Battle For Everblade
9 A Senpai And His Cute Junior
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Battle For Everblade
Author :Zologod
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9 A Senpai And His Cute Junior

Yiede and Toshiro was sitting down around a campfire as they started roasting venison. After the Day of Judgement, animals had to adapt to their new lifestyle so they moved closer to the city as it was safer than being out in the wilderness as they were before. Their body also evolved after eating the herbs that came out of the meteor because their reproduction and growth rate was crazy. There was twice as many animals than before the horrific day.

As they filled up their stomach, Yiede was conversation with Yedil.

"You're asking how much stronger did you get? This might surprise you but fighting with Toshiro has almost doubled your strength. You've learned a total of 243 new moves, 71 new counters, 195 new ways to block, and you've mastered how to put all of your weight in your fists. You've also learned how to pay more attention to your surrounding. This must have been tons of fun for you."

'Double my strength. This fighting addict junior of mine really made me push myself above my limits huh?' Yiede pondered as he looked at Toshiro who was oblivious of the conversation between the two as he ate the meat with much joy on his face.

"However the one who's made the most progress is Toshiro. I checked my scanning of his body and his raw physical strength has increased sevenfolds and his speed twice as fast. He could easily outrun you now if he wants to.

However he didn't notice while fighting and didn't access all of his newly found power. If he had done so, you would've been the one on the floor."

Yiede knew that he was no longer looking at a fighter, he was looking at a monster. Dare he say it, a demon.

"But—that also means that we can get to dungeon hunting."

Yiede was confused because if he remembered correctly, there was steps before this one.

"With Toshiro by your side fighting, why bother wasting time training your skills and strength when you can just do it in the dungeon. Don't worry—if you're ever in danger, Toshiro will save you. You just need to give him these skills and the class I choose for him.

He will kill you the next time you fight if you don't try your hardest."

Yiede had tingly senses on his body but this didn't come from annoyance but rather, the excitement. Yiede was so excited that his mind couldn't handle it anymore and he ended up drooling a little bit which he wiped before Toshiro could see.

Toshiro was busy chewing down on his food. He's never had so much fun before and he's never made a friend that he connected so close to that food tasted better just by eating together.

"Toshiro," Yiede interrupted. Toshiro turned away from his food to look at his senpai.

"Yes senpai? Do you have some more pointers for me?" Toshiro asked as he made a big smile on his face. His eyes had long eyelashes so when he smiled, his eyes would get smaller allowing Yiede to see them. Yiede had some weird thought in his head when he saw him like that but he erased the folder immediately and threw away the memory card.

"As a matter of fact—I do have some pointers. And something else but that'll come later. First things first, great job today. You did amazing especially for your first time. What are you trying to do? Take my job as your senpai?" Yiede jokingly asked.

Toshiro was flabbergausted trying to respond, "That wasn't my—I didn't mean to—"

"I'm just joking with you stupid. However I noticed while we were fighting that you wasn't using your full strength, your full speed. Why is that?" Yiede questioned.

Toshiro had a suprised look on his face but it went back to the happy go lucky look again. "As expected of senpai—to even noticed something that I only did after the fight," Toshiro informed as he looked at Yiede with even more admiration. "The reason would probably be my love for you."

Yiede immediately had a heart attack as he was a straight man but he didn't want to assume so fast. After all, there was a lot of meaning to the word love. Parents use it to their children all the time and siblings tells each other that too. Even close friends say that kind of stuff. But there was the literally meaning as well so Yiede didn't ask any further and just waited to see what he meant by that.

"You're my first friend. My first senpai and the first person I respect other than my dad. It's only been a day but I've come to trust you a lot. We both have the same passion in fighting so that gave you an irreplacable spot in my heart. You're probably at the same league as my siblings."

Yiede was relieved that it was a friend type of love and not the other. Not that he hated gay people but he didn't want to hurt his junior's heart if that was the kind of love he had. After all, Yiede was straight.

"So you love me as your senpai?" Yiede asked just to strengthen his case.

"Indeed. Wait—oh shoot. I didn't word that right. Umm—I'm straight senpai. I may not look like it to you but I like girls. I normally wouldn't act this way but you're just—so—cool!" Toshiro jumped up and yelled with his arms spread out showing how cool Yiede was to him.

Yiede looked at his junior and didn't know how to feel. He's never had someone respect him this much before. Not even his teammates thought of him as cool let alone extremely cool like Toshiro was saying he was. Toshiro was the best junior he could ask for, that's all Yiede could say to himself.

"The reason I couldn't use my full capabilites was of that exact reason. I didn't want to hurt you especially when I respect the heck out of you. My body was instinctly holding back in fear that I would kill you."

Yiede loved his junior back but those words sort of hit a nerve. A newly born child trying to challenge him? He couldn't accept that but it was nighttime already and they were both tired. So this situation would have to be resolved later.

"Anyway—I have gifts for you Toshiro. When I originally recruited you, I imagined that it would take a while for me to give this to you because I wanted to train your raw fighting capabilities first and not take short cuts but that doesn't seem neccesary. You are more than strong enough. So I got some skills and a class I want to give you," Yiede said as he got up.

Toshiro had his jaws drop. His eyes was constantly blinking. He couldn't believe it. His senpai had a gift for him. Toshiro ran and hugged Yiede as tightly as he could.

Yiede who was on the receiving side couldn't help but wonder how much of an impression did he make on this guy to be hugged first day. Toshiro wasn't extremely tall at a height of 5'3 so with his skinny build, his feminine baby face, and the childish way he acted, Yiede couldn't help but see him as a kid and not someone sixteen years old.

Yiede rubbed Toshiro hair and was pleasantly surprised by how soft it was. He never would've imagined such softness from his curly hair.

"You got me a gift. Thank you so much," Toshiro said as he still had his arms wrapped around Yiede.

Yiede's confusion levels increased all the way to the top of the roof. He thought that the reason he was hugged was because he was handing Toshiro extremely expensive and hard to get things but it was because of the fact that he had a gift for him.

"You're welcome. Can you get off of me so I can hand you the gifts though?" Yiede couldn't help but ask knowing that if he didn't Toshiro wouldn't let go until minutes later. After all, it's been a minute already and his grip hasn't loosened up at all.

Toshiro released his arms from YIede and stepped back a little bit. He looked up to Yiede's face with much expectation showing on his face. Yiede stood at 6'1 so he had to look down by quite a margain in order to meet Toshiro's eyes.

Secretly, he threw all of the seeds behind him and when they started making light, he turned around to look at it. Toshiro saw it happen once already despite it being when he was lost in his thought but this time it happened clearly in front of him.

He's never heard of skills or captured monsters making a bright light when they're taken out of a storage ring before. However he got rid of his suspicious thought because if it was important, he knew that his senpai would tell him.

When the light dimmed out, there was seven books laying on the floor and an identification rune. Yiede moved out of the way allowing Toshiro to go grab them.

"These really are mine?" Toshiro asked as he got down on his knees and picked up a book.

"Are you doubting me?" Yiede asked even though he didn't care.

Toshiro freaked out and yelled, "Not at all senpai! I was just asking to make sure that you would want to give it to me and not use it for yourself."

Yiede couldn't help but want to tease his junior more but Yedil in his head was trying to get him to stop before Toshiro got anymore flustered. "They're for you so use them. Take the rune and use it to read the name of the book. Then hold it in your hand and say the name of the book."

Toshiro listened to the instructions given to him.

"[Berserk], [Power Fist], [Spinning Fist], [Slither], [Jump], [Metalize]." Toshiro had successfully managed to hold seven skills, he was just two skills away from Yiede and three skills away from having as much as the world's strongest hunter. The books turned into dust after used.

"Now for your last gift, your new class." Yiede had a stone plate in his hands covered in words not from Earth. It was bunches of symbols full of dots, lines, and semi-circles. It resembled what the typical anime mage would write. "To activate, you will have to read the complete thing using the rune. Then the true words will reveal themself to you and you repeat after it until you get it right."

Toshiro was handed the plate and followed the instructions given to him again by Yiede. "I will fight until I drop dead. May my body soak in the blood of my enemies. Other's suffering is my strength."

'That's fucking messed up to say even if you're reading it,' Yeide told Yedil.

"Not really. After all, your sentences has to match what your class will grant you the power to do. In your case, your's would've went—As time goes on and the people prosper, I will come to steal their life to make up for mine. Time will be my greatness weakness and my strength."

Toshiro heard the true words told to him and he tried his best to mimic it. "▌│█║▌║▌║ ║▌║▌║█│." Only the person who heard the true words could hear what they mimic. Others would just hear static in their ear.


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