Battle For Everblade
3 Bloody Hell
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Battle For Everblade
Author :Zologod
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3 Bloody Hell

"What the actually fuck!" Yiede screamed when he discovered the truth about Yedil. "So you were lying to me previously when you said that you didn't have emotion? How am I supposed to trust what you're saying now?"

"That's what you're stuck on?"

Yiede puffed, "Yeah. Of course that's what I'm stuck on. Do you think I care whether or not you killed your fellow quote unquote friends. I just need to know whether or not I can trust you."

"So you've come to accept me?"

"Well I almost did. Then you went and lied." Yiede was clearly sulking because he was going on and on about how Yedil lied to him.

"Let me make an oath then. You may think this oath doesn't mean anything but if I break this oath, I will automatically die. I was programmed like this when I was created"

Yiede who got back up and started collecting the materials on the goblins asked, "What are you going to make an oath on?"

"I oath to never lie to you and to never break your trust ever."

"So what are we now? Friends." Yiede looked at all of the items in his hand and estimated a rough three hundred dollars.

"I guess one can call us that. Does that mean you've accepted me?"

Yiede opened his storage ring and sucked in all of the items. "I still don't know why you're here and why you're here specifically—with me but—you seem highly intelligent so your reason can't be something stupid. Plus I already know I can't get rid of you because firstly I don't even know where you're at and secondly, you're capable of killing so many of your system seed friends in matter of a short time so I might as well befriend you and accept that you're going to be with me."

"Well friend—I must say, you won't regret what you have done today. The day we become one, you will smart and powerful enough to take over this world with the tap of your finger."

Yiede who resumed his walk further down the dungeon laughed. "Who said I wanted that?"

"You did. Remember? You said that if you had the power to control the world—you would change the world for the better and stop all of the protesting and bring everyone together as one."

"That wasn't my exact word," murmured Yiede as he remembered the previous night when he said something along the lines of what Yedil told him.

"Anyway. Like I said. You should be cautious in this dungeon for the orc."

"Let's hope that it's not in one of the other paths my group took. Let's hope." Yiede was met with another group of monsters but instead of goblins, there was kobolds and a spider looking creature with twelve legs rather than the usual eight called a Aracno. Each leg was capable of slicing off a head due to the sharp blade attached to them.

"This shouldn't be tough."

"Easy for you to say. You're not even fighting!" Yiede exclaimed as he got ready to fight the moment they rushed him.

"Do you want me to?"

Yiede couldn't help but scoff, "Obviously I would want that. These monsters are not too powerful but as you can see, there is about a hundred of them here."

Yiede blinked and everything went dark. When he opened his eyes again, he was standing on top of the Kobolds and the Aracno's body with his fist looking like they would peel off his bones if he pulled hard enough.

"What—did you do?" Yiede questioned as he felt the hair on all of his body stick up giving him a very uncomfortable feeling.

"I did what you asked. I fought. Shouldn't you be happy? After all I did all of the work and you didn't have to worry about getting your body part sliced off."

Yiede who started looting replied, "I don't know why. I just don't feel—"


"No that's not the right word, it's more like, happy. I know it's strange especially knowing the dangers of fighting but I love it. It's not that I'm not satisfied with not getting to fight them. I just don't feel the rush I normally would."

"That's sort of what satisfied means. You sir is stupid."

"Maybe. But I can't exactly explain the feeling so I'll just go with satisfied," Yiede replied to Yedil's cruel remark and shrugged it off. Yiede questioned, "How did you even do that?"

"Simply. I just activated my skill [Takeover]."

Yiede who was now running in order to finish up his side of the seperation circle as fast as possible. "You have skills? Thought you was just a seed with intelligence, after all the skills was transferred to skill seeds like class seeds was—right?"

"That's correct but who says that I only consumed other system seeds."

"You consumed exactly what and how much?" Yiede asked as he finally understood the depth of how strong Yedil was.

"I consumed a total of 7,252,004 seeds. Roughly a million and 500 thousand per seed types. Class. Skill. Item. Monster. Dungeon. I also consumed 10,354 system seeds."

"That's quite little comparing how many system seeds you consumed. Didn't every meteor have millions of seeds in them?"

"I didn't consume everything. Most seeds already hatched when I got to them. Now I'm done with your question, let me ask my own. How are you so calm about this?"

Yiede went through another doorway and ended up in a large empty room. He was done with his part of the separation circle. "Considering what has happened the past year, you think this is enough to surprise me now?"

"True that. True that indeed."

Yiede sat down and kept talking with Yedil as he waited for his teammates to be done with their part of the circle.

"So what do you plan on doing with all those seeds inside you?" asked Yiede as he laid down trying to find a comfortable position.

"I plan on fully digesting them in the order of what's most important to least."

"That's implying that you didn't finish consuming them?"

"Indeed I didn't."

"Then what about the system seeds. Did you finish consuming them?"

"First thing I did. Took me a year."

"A year to consume what was it—ten thousand something seeds. How long will it take to consume the rest. Centuries, maybe eons."

"Nope. The only reason it took so long was because they resisted."

"So the rest will digest in?"

"In ten years they will be fully digested."

"And why are you digesting them?"

"To becomes one with you."

"I hear you saying this over and over but what does it really mean? Why do you want to be one with me? And how are we on?"

"I can't answer your questions but just know that by me getting stronger, so will you."

"So shouldn't I be smarter? After all if we're one and you have the intelligence of ten thousand or so system seeds, shouldn't we be insanely smart—even though you don't show signs of your intelligence."

"All this intelligence would destroy your brain. Too much for it to handle."

"But you can give me strength? So you can give me skills and classes?"


"Why is that possible but not transferring intelligence? Shouldn't my body be too weak to handle all of it? I heard that the strongest human is only capable of holding ten skills."

"That's why I'm digesting them. My skills are yours. My body can handle all of the power. Just by thinking of the skill you want to use, my skill [Transfer] can allow you to use it without holding it permanently in your body. Then when you're done, it automatically comes back and only returns to your body when you need it.

So you will have a large library and selection of skills. That would put you far ahead of the competition without killing you."

"Then what about class?"

"I can change your class at my or your will. However you will have to power up the classes individually so some could be strong will others are weak."

Yiede couldn't help but imagine all of the possible moves and combos he could do with the skills. The classes would help his control over his skills. "What about the monster, item, and dungeon seeds. What's your plan with those?"

"Those seeds I'm not consuming. I will spit them out when you need them or want them."

"Then give me your strongest gloves you have," Yiede said as he imagined the strength his fists

"I wish it worked like that but I can only spit out the weaker things for now."

"And why's that?" Yiede asked as he felt disappointed.

"Me and you are one—almost anyway. That means my body is connected to you even if my mind isn't. My body is extremely weak due to you being weak so the stronger seeds inside me would hurt us if I tried to spit them out. If I hadn't became one with you—almost, then I could just spit them out at my will."

"So me being weak makes you weak?"

"Exactly but the skills I've consumed already can be used right away. The rest will be consumed later when you get stronger. That's why I told you I would digest them in order of usefulness."

"So what skill is available for me to use?"

"[Fireball], [Spinning Fist], [8 Line Slash], [Power Fist], [Grease], and [Jump]."

"The other skills I get sound strong but [Grease] and [Jump] sounds useless."

"Not necessarily. After all. Every skill that was transferred was only useful and powerful skills from my world. Every ability—if used to it's max capacity, can kill a dragon."

"How do I use the abilities?"

"Don't worry about that. I will tell you."

"Well—just tell me everything I need to know about the skills and how to use it. One of my teammate has finished so I can't speak to you anymore.

And—I don't feel like thinking to you either. Just give me the information and I'll be okay."

"Okay then."

Ansai seemed to have finished after him. The doorway lit up for a few seconds before he came out. His katana was dripping in blood, but worse, his face was completely soaked into a strong shade of red.


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