Battle For Everblade
14 Alessandra Of The Red Nigh
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Battle For Everblade
Author :Zologod
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14 Alessandra Of The Red Nigh

Azerrad and the vampire girl started flying at full speed towards the monster. They arrived in a second or so. Immediately Azzerad threw his icicle which spun at an incredible speed. The monster was being bombarded by four people so the icicle wasn't dodged in time. The monster now had a hole in it's shoulder.

Toshiro used [Metalize] and stabbed at the already made hole with his hand making the size of the hole bigger. The monster jumped up until he reached the ceiling which was fifty feet tall in three seconds.

He was chased by Azerrad and the vampire girl though. He planted his feet onto the ceiling and shot himself towards them. He stopped three meters away with his wings. That caused heavy wind to push against the pursuers.

Toshiro looked at his hand which had blood on it and he licked it clean. Yiede was freaked out but he understood why. His class was powered by blood after all.

Yiede jumped, spun creating momentum in the air and he threw a dagger straight at the monsters. The two vampires that was stopped momentarily by the monster threw their weapons as well. There was four weapons coming at the monster.

The way he was positioned, he could dodge all three of the vampire weapons but get hit by the dagger. Which he did because he didn't care about the weak dagger.

But what he didn't know was that Yiede had used the new feature in his skill [Time Skip] which allowed for him to skip time for objects that came into contact with him.

Unlucky for the monster, he had put himself into the perfect postion of his dagger. The dagger disappeared and the monster looked for it but by the time it reappeared, it was already lodged inside of his body.

Yiede had aimed for his shoulders but when he moved, the dagger was aimed at his heart. The monster started spitting blood out before it fell down to the ground.

It the ground hard. Dust flew everywhere and a huge hole was made in the ground. Everyone moved over to check on the monster. Yiede was the first one there.

Toshiro had activated his innate trait of blood for strength but it seemed to have been unnecessary because the monster was already. Or that's what they all thought.

The first one to notice was Toshiro. He had better detection of blood than anyone and the monster's heart was still beating. It was trap to get one of them.

"Senpai! Get away from it!"

Yiede heard his voice and immediately used [Jump] moments before the monster attacked. The monster's attack missed YIede's stomach. Yiede landed five meters away. He could already tell by the way he landed that his left foot was missing. His balance was different than before.

Toshiro saw this and started screaming. He got down on all four and started rushing at the monster. It was like the scene when he attacked Yiede but this time was the result of [Berserk]. It sacrificed his speed of thought for literal speed and strength.

He attacked with all four of his limbs. The way he attacked resembled a top spinning. Azerrad had summoned his icicle and threw it at full strength. The vampire girl dove forward holding the stakes by the end.

Her cape had turned into wings. The more angry her master got, the more powerful she got. Azerrad was summoning the icicle every time it was blocked or dodged and kept spamming it as he flew closer at a more steady rate.

Yiede didn't stop fighting either and shot his daggers forward. The more pain his mind accepted, the more pain he inflicted on the monster.

The monster was being pushed back by the four forces. He tried to flee but Toshiro grabbed him by his remaining arm and threw him with immense strength. The hole in the ground got bigger. The monster with his back on the ground was rushed at by Toshiro, Azerrad and the vampire girl. Yiede used [Jump] to get to where they were as fast as he could but using a single foot made it a little difficult to do so.

He made to put more effort into controlling which direction he was jumping at.

Toshiro was shredding the monster into many pieces. He bit off parts of his body as he did so. The two vampires split his top half off of his body by pulling on the shoulders and legs in opposite directions but he didn't die right away which was perfect for them. They started sucking blood from the neck while Toshiro was eating the legs with no human thoughts left in his head.

Yiede who was witnessing this disgusting scene didn't feel disgusted. He just felt regret that he wasn't there to make the monster suffer for taking his foot even if it was going to come back.

He now had to survive six more hours with the past injuries plus this new one. It was bad enough that his whole body was going through pain, to lose a foot was like a level above them.

Toshiro returned back to normal after he released his anger. Yiede had also finally made his way to them. Toshiro ran to Yiede, hugged him and cried as he did so. He was apologizing for not warning him sooner.

"Stop crying already. You're already sixteen years old and still acting eight," Yiede tried to comfort Toshiro in his own way.

"But your foot." Toshiro felt regret that his senpai wouldn't be able to fight at full capacity anymore. "You should retire and I'll take care of you rent and the sorts."

"Little brat." Yiede slapped the back of Toshiro's head. "I can grow my foot back don't worry. Did you already forget what I told you this morning about my skill [Full Recovery]?"

"Oh yeah I forgot," Toshiro said as he wiped his tears.

Yiede looked at the two vampires that was done feeding. They had blood all over their mouth. Their eyes were glowing and their fangs were dripping blood.

"Azerrad! You plan on introducing me to this beautiful lady?" Yiede asked trying to lighten the mood.

"You're okay," Azerrad said as he flew back onto the ground. "Why are you trying to flirt with my daughter for?"

"Your daughter?" Yiede's heart jumped. He was truly confused. Azerrad, who was twenty or so he claims but he has a daughter that looks at least twenty years of age as well. "Is she adopted?"

"Stupid. Are your legs connected to your brain?

She's about a four months old now. She grew up extremely fast after I fed her a thousand human's heart and stopped growing after she became like this. But I mean—techinically she's thirty years old because she lives in a different dimension than us that moves many times faster so if you'd like—you can take her as your wife."

Yiede looked at Azzerad's daughter and asked after shaking his no to Azerrad's question, "What's her name?"

"Alessandra. Alessandra of the Red Night," Azerrad introduced.

"The Red Night?" Yiede asked.

"It's my clan. All of the [Vampire Lord] has their own clan. I'm Azzerad—lord of the Red Night," Azerrad proudly explained to Yiede. He had his chest puffed up and his head held up high.

"So do you have any other kids that I should know about?" Yiede asked. He couldn't help but imagine having a daughter that grew up at such an extreme rate. One day she's a baby drinking milk and the next she's seducing men into her room as she drinks their blood and their other milk.

"Don't think dirty stuff about my daughter. I will kill you if you do so," Azerrad emphasized the word kill as he said that.

"You can read my mind?" Yiede didn't know about this skill so it surprised him. It seemed that Azerrad was a book of mysteries.

"I can't read mind idiot." Yiede could wipe the sweat off of his face. "Your face just showed obvious signs of dirty thoughts, thats all. And no—I have no other kids—yet. When my mistress returns from her journey to Mt. Everast, we will try for a second."

"You have a mistress? Did she come with the class?"

"What! No. She's a human just like us. She can't even become a vampire if she wanted to. She already has a class. That's a disappointment considering the fact that she can't fly with me and Alessandra to the sky for family night."

"I don't want to know your life story," Yiede stopped Azerrad before he continued for any longer. "So how did she appear here?" Yiede asked.

"I summoned her here," Azerrad replied as he gestured for Alessandra to land.

"But she's your daughter—not a pet or familiar," Yiede couldn't help but add.

"Exactly why I can summon her. A vampire clan leader is the ancestor of everyone in the clan. When the next leader takes over, everyone not related to him will have to join the branch clan. So come on, marry her and give me some grandchildren so I can have a bigger army."

"Dad! That's messed up!" Alessandra finally spoke.

"I'm just playing with you sweetie. But if you like him then take him. He's handsome and is super strong. Plus he's my guild leader so if you marry him, that makes us equals." Azerrad didn't hold back, not even in front of the person he was talking about.

"Dad! We don't do that kind of stuff. Mom already warned you about this last time you tried to force me to force your best friend to bed. I'm not that of lady either."

Yiede was watching the two of them bicker and could tell that these two was close. He asked them, "Why did she call you master a few minutes ago while we were fighting."

Azerrad stopped playing around with his daughter and calmed her down by rubbing her head. "Me and Alessandra shares two different type of relationship. Father and daughter. Master and servant. But these two are completely seperate from each other—almost like different people completely.

Toshiro who was left out of the conversation was busy trying to digest the legs of the monster. When he completely finished, his legs had on armor resembling the monster that he had ate. The material the armor was made of felt the same as the monster's cross.

Toshiro remembered, the monster had a strange cross. He walked up to it and picked it up. Yiede noticed at the corner of his eyes and saw that the cross had returned to a four part cross before shrinking, splitting and entering Toshiro's eyes.


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