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Battle For Everblade
Author :Zologod
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2 Yedil

"I use my fists because it's what I'm proficient at. Punching. If my knuckles are enough to kill, why bother using a weapon that will eventually break or rust?" asked Yiede as he continued down the tunnel.


Yiede turned around and saw that no one was looking at him. "Did someone say something?" he asked as he continued walking backwards.

His group looked at each other and shook their head. It didn't seem to have came from them. Yiede knew he wasn't imagining it because he heard the word "lies" very clearly.

"Everyone stay on guard. There might be a physic monster here," Yiede said as he turned back around with his hands clenched into a fist.

His group trusted his instincts so they stopped talking and focused. They had their weapons ready to attack the enemy anytime.

Ogasawara concentrated her [Detect] skill and had her pistol held to her chest. She seemed to have noticed a faint presence as she was ready to shoot the moment she discovered their location.

Everyone stopped their walking and had made a circle with their back looking around at every angle. They couldn't afford to make a mistake.

Everything was quiet for a bit. There was no noise. No monsters was heard and not a single sound was made by the group.

A rock fell. It hit the ground making a small sound causing the team to turn towards it immediately. Yamato shot when he saw a silhouette in front of the fallen rock move. Following that was the sound of shots from Ogasawara's pistols.

Ansai slowly walked towards the silhouette after Ogasawara stopped shooting. He had his hand ready to take out the katana and slice the moment he saw it move again.

Ansai walked up to the source of sound and released his grip on his katana.

"Nothing?" asked Yiede as he relaxed.

"Not nothing. It seemed that a rabbit got inside of the dungeon," said Ansai as he picked up the rabbit corpse full of holes. It was bleeding crazily.

"How did a rabbit get inside?" asked Endo as she got out of stance. No one had an answer to her question.

"Let's move on. All that for a small rabbit." Yiede seemed to have been embarrassed by his overreaction. It was clear that he had misheard and confused noises for words.

Yamato looked at Yiede and said, "All that for a rabbit indeed. Physic monster my ass."

Yiede laughed and shook his head because when he told them to be careful, he was sure that he heard the word.

"Don't say anything. They can't hear me or see me. They'll just think you're crazy."

Yiede kept walking and acted like nothing was happening even though he was obviously surprised by the sudden voice in his head. It was the same voice as before. He wasn't crazy after all.

"To speak to me—just think in your mind what you want to say."

Yiede was interested to see what the voice had to say. It didn't seem hostile judging from his tone of voice and seemed to only be interested in talking.

'What or who are you?' asked Yiede in his head.

"I'm Yedil, a system seed."

Yiede kept walking acting as if nothing was happening and his teammates was too busy talking to each other to have notice his slight change in pace caused by the distraction in his head.

"I don't want to hurt you or anyone here. I just want to tell you that there is an irregular creature here."

Yiede wanted to question him but when he heard what Yedil had to say, he remembered something. Since he was someone who often read the news, he knew what an irregular creature was. It was monsters stronger than the level of the dungeon. It could be a hobgoblin in a goblin dungeon or even a dragon in a goblin dungeon.

'This is a mixed dungeon. What kind of creature doesn't belong here?' asked Yiede as he started getting goosebumps thinking about what the answer could be.

"The rabbit you killed wasn't just here randomly. It was dragged in here by the irregular. Have you ever heard—of a creature—that uses humans as their nest—or where they put their future kins in?"

Yiede thought about it for a while before he had the answer to his question. 'Are you talking about an Orc?'

"Indeed that's what I'm talking about. Just wanted to tell you to be careful."

Yiede felt the shivers crawling up his back. 'What's your actual purpose for telling me this?' Yiede asked.

"Like I said, I felt like helping you guys by warning y'all."

'But why? Who do you want to help us?' asked Yiede convinced that Yedil had other motives than simply wanting to help. No random person at this age of monsters and murder was willing to help someone without expecting something in return.

"I just don't want you to die."

Yiede couldn't say anything else to respond as he was surprised by the situation he was in. Yiede was now stepping on top of the separation circle. The name came from it's obvious circular shape and how it forces the team to separate. The separation circle they were in had four doorways so that meant a four way separation.

Although it wasn't known why, hunters knew what they needed to do. If they didn't enter each of the doorways in a span of ten seconds after the first entrance, the ceiling would close in and kill everything inside of the dungeon except for oddly, the monsters. Yiede decided to go by himself as he was the strongest in his group. Osagawara did the same since she was the second strongest and so did Ansai. Yamato and Endo, the two weakest people in the group entered the last doorway together.

Yiede noticed through the rear view of his eyes mere moments before entering his passageway and saw Osagawara with her head drooped down and her eyes squinted. Her hands was tightly wrapped around the triggers of her two pistols.

"She must have really wanted to be with Yamato," laughed Yiede as he took out his bandage wrap and made a makeshift glove with it. It was situations like this that training his fist to take the full force of a punch wasn't worth it.

"Shall we continue our conversation?"

"Gladly!" exclaimed Yiede as he was reminded of the mysterious voice in his head. "Continuing our conversation—why exactly don't you want me dead?" asked Yiede as he turned the corner. There was a group of goblins in front of him.

"Because you will be what saves me."

"And what makes you think I would do that?" Yiede questioned as he kicked a goblin from the group before punching it midair. Another goblin charged with its dagger and Yiede shifted his body to the right, spun his body towards his left and with his right foot, he tripped the goblin. Then he kicked the goblin's face three times before it stopped moving.

"Because you are me and I am you. You probably don't understand what this means but one day—in the near future, you will come to have accepted me as you and will remember back to this day and understand what I mean."

Yiede jumped up and landed on top of two goblins's head. He flipped backward launching them forward with his shoe heels. He landed and dodged the other goblins trying to slice him as he ran to the fallen two and stepped on their head but this time, crushed them. "Or you could just tell me what you mean," Yiede proposed as he picked up the goblin's daggers and threw them at two goblins charging at him.

There was seven goblins left. Yiede got into an attack stance, the first goblin arrived and Yiede pulled his right leg back. Then he kicked the goblin up. He jumped up with it and kicked the goblin back down towards the second goblin that arrived. The third goblin was landed on by Yiede but unlike the previously two goblin he landed on top of, he instantly crushed the goblin with his weight.

Yiede got off the goblin, kicked the crushed goblin towards the fourth and the fifth who was running side by side. Yiede ran towards them and on his way, crushed the head of the first and second with his feet.

The sixth was given a punch to the top of his head with so much force he died in a single punch. The seventh goblin was killed by a thrown dagger that was picked up from the second goblin. The fourth and fifth got up and had their weapons ready to attack.

"Well I don't feel like it."

"What the actually fuck! You wait a long time to respond—especially when I'm in the mood," spouted Yiede. He ran forward, coiled his right leg back, spun forward diagonally and crushed the fourth's head with his heel of his right foot. As he was leaning forward due to the spin, he was in perfect position to dive his right fist downwards crushing the fifth goblin's head.

"Do you love the feeling of bones crushing?"

Yiede who picked himself back up cracked his knuckles and took of his bandages. "I don't love the feeling. I just love the sound."

"That's pretty fucked up to be honest here."

"Maybe," Yiede shrugged as he wrapped new bandages on his hand. "You are not me and I'm not you. It's as simply as that. So—stop trying to play mind games with me—whoever you are." Yiede wasn't amused with the voice in his head at all.

"You don't have to be amused. You just have to be careful. Can't afford to have you dying so early on."

Yiede collected anything he could from the crushed goblins and ended up with an estimated eighty dollars which was fifty dollars less than how much he would have made if he had been careful with the murdering.

"For real—who are you?" Yiede asked as he continued walking down the path. "No rather—what the fuck are you?"

"Watch your goddamn language. This is a Christian server."

"Do your kind normally speak like that?" asked Yiede as he spotted another group of goblins plus an addition of archers and a hobgoblin.

"No. I just thought that it would be funny after I scanned your memory. Does this PewDiePie—intrigue you a lot? So much so that even after the devastation that has happened to Earth—you still watch his old videos and even bought all of his merch."

"He's an interesting person. Selfless and the sorts. Too bad that he died. Wait—you scanned my memory?" shouted Yiede.

"Don't worry about it. I don't care about your porn and all of that. I'm not even capable of being aroused or any emotion of the fact."

"What are you capable of? No—first answer my question that I asked previously."

"What am I?"

"Yes. What are you?"

"I am a system seed."

"Deeper. I know you're a system seed. You said it last time. I want to know—really—who are you?"

"I'll go deeper into this then since you've kindly asked. We, system seeds, could be called the brain of the so called meteors that crashed on your planet last year. Our planet was invaded by a titan or a destroyer of worlds. In the last attempts to save their planet or rather—what lived on their planet, the owners of the world, in other words, my world's mankind, made space ships. Then they turned everything they could into small seeds and stuffed them inside. In order to guide the spaceships to another planet, they created the system seed and transferred all of their smartest people's intelligence to the seeds and launched the spaceships.

During the journey, we discovered a powerful source of energy so we followed it. We followed it all the way to Earth but to this day, we still haven't founded that source of energy. It was there for a day or so when we initially landed but it disappeared ever since."

Yiede stayed quiet for a while taking in the information. It great knowing that the so called Day of Judgement wasn't god in work but rather, aliens that was escaping their planet from someone who could destroy worlds. It was a lot more reassuring. "How did the class seeds get created?" asked the intrigued and curious Yiede.

"We took our strongest warriors, strongest fighters, wizards, and all of our best skilled people and transferred their speciality to empty seeds creating your so called class seeds."

"You guys speak the same language as us?"

"No but everything I say is automatically translated to the closest word in your language. Japanese would sound like a dog barking to me if I turned off my translation."

"That's very offensive," Yiede said as a sarcastic remark.

"Don't be. Every language on this planet does. In my planet, we spoke with beeps and bops so we would be the weird one in your point of view."

"Last question. How many of you guys are there? System seeds I mean."

"We had a lot more that successfully landed on Earth but it seemed that only 725 survived."

"And why is that so?" Yiede asked as he sat down.

"Oh! You're done. That's a lot of blood on your hands.

Anyway. What happened was that one of the system seeds evolved to feel emotions and out of greed, consumed the intelligence of the rest of the system seeds. I don't like that seed one bit."

"I thought that you didn't have emotion—anyway what's that system seed's name?"



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