Battle For Everblade
5 Orc Acciden
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Battle For Everblade
Author :Zologod
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5 Orc Acciden

There was a long moment of silence before once again, Yiede got up first. He looked at his fist and it was bleeding crazy. His skin ripped off on a lot of places. After testing his skills, he started using them in a real fight using them in their most effective way as he did new possible combos with his newly acquired skills.

To his surprise, the most useful skill during his fight was [Grease]. Yedil wasn't joking when he said that every skill was useful and it just depended on how to use it.

Soon after, everyone else got up and started looting the monsters. There was 463 bodies to loot so obviously it would take a while to do so. Not only was it hard to keep track of them but just the smell alone would knock someone out. During the fight, the adrenaline allowed them to ignore the smell but it wasn't possible anymore.

Yiede took out a knife from his ring and started cutting out everything that was sellable. Everyone in his team had storage rings because everyone in the world had one. The Day of Judgement gifted everyone with rings falling from the sky in the amount of rain. Everyone could have a single ring—anymore and it would slid off no matter the situation. Even gloves couldn't stop it from magically sliding off. After a month the rings that wasn't used just vanished.

'Another question Yedil. Where did these rings come from?' asked Yiede.

"It was yours truly, me. After I consumed my fellow system seeds, I consumed the actual meteor itself and forged storage rings using my other personal skill, [Void Forge]. I can forge anything with the skill as long as the material used has enough soul power to support it."

Yiede thought about it for a while and remembered the article about how all of the meteors disappeared. 'You told me that you're greedy. Why would do this for the human race then?'

"Don't think that it's just a storage ring. How do you think I know all of this information about talented people and where to find you?"

'This is a monitering system?'

"It's more than that but yeah. It has a tracking system inside and a lot of features such as scanning—like I did with your memory, and other features."

'Like?' Yiede could sense something strange with Yedil's sentence.

"That's—all. It can scan and track."

Yiede wanted to laugh but held it in. 'There's no need to act mysterious. It's not only not as cool as everyone think it is but it's also dumb if you can't do it well.'

Yiede kept conversating with Yedil as he looted the bodies. It took twice as long as it took to kill them. When they finished, everyone had a depressed face except for Yiede. "Shall we move on or do you guys want to place a save-point in the next safe-zone and leave for the day."

"The latter," everyone replied in their own way of the same answer. Yiede couldn't help but smile at his funny group. They were so badass during the fight but after the fight, they were casual, chill, and odd—in a good way.

"Let's go eat at our usual hangout place. My treat. Anything is orderable," Yiede said before realizing his mistake. He didn't put a price limit. He was about to fix himself when he was cut off by his group.

"Let's go!" Endo yelled as she put her daggers away and started running.

"I'm ordering at least ten whole chicken!" Yamato yelled after he and followed after Endo.

"Sorry Yiede," said Osagawara in a soft tone as her stomach grumbled. Her normally arrogant self was gone and all that was left was a food freak. She ate more than anyone else in the team and would only act like her true self when eating. It seemed that there was other cases too such as being near Yamato which Yiede discovered in the morning.

Ansai the most disciplined of them all rubbed his stomach, cracked his neck and said in a deep and serious voice, "Chicken."

"What the fuck was that? Not even a whole sentecne. Hey! Don't run away when I'm talking to you."


Yiede was okay with his team messing with him but Yedil as well. He was the reason why Yiede was so distracted when telling his group about his offer. Yedil was telling him about what to do if he met the orc. "Why are you laughing? This isn't funny at all."

"It's not funny."

Yiede was a little surprised by Yedil's response. After it he made an oath and if he knew anything, oaths was always the strongest promise no matter what world.

"I was laughing because I was amused. You and your team has such good chemistry together. I can see even the strongest team on Earth working together and even they don't have such good chemistry. A team of a close family that talks to each other about everything doesn't have such good chemistry either. I wasn't wrong to go in you."

"That sounds wrong. But yes. I see them as family."

In the faint distance, a feminine scream was heard. Yiede didn't even think about it. He dashed towards the sound. There was only a single thing in this dungeon that could get such a reaction from any member of his team.

His legs was moving too fast and he tripped but quickly reacting, he rolled and ended back into the running position.

Yiede entered another large area and saw it, the orc. It was at least seven meters tall with a gigantic club about as big as him. His teammates wasn't hurt but they were in range of the orc as he swung his club.

They didn't have time to react as they weren't prepared to meet such a monster so they were shock at the sight of it. If Yiede didn't do something Endo would take a direct hit and the others would get hit shortly after.

"To defeat the orc, you would have to get close to it without giving it time to react or the club will be the end of you. So I recomment you use [Jump], [Grease], and hit the orc with [Power Fist]. As it's on the ground, finish it however you want."

The method given to him couldn't be used in this situation. Using his battle instinct, Yiede used [Jumped] and crossed ten meters in the span of less than a second. He knew that this would hurt him but he didn't have much time and options.

Using [Power Fist], he activated the second option of the skill which allowed the concentration of the AOE putting all of the strength into a single area. When Yiede jumped, he was aiming at the orc so he was facing the orc and not the club so he had to hit the club with this side of his left fist. The moment the fist connected, Yiede could feel as his bones shattered into multiple parts and his wrist bone popped out of it's socket.

Not only was the momentum of the swing broken, the club flew out of the orc's hand. [Grease] was applied to the foot of the orc and Yiede in the air spun forwards kicking the orc's face with the sole of his shoe.

After that the orc tripped and fell onto the ground along with Yiede. However Yiede had worse luck as he fell downwards in a bad position so his back hit the ground after his neck did while the orc landed safely on his back.

Yiede couldn't keep his eyes open for more than a few seconds before everything went dark. The last thing he remembered was someone yelling, "Yiede!"

Everything was silent. There was no sound until Yedil spoke to him.

"Congratulations. You're stronger now."

'You're an asshole. How are we even doing this?' Yiede couldn't help but ask as he couldn't fathom how .


'Fuck you.' Yiede started laughing.

"It's okay. You've done all you can. Rest now."

Then Yiede finally started sinking into an ocean of silence. There wasn't a dream. There wasn't anything at all. It was pitch black everything. The only thing Yiede could feel was calmness.

"Yiede. Yiede. Wake up."

Yiede saw a small ball of light expanding until he was completely awoke. He didn't freak out, he looked and saw his team looking at him as he laid down on the floor peacefully. There was pain everywhere but he completely ignored them. "You guys okay?"

"Yes—we're okay. We defeated the orc," Endo responded as tears fell from her eyes.

"No need to cry. It's not like I'm dead—yet." It seemed that what Yiede said relieved some of the tension and everyone laughed a little bit. "Did you guys loot the orc?"

Everyone nodded. Yiede smiled. "Shall we leave?"

Everyone agreed and Yamato picked Yiede up and carried him. There was silence as they walked. Yiede couldn't handle it anymore and yelled, "I'm not dead! Stop acting so depressed."

Osagawara was the first one to respond, "It's our fault this happened in the first place though. Especially mine's. If I had been more focused and had used my skill."

"It didn't matter wheter or not you used your skill. He was far away in the large room. You wouldn't have scanned him until you entered anyway."

"But still."

Yiede wished he could move but the pain was too much. He felt like smacking everyone's head with the orc's club.

"Just make up for it. I'll take fifty percent instead of forty." Yiede looked at everyone's face and saw that it brightened up a little bit. "Shall we go eat?"

"In your condition? You'll be eating hospital food for the next month idiot," Yamato responded. Everyone laughed at the joke and Yiede felt that it was the right mood for thier group. Guilt was an emotion not needed at the moment.

"Then make sure to visit me every day."

"We will." Yiede smiled before going back to sleep.

"Let's give him all of the profit."

"Let's do that."

"I'll add an extra five thousand from me."

"Same here. Don't tell him or else he won't forgive us. Just lie to him and say that when we finished the dungeon, there was more orcs along the way."

Yiede didn't hear anything but Yedil did.

"They can't use a lie like that. After all I already informed you that there's only a single orc here. Hmm—what a cute bunch of people."


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