Battle For Everblade
6 Time Skip
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Battle For Everblade
Author :Zologod
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6 Time Skip

When he opened his eyes once again, he looked around and saw that he was laying on a hospital bed with casts on his neck, legs, and his left fist. His legs seemed to have broke as well when he landed on the ground.

He couldn't help but look at the ceiling recapping to himself what happened. All of the mistakes made on his side and his team's. However there was nothing he could do now so he closed his eyes to go to sleep again.

"Stop trying to sleep all the time. Unless you really want to be here for a whole month."

"Of course I don't," Yiede responded to the ever rude Yedil. He didn't feel like wasting time here when he could be out there making money, getting stronger.

"I wasn't joking with you when I said you got stronger."

"How does the system work? The more I fight, the stronger I get?" Yiede asked in order to fully understand what Yedil meant. If he was going to get stronger in order to use more skills and get his first class, he would need to plan everything.

"Fighting is one way. There's also using your skills often to the point of mastering it, using it more efficiently. You can practice your punches or if you had a sword, your slices. There's other ways that isn't possible at the moment so I'm just not going to talk about it.

Now that you're stronger, I was able to digest three more skills and a class."

Yiede was excited for the skills but even more when he heard that he could have a class now. Watching on the internet of people with classes fighting showed just how strong it was. Classes provided buffs depending on the type.

Classes could be leveled up and each level was an increase in the amount of buffs and how strong the buffs were. Skills that connects to the class would be increased in power greatly and also easier to use. A warrior could use a [Lvl.1[Sword Slash] and it would be more powerful than someone with no class using a [Lvl.3[Sword Slash].

"Don't keep me waiting. What's the class?" Yiede hurriedly asked as he couldn't hold in his excitement.

"Hold your horse. First let's talk about your two new skills. [Full Recovery] which allows you to completely heal your body of any natural injuries. You can use it once per day. Leveling up while allow more often uses and more types of injuries to heal."

"What do you mean natural injuries?"

"Cuts, broken bones, a bruise, a cut off arm and the sorts."

Yiede was shocked when he heard Yedil's words. He could regenerate a whole body part. This was the most overpowererd healing skill he has heard of.

"Non-natural injuries are poison, curses, debuffs, and the sorts. Not natural.

Now your second skill. It's [Astral Weapon Forging]. This skill requires some preparing such as finding materials containing astral energy but with my trackers all over the world, we can rob someone clueless of the item containing astral energy easily. This skill will allow you to be more flexible when fighting. Although you will using your fists—you will have weapons floating around you attacking on your command or if you like, on their own.

I choose this skill to you because I realized that you don't pay a lot of attention to your surronding. You notice attacks behind your back last moment. If I was to assassinate you, you would notice after your blood starts dripping from your neck."

Yiede could feel something on his neck. There was clearly nothing there but Yedil's words managed to make him more cautious about his neck. Thinking about what Yedil was saying, he realized his weakness and knew that he would have to fix that or else he would have to rely on his astral weapons to protect him.

Yiede was ready to leave. He had used [Recovery] and was going to go meet his friends by texting them to meet him at their hangout. However Yedil stopped him.

"You will have to leave them. We will be going on an adventure to Dusk City right away. We can't afford for you to get injured like this again even if you can heal it off like it's nothing. We are going to forge your weapons, make you stronger, then I can give you more items and skills. Then I will open a dungeon for you to hunt by yourself. Then after you level your class to level five, I will give you another class."

Yiede was about to say something when he stopped. He needed power if he wanted to give power to others so he had no choice but to comply to Yedil's wishes. He broke the casts and opened the hopsital window as he heard the door creaking open slowly. He jumped.

"Hey Yiede. We're here to visit you—if you're awake," Ansai said as he opened the door with the rest of the team behind him. They were laughing discussing how funny Yiede looked but when they entered the room and moved the curtain, there wasn't anyone on the bed. The window was opened though.

"Look here. There's a sheet of paper." Yamato noticed it and picked it up from the table by the bed. "It says, "Hey guys or should I say idiot. I heard about the plan to give me all of the profit and extra. Don't do that. My wish for you guys while I'm gone is to use the money to reserve more dungeons, beat them, repeat. When I come back, you guys better have at least a hundred thousand dollars. I'm not joking. This will make up for my injury. Then we go and upgrade from a group to a guild. I've left to recruit people. People who are as talented as you guys. We will be the best guild to breath air. Peace out—bitches."

Endo, Osagawara, Ansai, and Yamato looked at each other. They didn't know what to say. They had their jaws dropped by the fact that Yamato was gone already, now that they knew his reasoning, it was even more jawdrop worthy,

The first person to speak was Endo, "Let's go hunting."

Yiede was halfway across the city by the time they finished reading the paper. He was this fast because of his class, |[Chronomancer]|. Not only did it grant a thirteen percent increase in magic, a twenty percent increase strength, it also granted a fifty percent increase in speed. But on top of that, it gave the skill, [Time Skip].

"I didn't know classes could give skills."

"Of course you wouldn't know, people with classes and big companies don't tell the public in order to buy the classes for cheaper."

As he used [Time Skip], it didn't take too long before he was no longer in Emerald City. He was now walking on a long empty road with nothing but cars passing by. There was nothing on the side of the roads but trees and grass. The trees were shiny and had a metallic look to it giving his city the name, Emerald City showing that mankind has given up on the past, not even keeping the original name of the cities.

His newly acquired skill was extremely overpowered because it allowed him to move up to twenty seconds ahead in the future. The skill knew where he planned on going and what he planned on doing.

This skill could destroy the balance of the hunter's world if it was showed to anyone. After all, Yedil told him that this was a unique class of a Time Demigod who was abandoned by his father, the God of Time and was dropped onto Yedil's planet.

Yedil had a lot more unique skills, classes, and items that was overly overpowered but Yiede held him back from digesting it.

Just walking allowed him to travel a hundred miles in less than an hour. Although it hurt him mentally to do so because he kept seeing things moving around him extremely fast over and over which eventually started messing with his brain.

His brain started to adapt to the fast movement which couldn't be explained scientifically because brains didn't normally work like that. Yiede could now see everything around him when he skipped time.

The next day when the sun came up, Yiede was now in another city. "[Age Change]."

"How many time did I have to tell you, there's no need to say the skill out loud? Just think and it works."

"Just—I can't even bother." Yiede had to use his third skill Yedil digested when he was unconcious because the skill [Time Skip] also increased how fast Yedil aged. Although it would take two to three days to walk a hundred miles without resting, using the skill was like taking two to three years.

"Now just follow my direction. It should take ten [Time Skip] as long you run at your faster. I don't want you to risk people noticing you. Gotta stay lowkey like every novel main character ever."

"Why are you so up on trend?" Yiede was surprised at Yedil's knowledge of Earth despite being an alien.


"Oh yeah. Forgot." After that small bickering between the two of them, Yedil gave him directions and Yiede after memorizing started using the skill. Using the skill, he traveled a mile and a half reaching an apartment. He knocked on the door.

It took a while for the door to open. Before it did, Yiede heard a dad and their kid arguing with each other. He could hear the sentence, "I want to be a hunter dad."

'Yedil, how did you find a talented human, who wants to be a hunter—and has a necklace with astral energy in it? That's like winning the lottery.'

"Don't forget, I have five hundred million tickets for the lottery."

The door opened and a clearly pissed off dad stared at him. "What do you want?"

Yiede smiled and responded with absolute confidence, "I'm here to recruit your son for my guild." The door was shut in his face. Yiede was standing there with a smile on his face staring at the closed doors.

He wasn't happy at all with the reaction.

"Did you spend money to hire actors just to trick me into letting you hunt Toshiro? Is that where your allowance went? Huh?" the father asked as he walked back into the kitchen not hearing a response from his son, he felt more angry feeling ignored. "Listen to me when I'm—what the fuck?"

Yiede was sitting at their kitchen table with an apple in his hand.

"How did you get in here?" the father flabbergausted asked.

Yiede bit into the apple and started chewing as loud as possible. "Good apple," he said before using [Time Skip] to put it in the trash and sit back down. "Now shall we talk?"

The father looked at the trash, at Yiede, at the trash, over and over. He couldn't help but feel light headed. "Umm—yes we can talk. Hello my name is—"

"Miya Ken and your son is Miya Toshiro. Yes, I know. I've obviously researched your family, after all, I want to recruit your son so why wouldn't I?" Yiede asked as he crossed his legs and laid his hands on his lap trying to give the most professional look as possible.

"You're here to recruit—" Toshiro didn't get to finish his sentence as his dad cut him off immediately.

"You're mistakened sir. My son is just a regular person. He doesn't have good grades in school and he always gets last place during the physical exam," Ken brutally informed Yiede knowing for fact that there was no way for his son to be talented even if he wanted him to be.

"You're the one who's mistakened. Your son, is a genius. He fails his class because he falls asleep during class due it being too boring. The tests are so easy he finish it in a few minutes and his teachers gives him zero thinking he cheated. Same for the physical exams. He finds the exercises so easy that he gets bored of waiting for his turn and just leaves," Yiede naturally persuaded the dad as Yedil provided information to him.

"Is this true Toshiro?" Ken asked as he fell down onto his knees with his hands over his mouth.

Toshiro didn't answer for a bit. He stayed quiet and looked at his dad on the ground and shed a tear that he quickly wiped away. "Yes dad. What he says is true."


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