Battle For Everblade
7 Face To Face
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Battle For Everblade
Author :Zologod
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7 Face To Face

Toshiro had regret showing on his face. However his dad was in an even worse shape than him. He had tears falling down on his face but at the same time, there was a clear sign of anger in his face. Toshiro walked up to his dad and pulled him up off the ground.

Toshiro saw his face and thought that when his dad leaned closer to him, he closed his eyes in fear that his dad was going to hit him out of anger. However what he imagined didn't happen. Rather when he felt another person's arm wrapped around his back. He opened his eyes and saw that his dad was hugging him.

"I'm so sorry Toshiro. I didn't believe you all this time. I thought that every time I scolded you and you told me that it was the other way around—I thought you were just trying to find excuses. I'm so sorry." The dad seemed to have been mad at himself and not his son.

Toshiro started tearing up again and cried. "No dad. I'm sorry. I should have tried harder to tell you the truth."

Yiede who was watching this scene happen in front of him had grabbed grapes from the fridge and started eating it. It wasn't that he was bored, he just wanted a snack in order to truly enjoy such a beautiful scene. It was like watching a movie without popcorn.

The dad pushed his son off of him and looked at him in the eyes as he held his shoulders. "My son's a genius! If only your mother could see you now."

"Ahem—" Yiede interrupted the two having their moment. He didn't want to but if he didn't then the mood they had at the moment would change for the worse. "I'm going to wait for you guys at the bottom of the stairs. I'll wait for your answer there. No matter what it is, I will accept it as it is and won't bother with you guys anymore if you decline."

Yiede didn't wait for them to respond as he used [Time Skip] to make his way to the stairs. He sat down and started eating his grapes. If they did decline his offer, he would simply have no choice but to rob the necklace and return it later after he has taken all of the astral energy from it.

"Yedil. What's the difference between astral energy and expieve energy. You mentioned expieve energy before back when we were in the dungeon but isn't that the same as astral energy?" Yiede asked.

"The difference is who the energy came from. Both of these energy are energy from the dead but astral energy comes from someone who cares and wants to protect you. On the other hand, expieve energy comes from someone with evil intent and wants to kill you."

Yiede listened and couldn't help but give a comment about what was told to him. "So the astral energy on his necklace probably comes from his mother. Then is it really right to steal it from him?"

"Astral energy and expieve energy are special compared to regular energy. It eventuallys disappear. When someone who has a protector grows strong enough to protect themself, astral energy disappears. Same thing for ghost energy, when someone does something to make up for what they've done to the person haunting them, the expieve energy will disappear."

"So me taking him in would cause the astral energy to disappear eventually?" Yiede asked although he already knew the answer.

"Correct. And it doesn't matter if they decline. Being able to protect yourself can mean a lot of things so if we wasn't to steal the necklace after they declined. The energy would disappear eventually since he has gained some sort of strength even if it isn't literal. So this isn't a big deal."

Yiede nodded and felt relief knowing that he wasn't taking anything too important from the kid. After he was only sixteen years old.

"Now that we're done with that let me ask you another question Yedil," Yiede informed Yedil after he collected his thoughts.

"You with your questions. What is it?"

"Am I evil?" Yiede asked in all seriousness. He had a stern look on his face and there was not a single trace of joking around.

"Where did this come from?"

Yedil didn't answer his question and gave him another. Yiede kept quiet as well and didn't answer Yedil's question as he was waiting for his answer to his question. Yedil who was looking at Yiede straight at his face wanting Yiede to look straight at him as well even though it was a one way street.

"Here's my honest answer. I don't think you are evil at all."

Yiede didn't seemed to have been convinced even though there was an oath in place. "Then how come when I see blood on my hands—I feel so—good. I've been wondering this since I got injured. I've always been like this since I began hunting but only after I was asked by you why I wanted to fight and not let you, I've come to a conclusion. I love the sight of blood on my fists."

"So that's why you believe you're evil? Well let me tell you. Get your shit together because Toshiro is coming down now and he doesn't want to see a conflicted hunter trying to recruit him especially a hunter that's suddenly conflicted out of no where. The answer is no and my oath says I can't lie. You're not evil at all. You saved your friends and is willing to break your bones for them. No evil person could do such a thing."

Yiede got up and cheered up. "Thank you for what you said but part of it is wrong."

Toshiro exited his apartment and started walking down the stairs. He got to the bottom, looked at Yiede and said as he bowed down, "I will be in your care from now on."

Yiede didn't have any expectations that the answer he would be given was the one he wanted but when it was, he felt better. After all, he won the lottery—even if it was the easiest lottery price to win. "All right then. Wait a minute—don't you have school?" Yiede just realized as he asked.

"Haven't you read the news hunter-san? The new law allows for students under the age of eighteen to leave their school as long as they have permission from their parent or guardian."

"Hmm—interesting. By the way, there's no need to use honorfics Miya. We have to adapt to the new world system and japanese honorifics aren't exactly universal."

"What should I call you then? By the way, you can just can me by my first name. Toshiro is what everyone calls me."

"Okay then Toshiro, just call me Yiede or if you'd like, my first name is also acceptable—Reho. Yiede Reho. Nice to make your acquaintance," Yiede said as he took his hand out. Toshiro responded by shaking it.

"So, when do we leave?" Toshiro asked as he tied his shoes.

"Wait—don't you want to say farewells to your dad and spend sometime with him before you leave. After all, the nearest dungeon is at least forty miles away from here," Yiede said as he was surprised by Toshiro's energy.

"Don't worry about that Yiede-san. Sorry—Yiede. My dad is going to be gone for three months for his business so I wouldn't have much time to spend with him anyway. After all, he only comes back every once in a while," Toshiro said as he stood back up after tying his shoes. He looked at Yiede with eyes perfectly reflecting his energy level.

"Not to go into your family matters any further then I already have but I have a question about you and your dad?" Yiede asked as he began walking while Toshiro followed close after. Toshiro was super close to Yiede at all times and always maintained a distance of a feet and a half at max.

Toshiro who was impressed by Yiede when he entered his kitchen suddenly couldn't help but observe his new idol at a close angle. He mimicked the way that Yiede walked as he replied to the question, "Don't worry about it. You didn't mettle into our relationship, you just fixed it actually so thank you and you can ask whatevery you want Yiede-senpai, I mean Yiede."

"Alright—just call me with any honorific you want to." Yiede chuckled as he saw how cute this new junior of his acted. "Don't you hate that your dad only comes back once in a while?"

"Umm—not really. I know that he is doing this to support our family so I don't really mind. I have other siblings, which you probably already since you know everything but my dad works in order to pay their hospital bill since they were injured due to the tragic day," said Toshiro without showing any sign of sadness. "As a matter of fact, the only reason why I wanted to become a hunter was to also make tons of money in order to relieve him of his stress. There's also my boredom of school but that's not as strong of a motivator than my brothers and sisters at the hospital bed."

Yiede was impressed with his junior. He was able to say things like this without having a mood change. "Don't worry. In the span of a month, you'll have made enough money to buy the hospital."

"Really?" Toshiro asked with a big smile on his face showing off his pearl white teeth.

"Really. You will be one of us so we need to get you strong enough in order to not cause an embarressment in front of our other members. But don't worry. I'm here to teach you how to fight."

As they conversated with each other, Yiede has managed to master the ability of speaking at the same time to two different people as he was also talking to Yedil.

'The reason why I was conflicted wasn't random. It was because I saw Toshiro and his dad make up with each other. I thought to myself, would my mother and father want this from me. Would they want me to be like this?'

"Yiede—I may not know what your parents would have said exactly but just know this. You have grown up to be an amazing person. You will never disappoint your parents because parents wants what's best for their child and if they knew that you were going to unite the world and change it for the better, it doesn't matter how you do it, as long as you do it. They would be so proud."

Yedil wasn't lying to Yiede when he informed Yiede that he wasn't evil. He just didn't tell the whole truth. After all, the memories he saw of his childhood days was just gruesome. They were so dark and cruel that Yiede seemed to have forced himself to forget them.

After all, Yedil was a greedy and evil system seed that killed his friends. He wanted their intelligience all to himself and in to take over the world, he would need someone evil enough to do it because a true non-evil person wouldn't take over the world. They would try their best find a way to solve it without causing harm to innocent people.

A̗̜̮͇͕̱͒̓̒̅̎̔͡ḟ̷͉͙̱̱͆̓̾͐̎̃̐͢ţ̠̙̤͎̔͒̿̓̐́̆̎̒e̬̟̼̪̼̿͂̄̀͒̀ͅr̘͓̺͇̞̔̌̉̌͊̓͌̐̄͡ͅ a̷͖̯̬͓͚͍̍͑̂̄́̚͜͞l̴̗̝̯̤̰̪̘̟̩͑̅̈̋̎̕̚ļ̨̠͓̰̺̘̬͎̋̇̇̈̍̇̃͜,̪̙̜̣̥͖͈͑̾̿̽̉͛̈͡͠͠ t̴͕͉͔͇̦͇̥͆͒͌̊̀͘͜h̢̗̪̲͖͇̪̊̀͊̀͒͌̉͑e̡̳̘̫͇̭̤͓͛̐̈́͐̃̽͟ͅy̴̨̲̯͍̺̠͊̈̉̆̅͐̍̀͘͝ͅ w̵͇̮̣̗͔̙̖̽̈͆̎̐͜͡ẻ̶̛͖̻̺̄̂̓͑̑̈́͘͢͜͢͡r̻̹̙̭͚̲̋̐̉͘̚͜͟ȩ̯͚̝͎̊͋̒̀͌̔͋͘̚͠ ö̡̙͕͎̪͙̺̪̤́͆͆̀̿̚͢͠n̷̪̠̱̼̪͔͚̳̰̂͑̓͑͌͆͘̕͜e͕̝̟̜͌̈́̎̒͢͡


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