Battle For Everblade
-1 Author“s Update
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Battle For Everblade
Author :Zologod
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-1 Author“s Update


1 Jan. 2018: My last mass release that I've been doing for this past week will end either Saturday or Sunday. If I get to top 500, bonus chapter, 400 bonus chapter, and so on so forth. Each bonus is a one time thing but if I do ever manage to get to top 100, I will have a bonus chapter no matter how many time it happens. Every tens place after that is also a one time bonus chapter. I'm dreaming big here but if I do get to top 10, each place will be a one time bonus chapter up to top 5 and after that 5-2 is a bonus chapter every week no matter how many times and this seems impossible but first place is 5 bonus chapters infinite times. I'm not expecting to blow up but I just wanted to share how my bonus chapter system will work from this day on. But during holidays, extra 2.

Mass releases will happen every time I have 20 chapters in store to release. I write more than a single chapter per day so it will quite often to be honest here. Thank you for reading and if you haven't started yet and still have innocence in you, this book will destroy all of it so I will politely recommend you to read Dr. Seuss masterpieces instead. The Christian servers are there. I'm just warning you and good luck to everyone here. @@


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