Battle For Everblade
12 Second System Seed
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Battle For Everblade
Author :Zologod
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12 Second System Seed

"This feels amazing," Yiede mumbled as he laid his head down.

Toshiro couldn't help but do the same thing. "Yiede-senpai. Why do you have your clothes on in the sauna. Doesn't that feel uncomfortable?"

"I'm just too lazy to take it off." Yiede turned his body around and allowed his body to float in the perfectly heated water.

"Then let me take it off for you."

Yiede fell into the water. He stood up and said, "Try that and you will meet my fist." Toshiro laughed as he dove into the water. Yiede lost sight of him because of the steam machine. He could sense someone approaching him from the back.

Instantly, he turned around but the moment he did so, Toshiro jumped out of the water behind him and pulled off his shirt. "Got it," Toshiro proudly bragged. However there was no more words out of him from there. He was overwhelmed by the sight he was seeing as he pointed at Yiede's back. "You—have—"

"A hole going through my shoulder? Or do you mean the many cuts on my back? Or maybe—you're talking about the missing part of my right lumbar?"

Toshiro didn't know what to say. He's never seen such a messed up back before. It was even worse that he didn't know where they came from but his conscious was hinting that it was all his fault.

Yiede put his shirt back on and chuckled. "Don't worry about that. We're here to have fun before we hunt. I can heal it all back to normal in a little bit after my skill has finished it's cooldown so don't worry. No need to—worry at—all."

The rest of the time spent in the sauna was awkward but they managed to have a conversation, and have fun despite the mood at the moment being on the lower end of the scale.

After that, Toshiro dragged Yiede to his favorite restaurant being the Great Lunar Moon Restaurant. Toshiro had offered to pay but Yiede couldn't let a minor pay for him so he insisted on being the one to pay for their meal which Toshiro eventually agreed to.

Yiede then sent Toshiro off to buy as many of good quality knifes and daggers as he could in the weapon store while he went off to buy health potions. It took a while but they were ready to go hunting. Yiede had prepared the dungeon back when he was working out so that was one less thing to worry about.

"Hold on tight," Yiede reminded Toshiro.

"There's no need to tell me that every time. Twice is enough don't you think so senpai?" Toshiro asked without any intent of insulting Yiede even though he still managed to achieve it.

Yiede just grunted as he activated [Time Skip] over and over until he reached where he had prepared his dungeon which was two miles away from where he and Toshiro sparred. It was inside the forest so looked a little out of place considering how the entrance to the dungeon was a red traditional chinese gateway.

Yedil had explained to him that dungeons looked like they came from Earth because they had the ability to adapt to their surroundings. The seed that this dungeon originally came from was spewed out of the meteor in China.

"Ready?" Yiede asked as he wrapped bandages on his fists.

Toshiro smiled and nodded. There was no need for anymore communication after that because both of them had entered their combat mode. Focused and ready to react to anything as they entered the dungeon.

As they entered the dungeon, the light of the entrance blinded their eyes for a while. When their vision returned back to normal, they were in a gigantic room. The room they were in was a thousand feet cube. It was white with golden designs on the four pillars in the room. The wall also had golden designs.

"What is this Yiede-senpai?" Toshiro asked as he got into a kicking stance ready to counter any attack that would come at him.

Yiede replied, "I don't know. But there's never enemies at the entrance of the dungeon so you can relax." Although he said that, he actually had no confidence in his words so he checked with Yedil.

"I can't help you this time. After this, I will—disappear completely. No more questions from you from now on. Talk to you later."

Yiede never imagined such an obsurd thing to happen but thinking about it more deeper, it was best that he didn't get help from Yedil. After all that would getting external help and that would slow down his progress in his goal of getting stronger.

Looking closer, he saw a box in the middle of the room. It closely resembled a coffin except for the fact that it was white with gold designs like the rest of the room. Even the floor had white and gold tiles.

Toshiro and Yiede started walking towards the coffin with extreme caution. Yiede had two daggers in his hand ready to be thrown at any moment.

"Don't let your guard down now. There could be a monster inside of it." Yiede leaned forward and pushed the lid off. He immediately leaned back into a throwing stance.

Twenty seconds after the lid was pushed off, a head popped out of the coffin. It opened it's mouth and screamed, "Ahhh!"

Yiede immediately threw his daggers at it and Toshiro had shoot a concentrated [Power Fist] at it. However the head became smoke before they could hit it. Then the smoke started flying towards the left side of the two confused dudes.

"Why so serious? There's no need to attack the head, especially without asking for consent first."

Yiede and Toshiro was wondering where the voice came from as they looked at the pillar where the smoke had flew to. A second later, they felt a hand on their shoulder. At the same time, they had swung their fists.

"Holy shit! Chill out for a second. I'm not your enemy," the mysterious person said as he kept dodging the attacks by mere millimeters. Yiede and Toshiro was spamming attacks but none of them could connect. This dude was faster than Toshiro even though Toshiro had a speed of 90mph.

That meant that this pale guy dodging their attacks was moving at a speed of at least 120mph managing to dodge two attacks at once.

"I said stop!" the mystery person screamed as a blue wave of energy flew out of his body. Yiede and Toshiro who was in the middle of attacking was stuck in motion. They couldn't move, blink, nor speak.

"Is that how you treat a companion? Answer me—oh yeah you guys can't speak. You—" pointing at Yiede, "—can talk now. Oh—and your body can function as normal again." And once again, a blue wave of energy flew out of his body.

"Who are you?" Yiede asked while being stuck in the air with his leg extended aiming at the mysterious being's head. It seemed that his power wasn't just limited to stop the movement of a person but the space around him as well.

"I am your new companion. Azerrad. My class is [Vampire Lord] and [Spatiomancer]. I have the skills [Trickery], [Steal]—"

"Before you talk anymore. Answer my questions, who are you? And how did you enter my personal dungeon."

"That's quite simple really. You didn't lock the entrance to the dungeon so I decided to enter and wait for you inside of my newly made coffin."

"You made this coffin? That's not important." Yiede broke through the spell that was put on him and he landed onto the ground. "Who are you and how did you know where I placed my dungeon?"

"Alright chill out with your questions. Let me answer them slowly. Geez—you're acting like this is a big deal of something," Azerrad shrugged and sat down while floating in the air.

"This is a big deal. You entered—my dungeon—that I placed. Nobody knows where it is and nobody should other than me. Plus you have two classes which makes the situation we're in—even weirder."

"Shut up now as I answer you questions—please?" Azerrad rudely asked. As he said that, Toshiro broke out the spell as well and was about to continue attacking when Yiede teleported him outside the dungeon and reentered the dungeon using [Time Skip].

"Such a useful skill—your [Time Skip] is." Azerrad had two chairs and table out by the time Yiede was back in. He was drinking tea.


Azerrad interupted, "My class [Spatiomancer] means the manipulation of space, roughly. I have my own dimensional space so you moving in forward time doesn't affect my sense of time at all. Now to answer the rest of your question—after you sit down."

Yiede had squinted, his cheeks were lifted, making a confused face. Azerrad saw and laughed. Yiede sat down and started drinking the tea as well.

"You constantly used [Time Skip] and I noticed that everyone around me kept stopping so I knew that someone was messing time. So I used my skill [Trace] to find traces of time manipulation. Such a useful skill as long as you know what you're looking for.

Then I came to the location of you and the kid sparring. I was watching you the whole time until this morning when you threw down the dungeon. I entered minutes later and prepared my surprise which clearly wasn't too welcomed. I laid in the coffin thinking about what I was going to do after this and I decided, I want to join your guild too."

"And why's that? With your skill set and your class—es, you should just join Purple Genesis, the number one clan. Why join my guild when you can join a clan?"

"Because none of them have the abilities that you have. I know your secrets talking to yourself all the time. You have a system seed right?"

Yiede's body started leaking murder intent. "And how do you know that?"

"Because I had one too," Azerrad said as he smiled. He was amused by Yiede's reaction.

"You had one, wait—had?"

"I consumed it," Azerrad said acting as if it wasn't a big deal. Yiede finally understood how dumb he looked acting as if Yedil was just a natural thing.

"Why did you consume it—especially when they can give you—"

"Give you what? Intelligence about their destroyed world and how they came down to Earth? Who gives a single shit about that? So I consumed him to see what I would."

Yiede remembered that his Yedil was a special case. "And how did you consume it?"

"I used my skill [Intake] obviously," Azerrad said as he looked at Yiede like he was looking at an idiot.



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