voice echoed in her head making her feel somewhat scared observing her surroundings just to notice how a beautiful woman with greenish hair looked at her from a distance

Athena: "You ... aren't you afraid?" She spoke in her head while thinking that in this way she could communicate with the other person

"Do you think these enemies are strong? You still don't know the strength of our King, fear? None of us have it ... Or rather we don't need to have it."

The words spoken by Green caused Athena to remain silent, she did not know the strength of King Fairy but it was undoubtedly unfathomable

Even so, that did not calm her anguished heart since in this war her family could die and that was not something she could accept, it was at that moment that a small handheld her arm

Athena: "Yaeko?"

Yaeko: "... Daddy wants to see you"



In a dark space illuminated only by stars, a thunderous sound could be heard when a Throne broke into pieces and Pegasus who had been sitting rose while laughing countlessly in a chilling way

Pegasus: "Ahahaha, damn it, who would say it? That bitch had a daughter with that bastard!" He began to laugh but then his aura became quite chaotic causing a slight disturbance around him

The four figures that were nearby raised an invisible barrier to protect soldiers who were not injured

Pegasus managed to calm down a little before his eyes shone and watched as his subordinates still tried to completely destroy the barrier of the dimension where Yukio Doragon resided

They only managed to make a small gap enough for a ship to pass, but he planned to make impending destruction that was why he wanted all his soldiers to be

With that in mind, he smiled with pleasure before raising his hands "GO !, this damn one gave me many more reasons to destroy it, not only did he take my daughter and the opportunity to revive my wife, but he also had the courage to have a daughter with my 'precious'! "

His words sounded quite unpleasant but everyone could tell he was speaking very mockingly

Pegasus: "You four get ready, the others use all their strength and destroy that barrier now!"

This is how an immense pressure arose causing all the soldiers to accelerate their movements


Rossweisse is walking while around her were many beings dressed in white battle suits

Whether women or men were all in positions as well-trained soldiers observing the surroundings with caution, they wore different types that denoted their race

Angels, Banshes, Beasts, Demon or Fairies even Elves were among them, they were currently riding a perimeter around a small village

The villagers had been evacuated a long time ago, while Aura who was also nearby looked at a huge barrier with a somewhat confused expression on her face.

Rossweisse: "Did you discover anything?" At that moment she who had been walking approached Aura asking while carrying a notebook in her delicate hands

Aura: "Um, it's something difficult to say, this barrier is too powerful even for me and I have no way of breaking it ..."

Rossweisse: "From the beginning our order was only to find the barrier, not destroy it, you know?"

Aura: "I know!" She replied curtly before walking away and sighing looking away

Rosweissei did the same noticing how a beautiful woman was standing in the sky looking down with a somewhat indifferent look

At that moment another flash was present and another woman appeared in the air

Both women were redheads with very voluptuous bodies and made men feel dry, but these men looked away because they knew that these two women were not to be appreciated by them.

Great Red: "What are you doing here? Ddgraid?" She who had been looking at the barrier indifferently turned her eyes to Ddgraid

Ddgraid made a somewhat nervous expression before smiling "I am free now, where I decide to go is my problem now, besides you are about to free Trihexa, so i wanted to know what had been of his life"

Great Red sighed and decided to ignore her, she had a great conversation with Tiamat last time and she felt quite frustrated, it was because Great Red had come to have feelings for Yukio but did not know how to express them

After all, she lived her whole life looking for fights, she didn't know romance and much less the way to confess ... Knowing that she decided to go to safety

Ophis ... Or possibly she could also ask Rias Gremory somehow with that in mind she extended her hands to the barrier before speaking softly

Great Red: "Void Disintegration" As a Transcendent and a very good space traveler it was not very difficult to learn this powerful skill

At that moment the barrier began to crumble while the nearby space seemed to be cut and begged repeatedly as if some world mistake was detested and wanted to be eliminated

In just a few seconds that 'powerful' barrier had disappeared leaving Aura with some disgust, it was because she had previously thought that this barrier was powerful but now Great Red got rid of it easily

Rossweisse: "Um ... The power of Transcendents is really something very unfathomable"

Aura could only make a settlement with a complex expression on her face and then took a step towards the place that was being blocked by the previous barrier but at that moment a huge roar was present


That powerful roar caused Aura to stagger as she covered her ears with pain, Rossweisse was also the same

Just when Aura wanted to protect herself with her mana, she glimpsed from the corner of her eye as something approached at great speed towards her.

It was only a few seconds before she could realize that it was a gigantic tail that is about to hit her and she becomes paled.


She had closed her eyes and she waited for the blow but it never came, she opened her eyes slowly just to observe how Great Red stood in front of her stopping the advance of the great tail with only her hand

Great Red: "... Yukio would bother if you end up hurt because of me, you know?"

It was the only thing she said before disappearing and soon a thunderous sound was heard in the distance causing tremors

Aura just stayed there while the previous words had still been in her head "... Would he bother if I were hurt?"

She felt very confused because she didn't know what to think

Rossweisse: "Aura? What are you doing? We have to go, come now!" She quickly pulled Aura's arm as they walked away

Aura nodded before also running behind Rossweisse

Great Red circled the air while a large tail passed by her with only a few inches, she smiled as she reached out and clung to one of Trihexa's heads before hitting it against the ground creating countless cracks beneath

Trihexa: "What do you think you are doing ?! YOU!"

Great Red: "I will not let you use all your power! Idiot!" She kicked him and sent him flying a few meters in the air and then disappeared with great speed

Trihexa was too confused, it was because Trihexa didn't know how Great Red could repress all his powers so easily

Just when he thought about it he felt a powerful blow to his neck

Trihexa: "Ugh!"

Great Red: "Do you intend to listen to me now?"

Trihexa: "Are you crazy ?! You haven't even spoken to me until now, you just attacked me without saying anything!"

He defended himself while using one of his claws to crush Great Red, but Great Red simply dodged and kicked him again in the chest causing him not even to have time to cover himself


With another blow, his huge body wobbled back while his heads felt so dizzy right now.

Great Red: "I think you're right, it's your fault for attacking directly without even introducing yourself"

Trihexa: "What did you expect? I thought you were that damn god again who came here to bother me, I've been locked up here for millions of years. It's obvious that I wanted to escape!"

Great Red: "You're locked up because you caused a lot of damage, you know?"

Trihexa: "I regret that, okay? I'm tired of being here all this time!"

Great Red raised an eyebrow and descended to the ground while looking at Trihexa with curiosity

Trihexa noticing that he would not be attacked anymore with a relieved sigh before looking at Great Red with confusion "Why are you using a human form? It is also quite surprising that you can fight against me in that way ... Why do I not feel the power coming from you?"

He asked questions very quickly with curiosity but also with caution, Great Red let out a proud laugh before waving his hands and causing a huge explosion in the distance

Great Red: "I came to Transcend, I am no longer bound to this world and my power goes beyond your limitation, you know?"

Trihexa was speechless, he was a being who clearly knew what Transcend meant, it was because he had a friend many years ago and that friend Transcend ...

Trihexa: "You ... How did you do that?"

Great Red inflated her chest, even more, causing it to bounce "It's for my beloved!"

Trihexa: "Beloved?" He frowned and sniffed but there was no distinctive smell in Great Red

Great Red blushed because she knew her statement sounded very stupid since she had not even been touched by Yukio but she was also furious "Hmpf! My beloved was the one who helped me Transcend and sent me to look for you to join our cause "

Trihexa stopped sniffing Great Red before looking at her confused "your cause? What are you talking about now?"

Great Red: "We want you to participate in this war, my beloved has said that if you fulfill your part of the deal then he will fulfill your greatest desire"

Trihexa: "Greater desire?"

Great Red: "I guess you have at least one, right?"

Trihexa was silent and seemed to contemplate the idea, he could not fully trust the words of Great Red

It was because firstly Great Red had no smell of another dragon so this so-called 'Beloved' could not exist or was someone very noble who has not yet touched his own wife

And the other question is that ... If it turned out to be true he would be involved in a war, but he had been locked up for countless years so he didn't know what was happening to be exact

Great Red: "Could you decide fast? I have things to finish after this"

Trihexa snorted before thinking about what he should do ...

It only took a few minutes to finally decide

Trihexa: "I ..."


In a room of the mansion of Gotei 13, you could see a figure sitting behind a desk while writing some papers

There were about five beds nearby while the curtains were open letting the sunshine in, the man sitting behind the desk was Yukio who had been writing some formations and spells preparing for whatever was coming

At that moment the door of the room opened slowly while a little girl stuck her head

Yaeko: "Daddy?"

Yukio: "Did you bring her?"

Yaeko nodded as he opened the door and dragged Athena with her who was very confused

Yukio smiled when he saw her before getting up and taking two chairs, he offered Athena a chair and then he sat in front of her

Yaeko looked at them carefully before she decided to leave the room, she knew her father would speak something important now

Yukio thanked his daughter's gesture before watching the nervous Athena

Yukio: "You"

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Athena: "I'm sorry!" She instantly apologized

Yukio felt confused "Why?"

Athena: "For letting Yaeko participate in today's battle ... Not to stop and even participate with her, I should have stopped her so she wouldn't run the risk of getting hurt, I ..."

She ended up being cut off when Yukio rubbed Athena's head affectionately before smiling. "You worry too much, even if everyone tries to attack Yaeko she wouldn't get hurt, you should have already noticed but she conceals enough power."

Athena: "Even so ..."

Yukio: "You look like her mother, you know?"

Athena blushed before looking away, even her mother and sisters often say the same thing that makes her feel very ashamed

Athena: "Does that bother you?" She said softly as she looked at the floor

Yukio shook her head "No, it doesn't bother, it's something nice and I appreciate it, I know you try to take care of her and she also tries to take care of you, although I don't understand how you got to become friends, you two appreciate her friendship and wish you could stay by her side for all life "

Athena: "A-all life ....?" She was somewhat stunned as her cheeks turned red

Yukio: "Yes, if only you could stay with her all her life I would be very happy having you there for her"

Athena: "That ..."

Yukio: "Are you willing to be trained by me?"

Athena: "Excuse me?"

Yukio: "I want you to become a Transcendent so you can travel with Yaeko to different dimensions ... Do you want it?"

Athena: "I ... I want to train with you" She looked quite expectant she liked powerful warriors and she wanted to be very powerful

Being trained by the most powerful man in the world clearly would move her too much

Yukio smiled before handing Athena a paper "I'm going to look for you tomorrow when this paper shines it will mean I'm looking for you, do you understand?"

Athena nodded repeatedly as she took the paper in her hands as if she was afraid of losing it, Yukio smiled before telling she could leave

When Athena left the room, she let out a sigh while her heart pounded fiercely.

"I want you to stay with her for all her life, with that in mind I could be happy ..."

Those words caused Athena's mind to go blank

Was King Fairy making up his love?

Athena felt very ashamed she didn't know anything about romance ... Did she hurt the Fairy King's feelings by not responding?

She didn't know and without being able to do anything decided to leave for now, but something was certain and she would try to ask her sisters about this

Yukio who was now sitting at his desk sneezing without understanding what happened

At that moment something thick, soft and white rolled around his waist while a couple of mountains clung to his back seductively

Kaliya: "Fairy King ... I want ..."

Yukio: "I want you to release me phenomenon"

Kaliya: "..."



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