Battle For Everblade
13 Monster Of The Cross
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Battle For Everblade
Author :Zologod
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13 Monster Of The Cross

"After I consumed it, I used a Table Rune and looked at my stats. I had an open space for a class so I choose the best one in my storage room and now I have two classes."

Yiede still had a tough time accepting what happened but it seemed Yedil was even more surprised because he broke his promise of not speaking. "That's why I sensed one of my friends disappear from my tracker. He was consumed."

'Your quote unquote friend can be tracked?' Yiede asked.

"I can track them because they attached themselves to living beings so it counts as wearing the ring as well. Thus my tracker can tell me where they are."

'Can you give me information about this guy?'

"I wish I could but it seemed that his class [Vampire Lord] has tricked my tracker into believing that he's not a living being because Vampires aren't alive anymore. They're immortal corpses that haunts my planet at night."

Azerrad asked, "You're conversating with your system seed right now. Oh I have a question for you now—do you want a [Intake] book as well? You will be able to have a second class if consume your system seed."

"Um—no thanks," Yiede as politely as he could replied to Azerrad's question. 'Surely that's not his real name?'

"Don't reject just because you can't afford to pay the hundred million price tag, it's free for you guild leader."

"Thanks for the offer. Really. But I want to keep my system seed for it's information. It can tell me the weaknesses of monsters I fight."

"Oh shi—oot. I forgot it had that kind of information. That's why you're the leader and not me." Azerrad flew back into the sky and flipped his body upside down. However his blonde hair didn't point to the ground but stayed in place.

'This guy is assuming I will accept his request?' Yiede asked Yedil. 'Do you think I should?'

"Definitely. Even if he's clearly messed up a little bit in the head, the more talented people, the better. Especially talented people with a sytem seed—or the knowledge of them."

"Alright since you're joining my guild then you have to listen to me from now on," Yiede informed Azerrad expecting some disagreement but all he got was a nod.

Toshiro who was waiting outside of the dungeon got bored and closed his eyes thinking about what just happened. He wanted to know the relationship the mysterious freak had with his senpai and why he wasn't allowed to listen in.

When he had opened his eyes, he was sitting down on a chair with tea in his hand. "Cheers," Azerrad said as he lifted his cup up and started drinking his tea. Yiede did the same but Toshiro, dumbfounded was just watching the two.

"Shall we go hunting then?" Yiede asked as he stood up and started cracking his neck, knuckles, and tied his hair up.

Azerrad cheered and took a long silver iclicle. He sucked the tables and chairs back into his ring. He scratched his ears and dug out some earwar which he blew away.

'Where did their hostility go?' Toshiro asked himself. But following them, he prepared as well. He stretched his arms and legs.

Yiede walked towards a door that Azerrad had informed him of. It was hidden on one of the pillars disguising as a design.

Yedil went dark again. He was observing the three of them. They seemed like an odd group because they were all frontliners and didn't have any other roles. They may be stronger than Yedil's friends but at least that group had different roles. Their group also had better chemisty.

"Toshiro, when we start fighting, use your skills as much as possible. Our main purpose of hunting today is to level up out skills and class as much as possible. When we leave, the minimum level for all of them is five."

Azerrad was shocked by Yiede's claim because most people took half a year to level up that many times but he could sense that Yiede was confident and when smart people have high confidence, that was good signs of success.

Azerrad could infer that this dungeon that appeared out of nowhere was special because Yiede's system seed led him to this specific dungeon in the middle of nowhere but he didn't know that it was special enough for the system to tell Yiede that level five was acheiveable in between the span of a month which was how long a dungeon lasted before resetting.

Azerrad's first move was to send a bat forward. It used echolocation and transmitted whatever it saw back to him. Yedil was feeling a little bit better about the group knowing that there was a scout.

Yiede and Toshiro was pleasantly surprised by how many tricks the dude had up his sleeves. That made them cautious but even moreso considering the fact that his red eyes were staring into their souls from behind.

Azerrad had informed them that there was a big creature in front of them but he doesn't recognize what it was. It seemed to be a new monster that hasn't been recorded yet.

Yiede couldn't ask Yedil so he had no choice but to see it before making his plan. When they reached it's location, it was no longer there and all there was, was a dead bat slowly turning into a puddle of blood.

"Not only is it big but it's also fast and accurate with his attacks to attack this small of a bat flying at such high speeds," Azerrad anaylzed. Although both Yiede and Toshiro had thought the same thing, they didn't speak in case they attracted the monster's attention and ruin their sneak attack in the dark but it seemed that Azerrad wasn't thinking too far ahead.

"Be quiet," Yiede whispered. "He can't be too far from here. We will attack him at the same time when I give the signal so when we reach his location, look at me. Okay you hear? Look at me." The other two nodded their heads confirming that they understood.

The trio had continued their silent walk for a few more minutes when they heard the sound of bones being crushed. There was popping noises.

It was the big monster eating, an orc. However the monster wasn't as big as Azerrad claimed it to be standing at only eight foot tall but when it was detected by the bat, Azerrad could have sworn that it was at least twenty seven feet tall.

Toshiro and Azzerad looked at Yiede.

Yiede took his thumb and dragged it from one side of his neck to the other just like he did with the other group. It was the kill signal.

And just like that, all three of them rushed the monster eating the orc. They were extremely quiet about it but however it seemed to have noticed them immediately as it turned it's head to them immediately and it's eyes flashed black.

The flash eventually became a cross with all sides equal.

The cross kept spinning over and over until it eventually split into two parts. The two parts split again but it was through the side creating four equal parts of a cross. They came back together and made a symbol with eight sides.

The symbol fell onto the monster's back. The monsters started bobbing it's head back and forth showing signs of pain. Then wings came out of the symbol.

Immediately, the monster rushed out towards the three of them.

"[Spacial Control]!" Azerrad yelled out. Another blue wave of energy flew out of Azerrad again. This was the skill he used to stop Toshiro and Yiede in motion.

Yiede had expected the monster to stop even if it was momentarily but it just kept moving towards them. He flicked his wrist and used his new skill, [Homing Dagger] which allowed for the dagger to spin like a ninja star.

He started spamming the daggers and knifes switching hands every time. There was over twenty of them flying at the monster at very fast speed. Not only was they flying perfectly straight, they were able to dodge the energy slashes by the monster trying to stop the daggers.

When the daggers and knifes reached the monster, it had dodged them but instead of going straight until they fell to the ground, they turned around and hit the monster from the back. Although it didn't hurt the monster to the point of bleeding, it had cause some scratches.

Toshiro was the first to meet the monster. He kicked with left foot which the monster grabbed and dragged. Toshiro pulled himself up managing to get his feet out of the monster's grip and he grabbed onto the arm with both his legs and arms.

Then he spun his body accessing all of his strength. The monster however was a step ahead and had cut off his own arm with his other one. Toshiro had his hands on the ground, flipped and landed on his feet.

He ran, and as the monster swung his last arm, he slid on his knees and went through the monster's legs. The monster had his right foot planted on the ground and had made the same attack as Ansai did when he was ambushed from behind. Tosiro on the other hand, dodged the attack by ducking. He grabbed onto the extended arm and pulled on it and tried his hardest to throw the monster onto the ground.

But the monster didn't try to resist and jumped. That allowed for him to land on his legs instead of his back. Yiede had also arrived by then. They started attacking the monster together reading each other's attack and making sure that they didn't get in each other's way.

Azerrad was in the back summoning as many bats as he could. The bats started swarming and spinning around him. They closed in on him and when they seperated, replacing Azerrad who was dressed in a suit, was an extremely pale dude with black hair and royal red eyes.

He had on a red and black cape matching with his black suit. He had a red tie and shoes. His height went from 5'9 to 6'5. He had transformed completely into a vampire.

The bats came together again and started fusing until they had became a 5'11 red haired girl with the same type of clothing as Azerrad. She had purple eyes and instead of fancy shoes, she had on high heels. "Master."

"Our enemy is over there. Let's fight to their pace."

"Yes master," the girl responded as she bowed down. Her fangs started growing in size and she took out two stakes. A vampire was using stakes, a vampire's enemy. "Shall we dance in blood again?"



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