Battle For Everblade
1 Robbery In Broad Dayligh
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Battle For Everblade
Author :Zologod
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1 Robbery In Broad Dayligh

"I'll give you a hundred dollars for it. Deal?"

"Are you trying to rob me? In broad daylight? Give me two hundred and there won't be any need to go to court."

"Hmph—the most I could give you is a hundred and fifty dollars."


After grabbing the money the negotiator left but not before wishing farewells.

"Goodbye uncle. I'll come again."

The uncle who was blatantly robbed of an extra fifty dollars threw a peppermint at the thief. "Don't you ever come back."

The thief ran as fast he could chasing a taxi that was about to turn and miss him completely.

The uncle and the other elderly people at the marketplace looked at each other and smiled. There was no anger or annoyance coming out of them.

Even though they were clearly buying his items that he got from the dungeons for prices a lot higher than the market price, they were more than happy to do as they saw him as their own family member.

The thief's name was Yiede Reho. Yiede entered his house and sat down at his kitchen table. Then he reached downwards and pulled out a box from under the table.

He took out the money he made from his pockets and stuffed them inside. Carefully, the box was placed back to where it came from.

Yiede went upstairs, took a shower, and cleaned up his wounds. He poured alcohol on them before he stitched them.

His whole body was extremely sore and his arms specifically was heavy, his shoulders barely able to keep them in the air as Yiede used a mirror to apply herbs on the bruises on his face.

After cleaning himself completely and fixing anything he could, he got clothes from his room and put them on.

Then he entered another room with a framed picture of his parents set on a table with candles, flowers, bread, grape juice, and incense.

Yiede took a broom and opened the patio doors. Then he swept the dust outside. Grabbing a wet towel, Yiede started cleaning the floor of the room.

When he was finally satisfied with how clean the room was, he put away the broom and the towel before returning to the room.

Getting down on his knees, he talked about how his day went. "There was this goblin hiding behind a rock and when I turned the corner he jumped out of nowhere and stabbed me in my thighs. Luckily I had friends with me. I wish you guys were still here so I could show you guys off to them as the best parents in the world.

Mom, dad, I miss you guys very much." Yiede's chest tightened up and his breathing got heavier. He took a few deep breathes and calmed down his heart. "Some days I just imagine you guys scolding me as I try to convince you guys to let me dungeon hunt."

With his eyes closed, he used his vivid imagination to create a lifelike scene of his parents getting mad at him as he comes home with a wounded arm and tore up clothes.

Yiede groveled before getting back up and wiping his tears. Slowly walking up to the table, he lit up the incense and candles.

"Goodnight mom, dad. I'll talk to you guys again tomorrow."

Yiede returned to his kitchen, opened his fridge and grabbed all the necessities to make his dinner. As he ate, he scrolled on his phone looking at the news.

The merging of the continents seem to have been a bigger deal than scientists originally imagined. The flow of the ocean's water was messed up and there was high chance that in the next generation, the water would become stagnant and deadly—killing the fishes. This event will lead to a drastic drop in the food supplies by a lot.

There was another news about affordable Identification Runes for everyone. The previous generation of the runes was founded when they came out of the seeds so they weren't too many to go around.

In other news, there was people rioting in what was previously known as Russia.

The world government officially got rid of racial tags since they were all the same country, same continent, same people now.

A lot was going on not more than a year after the Day of Judgement.

Many people were still trying to recover from their losses while others was celebrating enjoying the change as they go hunting in the dungeons everyday without caring about their life.

The rich was the happiest of them all. They hogged most of the items for their own benefits not caring much about people hunting the monsters in the wild in order to protect their rich asses. They would sell them for high prices and buy them off the hunters for really cheap.

Order and law was a lot different. Murder rates was at an all time high and birth rate—at an all time low.

The world's population decreased to a mere 500 million from it's original 8 billion.

Yiede was done with his dinner and sighed in sadness as he thought about the direction Earth and mankind was heading to. It wasn't the direction that he wanted.

Pretty soon, there wouldn't just be humans and their pets roaming the streets in the cities. There would be beastkind, demonkind, and hybrids between them.

There was nothing wrong with that but some people was protesting to separate regular humans and people who was affected by the seeds.

Yiede went to sleep thinking about what he would do if he was strong enough to change the world by himself.

Hours past and the midnight chimes rang and sang. The wind was dancing and the clouds was slowly strolling across the sky. In the air, a black seed was levitating as it spun in circles.

"The most evil entity is here?" said the seed as it slowly flew towards a house. It entered through an open window and looked at a sleeping body spread out on the bed with nothing on but his trousers.

The seed couldn't help but scream, "His energy—so evil—so murderous—so much! It's leaking out of his body! Thank god I founded him first!" There was a long pause as the seed stared at the body laid out on the bed. "Your body will be mine!"

The seed dove straight towards him.

Morning came and the sun was kissing his body. It did so—so much so, that the side of his body exposed to the sun was red.

"Fuck!" Yiede exclaimed when he awoken from the tremendous heat on his body. He looked at the clocked and freaked out again. Immediately he jumped out of bed. He didn't even have time to brush his teeth, his clothes was sloppily put on as he ran to his bike. There wasn't any time to call a taxi.

Using all of his calf strength, he rode his bike all the way to the reserved dungeon. Luckily his team was still waiting for him at the entrance.

"20 more second Yiede and we would have left you," said Yamato as he rubbed oil on his hunting rifle.

Asai was practicing his stance when Yiede arrived. He stopped as he slid his katana back into it's scabbard.

Ogasawara had her pistol in her hands. Her eyes was closed as her mouth was moving. It was her routine. Before they went hunting, she would always recite a line from the Bible to herself before entering.

It seemed that he wasn't the only late one as Endo was also out of breath as she took out her daggers from her backpack.

"Let's enter shall we?" asked Yiede as he looked at his odd group.

"Let's enter Leader Yiede."

"Let's enter."

"Ready as can be."

"Fuck!" Endo yelled as she couldn't even catch a break running towards her team that was leaving her behind.

Yiede took out a card from his pockets and swiped it on a keypad located at the entrance of the dungeon. "Costed me a thousand dollars to reserve the dungeon. Let's make at least ten thousand alright?"

"Alright but you'll only get three thousand if that happens. Should've just reserved a cheaper dungeon especially when this one is risky. There's a reason why people avoid paying for this dungeon during the first week of the cycle." Yamato was heated as he argued with himself because it was obvious that no one was actually listening to him.

Yiede and his group was immediately met with a group of goblins. It was easy to finish them but the profit made from them would be less than a thousand dollars for a hundred of them so they weren't an easy way to make money.

Ansai was practicing his sword-style as he sliced the goblins open leaving their monster core perfectly intact, their teeth undamaged, and their eyes at the state they died in.

Ogasawara seemed to have noticed another goblin with her passive skill as she turned around quickly and shot instantly at hip fire.

The goblin didn't even have time to pull back on his bow. His hand was still in his quiver.

"That's an extra fifty dollars for Ogasawara," said Yiede as he laughed while holding the back of his neck as his hairs stood up.

It wasn't a joke when it's said that most death on Earth at the moment was due to dungeon mistakes. Yiede still didn't understand why Ogasawara was willing to hunt with them. They were a group of unskilled, regular, non-ranked hunters.

Ogasawara would easily be accepted to teams with a rank if she wanted to.

Yamato with his scruffy white beard and big belly smiled and pat her back as he thanked her for the save. Ogasawara looked downwards and didn't say anything.

Yiede looked at her face and noticed the change in expression. "Ah—that's why."

"That's why what?" asked Ansai as he picked up the items. Yiede looked at all of the blood on Ansai's shirt and was wondering why he wasn't disgusted by it.

"Nothing," Yiede replied as he looked at his fists. They were swelling a little bit but there wasn't any cuts or bruises yet.

"Can't you just use a weapon like the rest of us?" asked Endo as she wiped the blood off of her daggers.


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