Battle For Everblade
8 A Natural Fighter
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Battle For Everblade
Author :Zologod
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8 A Natural Fighter

"First thing first—we will have to work on your fighting abilities. For what I know, you have the speed and the strength but we have to see how we you actually do hand-to-hand," Yiede informed Toshiro who was still admiring him.

After getting the confirmation from Yedil, Yiede picked up Toshiro started using [Time Skip] all the way to the outskirts of the city. There wasn't anyone around where they were so he didn't have any freaking out accident with a witness of his skill.

"All right then. Shall we get started?" Yiede asked as he dropped Toshiro back onto the ground. "Come at me. Throw a punch or something." Yiede waited but Toshiro didn't respond. He just stood there with his jaws opened and his eyes expanding.

"Toshiro. Throw a punch at me. Hey! This isn't going to work." Yiede asked Yedil if he was capable of spitting out a goblin seed and when he was given the confirmation, he asked him to do just that. A seed magically appeared in his hand.

"Just throw the seed at the ground and wait for it to appear."

Yiede threw the seed a few meters away from him and Toshiro and waited for not even a second after it landed, when the seed cracked open straight down the middle and a white light flashed creating a silhouette. When the light slowly died out, there was a goblin there perfectly fitting into how the silhouette was shaped.

Yiede leaped back to make sure that the goblin would go for Toshiro and not him. And as he did that, Toshiro seemed to have been snapped out of the phase as he saw a goblin coming at him. He was about to run out of instinct but he saw that Yiede was waiting at the side. He could guess that if he had trouble with the goblin, Yiede would come help him so he threw away any fear he had of the goblin and rushed at the goblin.

Yiede who was on the side, could already see the speed that Toshiro was capable of. He was running almost as fast as him despite the fact that he didn't have any buffs nor has he trained his body.

The way he was rushing at the goblin seemed like he was running just to run and not to attack. He was in the typical running form. To attack a monster with that form would pose some difficulty to quite a large amount of people.

Toshiro on the other hand was a lot less calmer than Yiede who was just anaylzing. Toshiro was freaking out trying to calculate in his head what to do the moment the goblin swung or what to do if the goblin manages to hit him with his spear.

Toshiro who was almost to the goblin's location realized that he couldn't attack well from his position since the goblin only reached his torso so he leaned his body forward a little bit. Yiede was impressed that he was able to think so clearly despite being in the midst of battle.

Toshiro's form got even stranger after that. He dropped his arms to the ground and ran without trying to control how they swung. Yiede didn't understand why but he wanted to see what Toshiro was going to do so he walked closer to the soon to happen fight.

Toshiro's arm would sway back and forth because of how he was moving but it didn't affect his speed. Just two meters away from the goblin, Toshiro took a huge step with his right leg and he stepped hard onto the ground. He kicked his body off of the ground using that foot and was currently in the air horizontally from the ground dashing at the goblin. He spun his body repeating making some sort of human tornado.

The first attack to land on the goblin was with his head. Toshiro's head hit the goblin in it's chest and before it could fall down onto the ground, it was pulled back by Toshiro. He had his arms sandwiching the goblin's head. It's head was locked in place, unable to move.

Toshiro had the goblin's head in between his wrists and because of how low he was and how close he was to hitting the ground, the only reasonable option he thought to himself was to spin again. He spun to the left and as he did so, he dragged the goblin off of the ground and when Toshiro had fell down to the ground, he had also dragged the goblin onto the ground hitting it's head with the ground by releasing his right hand and holding it simply by his face with his left.

Yiede who was suprised by such a move was even more surprised when he saw that Toshiro didn't even hit the ground. He was staying up with only his right foot somehow managing to hold his whole body up horizontally.

After that when the goblin's whole body had fallen to the ground, Toshiro spun again towards the left punching the goblin with his right fist when he made a complete 180 degree turn. He had both feet on the ground this time around with his right fist on the goblin's face and his left fist behind his back.

From there, he pushed up with his right fist. And just like that, he got back up. Yiede who was just a meter away from Toshiro now was in shock. He's never seen such a fighting style before. It reminded him of an ancient style known commonly as the drunken style but at the same time, the moves weren't the same.

However the two styles were both extremely flexible and loose. Toshiro must had based his attack off of it. However the perpetrator was just as confused as him. He was looking at his two fists and asked himself where all of those moves came from.

Yiede noticed that and thought to himself, 'A natural genius. A freak—but a genius never the less.' He walked over and sucked the goblin into his ring without bothering to loot him. The money made from a single one wasn't worth it.

"So where did that come from Mr. I only fought once ever in my life but I showed some next level shit without ever training in it?" Yiede asked.

Toshiro didn't have any words. He stuttered and didn't manage to complete a sentence. Yiede was embarressed just watching so he said, "Never mind. There's no need to answer that. If you don't know where it came from—you don't. However you do have to accept it and embrace it even. You are a genius not only in terms of your intelligence but just your fighting instincts."

Toshiro couldn't handle the compliments and his face started turning red. "Stop it. It's nothing. I just did what was in my mind."

"I understand. But now—it's time for you to fight me."

"Huh?" Toshiro was shock because this came out of nowhere. He had just finished fighting the goblin and was still in shock from that but to fight a hunter, especially one that's so strong, that was stacking multiple layers of shock on top of each other.

"Here I come." Before Toshiro could react, a slap came his way and his face turned red again but from something completely different than before. He was about to ask Yiede if he could stop when another one came his way.

This time however his body dropped to the ground into a split and he coiled his right fist back and punched. Yiede blocked the attack with his left knee. He would've never imagined someone going straight for his manhood before. Toshiro reacted to the block by turning his fist into a palm and he grabbed onto the leg. Then he put his other hand on the leg.

Toshiro pulled the leg to the side so that when he lifted it up, he wouldn't get hit. This caused Yiede to flip upwards.

However Yiede wasn't going to be defeated by a newcomer. He had in the midst of the flip, made a slight turn and kicked with the his left leg that was grabbed before and sent Toshiro flying. Yiede landed on his right arm and he pushed up off the ground landing on his legs.

Toshiro was smiling from one side of his face to the other. He was having a lot of fun fighting Yiede as compared to the goblin that did nothing to fight back.

Yiede cracked his neck, cracked his knuckles as he decided to go serious on his junior. Originally he was going to go easy on him until he was able to catch up by it seemed that wasn't neccesary. "Come at me."

Toshiro ran in the drunken style like rush. Yiede felt the adreline flowing through his vein, he knew he was going to have a lot of fun.

When the sun started to set, Yiede was sitting on top of Toshiro. Both of them sweating like crazy. There fight had took over fourteen hours. Yiede didn't even know that was possible. Everytime it seemed like he was about to beat Toshiro, he changed his style and began fighting in a completely different way than before.

"How did you learn how to fight using karate, jujutsu, drunken style, shaolin, taekwondo, aikido, and even boxing? Are you a robot programmed to be the ultimate fighter or something? This isn't the Matrix okay? You can't just plug in the program you want and learn everything in the matter of seconds."

Toshiro was panting twice as hard as Yiede was. He responded to Yiede's remarks, "I don't know Yiede-senpai. I've never fought in my life. Not even at school. It's just that every time you were close to beating me during the fight, I just simply changed style that was the opposite of your counters and I knew that would give me an advantage but you just kept changing with me so I kept changing as well.

I've never had so much fun before senpai. If school was like this all the time then I wouldn't have dreaded that place so much."

"Don't be stupid. School is a place to learn, not to fight. But yes—I get you. I haven't had this much fun fighting since my construction worker days." Yiede got up off of Toshiro and offered a hand.

Toshiro grabbed the hand and was pulled up onto his feet. "You were a construction worker before the event?"

"Yeah—that time wasn't so fun. It was just a bunch of carrying stuff here, there, and fix this and that. I finally got my first break when my fellow workers started fighting over something dumb. What was it again?—Oh yeah, they were fighting over which celebrity had a better ass than the other one. I simply joined the fight and started hitting everybody in both teams.

Ever since that day, I've become obsessed with fighting. You and me will be great friends in the future. What do you say? Junior?" Yiede looked at Toshiro in the eyes as he asked.

Toshiro nodded as his face turned red. "We will be the best of friends senpai."

Yiede laughed and rubbed his stomach. "Shall we go eat something? After we take a shower that is."


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