Battle For Everblade
4 463 Deaths
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Battle For Everblade
Author :Zologod
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4 463 Deaths

Looking closely at Ansai, there wasn't any injury on him so the blood was from his enemies. Yiede wasn't freaked out by the sight of that much blood. He was surprised that the normally careful Ansai would allow so much blood to splash on him in the first place.

"How much?" Yiede questioned as Ansai threw his katana to the ground and fell onto his back. He looked as if he had ran all the way up a mountain and skimmed his way back. Not only was he sweating, he was panting hard.

"A little over three thousand I think. How about you?" Ansai barely managed to put the pieces of his sentence together before he started panting hard again.

Yiede freaked out at the number. Not because it was a large amount of money but because it was just the beginning of the dungeon. The only irregular was the orc so there was no way he would have met him or else he would have been freaking out a lot more. That meant that he was met with tons of basic monsters.

"I made around 1860 dollars." Yiede couldn't help but imagine how much fighting he had to do. No wonder he was panting so hard. "Need some water?"

"I would greatly appreciate that—yeah," Ansai said as he sat up and turned his body around. Yiede took out a water bottle from his storage ring and threw the water at him. Ansai quickly opened it and finished the whole bottle in the span of a few seconds. He didn't even manage to drink properly as he spilled over a fourth of the bottle on his shirt.

Yiede couldn't help but ask, "What did you meet in there?"

Ansai crushed the bottle and threw it into his storage ring before replying to Yiede's question. "The whole passageway was full of goblins. I didn't have time to loot so I just threw the whole goblin into my ring after killing them."

"Didn't have time? What did you meet in there that would force you to rush your looting?' Yiede was even more intrigued by Ansai's situation. There seemed to be more to this dungeon than an irregular orc.

"I don't know." Ansai didn't anything else after that. He just wiped his face off with a towel and continued on to clean his katana.

Yiede didn't feel like digging a hole too deep by asking Ansai more questions when he was clearly annoyed at the moment. He also started cleaning up his fists and replaced his bandages. Yedil was too careless when he was in his body. If Yiede was the one fighting, the fight would have ended with minimal damage to his fists.

Almost at the same time, the other two groups exited their part of the seperation circle. They were a lot cleaner compared to Yiede and Ansai was when they exited their part. Osagawara looked like she went through hell though in terms of her hair. It was messy everywhere and looked like tumbleweed.

Yamato noticed and walked over to her. He rubbed his hand through her hair and said, "You should fix this. A beautiful girl like you shouldn't suffer this kind of things."

Yiede was at the wall cringing. It was even worse knowing what he knew but not given a good chance to tell Yamato.

Osagawara had a big smirk on her face and looked like an angel came to her. Ansai was back to normal. He picked up his katana and slid it back into his scabbard. Endo was juggling her daggers. Yamato and Osagawara was having a weird moment.

Yiede looked at his group and laughed. "I guess we're ready to move on." He got up, tied up his hair, and started walking towards the new passageway. His team followed close behind with a more relaxed feel. But they still had their focus on.

Yiede was proud of his team. They became one less than a month ago and was now considered one of the good non-ranked teams. Originally, it was just Yamato and Yiede. Then through Yamato, Ansai joined and shortly after, Endo joined through her relationship with Ansai.

They were second cousins so they were pretty close. That's why they were so similar to each other, a bunch of quiet folks. Yamato was the only chattery one in their group which reduced a lot of tension every hunt.

"There's enemies around the corner. I sense 463 different presences," Osagawara informed their team. Yiede didn't say anything after that. He just turned around and made the kill sign with his thumb going from one side of neck to the other.

After that, everyone started running as fast as they could. Yamato, despite his big structure was the first one around the corner. He immediately got behind a stone and started shooting his hunting rifle.

Ansai had his katana behind his held by his right hand. He was running head downward. He reached the group of goblins, hobgoblins, aracnos, and folem. Folem is a monster that resembles an unbloomed flower. It has two leaf and can shoot infinite amount of thorns from them.

Ansai had his katana close to the ground almost completely perpendicular from it, jumped up and spun diagonally. As he did so—his katana was dragged from the ground to the left side of his shoulders. This motion killed about seven monsters. When he landed back down, the katana was now held by both hands and he crouched with his his left leg stretch out to the left and his right foot in a squat pose. With a smooth motion, he sliced from the left to the right.

After that he lightly jumped onto a hobgolin's head, then he started jumping from head to head until he reached the middle. Then he landed onto the ground. Immediately after, he started going crazy killing monsters left and right. A aracno was close to cutting him from behind, Ansai sensed it with his many years of training and with his right foot planted onto the floor, he leaned backward and stabbed into the aracno.

While Ansai was going crazy with his katana, so was everyone else. Yamato was still planted in the same spot just shotting. Every shot, a monster fell to the ground. As his rifle was single shot—there was a lot of stress for him. Especially since he was the person in their group who would protect them from enemies who they didn't notice. He was about to shot an aracno that was about to attack Ansai when it was killed by Ansai doing some fancy motion to kill it.

The other side of the room, Endo was slicing two monster every two second with her two daggers. She was being charged at by a group of monsters from the back. Yamato immediately killed the one closest to her. That got Endo's attention as she turned around and started rushing their way.

Yamato saw that she could handle it from their so he moved on to his other teammates that might need his help. He noticed immediately that Osagawara didn't require any help at the moment as she was going crazy killing monsters in a circle as she—just like Ansai—dashed into the middle.

The closest monster to her was four meters away. The monsters didn't have time to get to her as she killed them before they even got close enough to do anything of significance to her. "She definately leveled up her skill," Yamato gasped in shock.

Although Ansai, Osagawara, and Endo was going crazy killing monsters as if they were playing Whac-A-Mole, the craizest one out of them all was Yiede. "Something must have happened to him today." Yamato's reason for saying that was because there was literally tens of the monsters flying into the air every three seconds.

Before they fell back down to the ground, they would get their face smashed in and blood would splatter as if it was the bottom of a waterfall. Yiede was currently practising his new skills. He would use [Spinning Fist] to create a miniature tornado blowing monsters into the air and [Power Fist] which was an AOE ability would allow him to punch anything without resistant in the area of most damage which was the head.

He kept repeating this until he got bored of this combo. He couldn't use [Fireball] because he didn't have a valid excuse for his team yet. He could only use his skills the way he always fighted in order to not get suspected by Yamato, the team's observer—of using skills.

It wasn't that he was scared of them finding out, he just wanted to keep his team from not trusting in him. Especially when they trusted each other enough to form their group offically costing them all a total of sixty thousand.

He also knew that his team could be the most powerful team ever if they had the oppurtunity. None of them had skills other than Osagawara and her's wasn't even an offensive skill and they managed to make over sixty thousand which was just a dream for groups that didn't have at least five people with skills.

"Do you plan on taking your team with you to the top?"

'I thought I told you not to communicate with me when I'm fighting—but yes. I plan on taking them with me to the top. They are probably the most talented people in the whole continent.'

"Some of the most talented people. There's more people that I could recommend to you. They have no skills, no class, no items, and most of them aren't even hunters but if you gave them the correct things, they could probably challenge your quote unquote strongest human in a year without any help from anyone else."

'I'll talk to you about this later.'

Yiede activated his skill [Grease] while at the same time crouching down giving Yamato the illusion of him tripping his enemies. As there was a lot of monster surrounding him, it didn't matter what he did after that, Yamato wouldn't be able to see even though he was at a higher point.

He activated his skill [Fireball] but instead of aiming for the monsters, he aimed at the floor. Yiede wanted to test wheter or not the [Grease] skill was flammable because most grease in real life isn't. Not to his surprise, it wasn't.

"[Power Fist]."

"There's no need to say it out loud. Just think it like you always have."

'Shut up and let me have my fun with these skills. It's not like I had them at my disposable before,' Yiede thought in his head cursing Yedil in a not so subtle way.

The monsters that tripped died due to no resistance but the monster that was perfectly fine was only hit in other parts such as their leg, stomach, arm, and other non-lethal parts.

Fifteen minutes later, the battle was over. There was blood on the floor, walls, and the ceiling of the passageway. Not only was everyone tired—they were smelly, sweaty, and hungry.

Yamato was the only one with the strength left to stand but even he decided to sit down. Ansai was sitting on top of a hill of monsters stacked on each other. Endo was lying in small chopped pieces of the monsters. Osagawara was sitting down but there wasn't any blood or even monster bodies nearby her. Yiede was lying down clutching his heart. He has never felt so much fun hunting before. If it was a party before, it was now a carnival—a roller coaster.

"I want more."


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