Battle For Everblade
11 Storing Memories
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Battle For Everblade
Author :Zologod
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11 Storing Memories

Yiede woke up only four hours later due to the massive pain. He got up and took out an extra pair of clothes and changed into them.

He looked at Toshiro and saw that his wounds was already healed. It was one of the passive skills of his class. Even Yiede thought that was overpowered.

Yiede didn't know what to do. He and Toshiro was going to go dungeon hunting but he wanted Toshiro to sleep for the full amount he needed so he started running. He ran for twenty minutes, rested, and started running again. He kept repeating this until two hours later. Than he started doing push ups and other activities working out his body.

Because he didn't have any weights with him, he used two goblins to work out his arms. When he was done working out, the moon was already gone and the sun was only an hour away from rising. He sat down wondering how much stronger Toshiro would be after they finished their hunt and if he would be able to compete with him.

"What are you worrying about? You have me on your side remember?"

"That's exactly why. Wouldn't he do a better job than me?" Yiede asked as he laid down onto the ground staring at the sky that didn't show the light nor the darkness.

"He may be strong but I still choose you so why are you doubting yourself?"

"I'm not. I was just asking a question. I'm not one to get sentimental or to doubt myself but—he's fucking strong as shit. And yet—I'm chosen by you. I really want to know, what's so special about me that you wouldn't choose talents like him. And this isn't me doubting myself, just curious."

"You want me to be honest here? Well—you have the passion that they don't. Plus you're just as talented as they are. You're good at analyzing, has techniques and the brain to match it. The only reason why Toshiro is so strong is because he has the talent for fighting with his fists but if someone was to attack him with a gun or magic, he wouldn't know what to do.

You're good at making a plan, and when it fails, you adapt and overcome. Just like you did with the orc. But most of all—you are the perfect body. There's no one else in this world that could accept me like you."

Yiede laughed, "Hahaha. Just wanted to hear you compliment me." Yiede sat up and stretched his body. "From now on, I want you to know this about me. I give zero fucks about anyone other than me, my friends, and my family. The only reason I want to change the world is because the situation is an itch I feel like scratching."

"I know that."

"I will never be sad about anything. Nor will I cry over anything. I will be stronger than everyone else and I will kill anyone in my way. Yesterday and today was just me testing your responses to these kind of situation in order to see how far your emotion factors could go and let me say, you're practically a living being. Never mistake me for a human because I am the devil."

"I know that as well. I know what you've up to these two days as well and I decided to play your games. But do you really care about this kid?"

"He's the first person I've comed to like in a single day. He's a monster just like me but in his case, only when it comes to fighting. He has this angelic innocence to him which makes it hard to believe that he fights like a beast if you take away his thinking," Yiede said as he calculated when he would be able to use [Full Recovery] for the third time. The first time was in the hospital and the second one was when he sparred with Toshiro for the first time.

So he had to survive twelve hours with the wound.

"But tell me the truth. You really do wonder whether or not your parents would be proud of you. After all, the only time you've ever cried was for your parents and your other family. Don't forget, I've read your memories."

"I won't lie. Yes I was," Yiede said. He closed his eyes and came to a conclusion. "I will have to lock away those feelings for my parents until I've achieved my goal. Then I will mourn their death everyday like I've been doing for the past ten years."

"Almost four thousand days of constant talking to a framed picture of your parents and you think you can just abandon that?"

Yiede smiled before saying, "Simply. I just do this." He closed his eyes for a while before opening them again. Yedil noticed that his eyes was darker and his normal charismatic look was gloomier.

"So that's how you got rid of your past memories. You came up with a technique to lock them away until you feel like bringing them out."

"I first used this technique as a kid and since that day, I got rid of unwanted memories. But somehow, I can put reminders on the locked away memories when to bring them back out. When I was first met you, I retrieved my devil side of me that I locked away."

"That's why the way you acted change really fast. Do you plan on retrieving your childhood memories?"

"Never. If I had to develope a technique like this as a kid then something bad must've happened and I mean scary bad. So until the day I die, they will be locked away. Shouldn't you know this since you've read my memories?"

"Not really. You're the only person in this world that I've only managed to see what you did in the past and not what you thought will doing it. I had to come to conclusions for myself.

Do you also plan on locking away your feelings for your friends? It would be useful for the future just like your—never mind."

"My friends—is the only family I have left other than the market uncles and aunts which I should get rid of too." Yiede closed his eyes like he did before. "My friends—is the only family I have left. I don't plan on getting rid of them unless I have no choice but to do so. Because in the end of the day, they are hunters like me and my chemistry with them will convince them to join me in my goal of taking over the world."

"So you get rid of burdenful memories and leave the useful ones? That's the perfect technique to achieve your goals. How do you do it?"

"Not telling," Yiede teased Yedil as he got up and walked over to Toshiro. He didn't feel like holding back and kicked him with ten percent of his strength which was enough to cause a dent in steel but only enough to wake up Toshiro.

Toshiro sat up and stretched while yawning. He looked at his surrounding and noticed that he was sleeping in the middle of nowhere. It seemed that he was so tired yesterday that he had just passed out on the spot. He noticed that Yiede was looking at him and he quickly got up.

"Good morning Yiede-senpai. What do you have planned for me today?" Toshiro asked with anticipation showing on his face.

Yiede was a little surprised by his energy. "Good morning Toshiro. We're going to go dungeon hunting today."

"So soon. Are you sure I'm ready?"

"Where did your confidence go? Wasn't it just yesterday you held back because you didn't want to kill me on accident?" Yiede asked.

Toshiro laughed awkwardly while scratching his head. "I was joking about not being ready."

"Clearly." Yiede laughed as he patted Toshiro's head. "Hold onto me as we go back into the city to first, take a shower. Second, we will eat breakfast. Then we will prepare by buying as many health potions as possible. Then—we hunt."

"But there's no need for health potions. I can heal my body and you can move super fast so you won't even get hurt. And it doesn't even actually heal you, it just numbs the pain."

"Maybe—but know this, never underestimate a dungeon. Anything can happen, good or bad. There's a reason why twenty million people has died in the easiest dungeons," Yiede emphasized as he flicked Toshiro's forehead.

Toshiro rubbed his forehead as he held onto Yiede.

"Do you really have to wrap you arm around mine?" Yiede asked as he sighed. "Whatever. Get ready to move insanely fast. Last time, you didn't take too well. But I know you got it this time."

Toshiro said, "Don't worry—I got—." They were already back in the city. He felt dizzy but it was a lot better than previously. This time around he was able to actually move his body and didn't need to have his life threatened just to snap out of it.

"Alright then. Bring me to the best sauna in here." Toshiro didn't wait any longer as he started dragging Yiede by his arm to the location. There was people walking on the street smiling as they looked at the two but Yiede was too busy with Toshiro to be able to clear up the situation.

"We can just use my skill," Yiede tried to say but the excited Toshiro couldn't hear anything. All that was in his head was that he was given the opportunity to show his senpai around his city. Yiede stopped trying and just let Toshiro do whatever he wanted.

When they finally arrived at the sauna twenty minutes later, Yiede had fell asleep. He was dragged by the arm by Toshiro after all and with his strength, there was no need for Yiede to walk. "Wake up senpai!" Toshiro yelled after he noticed.

"Huh—we're here? Can't believe you let me fall asleep."

"But it was you—"

"Let's enter."


Yiede liked teasing his junior.


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