Battle For Everblade
15 Overkill
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Battle For Everblade
Author :Zologod
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15 Overkill

Yiede freaked out and ran towards Toshiro with his single foot. Azerrad and Alessandra followed behind him. They were confused because they didn't see what happened unlike Yiede but they knew it had something to do with the monster.

Their weapons were ready to attack any moment but they relaxed a little bit when it wasn't the monster that Yiede freaked out about but Toshiro. "Does it hurt?"

"No—it feels good even. I can see, like so far now. Everything is clearer. I can even see the monster all the way over there." Yiede and the parent and daughter couple turned their head super quick.

However they didn't see anything. All they saw was the darkness. "You can see clearly in the dark?" Azerrad asked him. It seemed that although he was a vampire, he couldn't see the dark as if it was day time.

"I can also zoom in. And I think if I focus my eyes enough," Toshiro said as his eyes intensified. Eventually his blue eyes glowed and a cross was created just like the monster but everything was blue instead of black.

Yiede couldn't help but feel a little conflicted not because he wanted to have the wings for himself but because he thought to himself, 'If I had the wings, I wouldn't need to worry about this single leg.'

Azerrad and his daughter was splendidly responding quite well to it. They were congratulating Toshiro telling him that he should feel proud now that he could fly like them. Yiede was worried that they would kill him and take the cross for themselves but they didn't.

He had overestimated how dangerous these two was. They were more human than vampire it seemed because he was warned by Yedil that vampires were power hungry creatures that would do anything to make them stronger.

Yedil was no longer observing them with all of his focus but rather they were second to his organization. After they were done with this and returned to Emerald city, he would need to give the correct skills and classes to the group of friends so Yedil scanned them and organized what skills was best for them at the moment and what class would fit them. They needed classes that could grow with them until they died so common classes was already eliminated. Unique classes was the obvious choice but which one?

Yedil was having his own battle.

Yiede took out an identification rune and pointed it at the monster. "Cequincem. An A+ monster." Yiede had never heard of the monster before so he took out his phone from his storage ring and saved it on his phone. He took a picture of what the rune said and all parts of the monsters. He would turn this information in to the Hunter Organization to get his payment of discovering such a strong monster.

Azerrad had no complaints because he was obviously rich being able to afford unqiue classes and skills that cost millions of dollars. Alessandra didn't care about materialistic things because she lived in a different dimension despite being born on Earth. Toshiro didn't care either because his senpai would use it better than he could.

Yiede laughed as he sucked up the rest of the monster for more evidence that he hunted the monster and not someone else. Then he emailed the pictures to the organization.

"So there's over there?" Yiede asked to make sure that it was true. Toshiro looked at the direction of where he claimed the monster was and his pupils got smaller.

His wings started coming back into his eyes as he said, "There is a monster there. It looks to be another Cequincem."

Everyone who heard felt some type of way about the monsters. Especially Yiede who had lost a foot to one of them. He looked at his group and made the kill signal.

Then Yiede immediately used [Time Skip] until he was almost in the monster's territory. Luckily the monster didn't look at their direction or else their group would have been attacked by now. Then he started spamming his daggers and knifes at the monster using [Time Skip] on them.

The Cequincem didn't notice until his body was full of steel. He had three knives and four daggers going through his brain. There was over forty more located in the other parts of body. The Cequincem didn't react in time as it died.

Yiede didn't realize how overpowered this ability could be if he used it to ambush. It would be easy for it to dodge if it realized but if it didn't then that's a whole different story.

When Toshiro, Azerrad, and Alessandra arrived, they saw Yiede using all of his skills on the Cequincem. It didn't die yet because the monster seemed to have lose a certain amount of health explaining why the dagger in the heart didn't kill the other one.

Yiede was doing this to train his skills because they leveled up faster with living beings. So he might as well take the oppurtunity to attack the close to the grave Cequincem.

"Alessandra—never mind, don't have a kid with him. He's obessed with blood. Look at him!"

"Dad! I didn't plan on having a kid with him in the first place. And speak for yourself, you drink blood as if it's water."

"But I'm a vampire. He's a human," Azerrad tried to defend his case but Alessandra wasn't having it.

"And what can I say. If I'm to marry someone, I want to marry someone as crazy as you," Alessandra said as she observed Yiede who went ham on the Cequincem. He could feel his skills increasing in strength after using them a minimum of a hundred time per skills.

Azerrad hugged his daughter as he kept repeating, "My daughter loves me." But he stopped when he thought more closely to what she said. Considering what was happening, there was a reason why she said that, "No way will I let you marry Yiede."

Alessandra shook her head and didn't respond to her dad.

"That's an overkill," Toshiro murmered to himself. He wasn't in combat mode so he was back to the normal innocent Toshiro.

Yiede looked at the body mashed into a soup of some sorts and plucked out the eyes which he made sure to avoid. "How do I do this?" The Cequincim didn't get time to activate the cross so he no choice but to find a way around absorbing the wings. No options left, he threw the eyeballs into his stomach.

"Ack! I don't think it works like that senpai," Toshiro said in a worried tone of voice.

"What did you just say Toshiro?" Yiede asked as his eyes started glowing and a jet black cross appeared. His wings was as black as could be. "Never mind the power of digesting. Everyone has to digest food to keep their strength up in their body. Same as these eyes. Digesting it allows me to use the power."

"That's not the same type of situation," Toshiro wanted to laugh at his senpai as he told him.

"Our digesting has different type of meanings. But to imagine your digesting works as well. Hey—if it works it works," Azerrad shrugged off the confusing situation.

Yiede was no longer walking but was flying as they continued down the tunnel. Alessandra returned to her other world in order to get her beauty sleep. Azerrad tried to convinve but she wouldn't listen.

Yiede had noticed another Cequincem a hundred meters from them that was eating an ogre. Three of them in a row that didn't notice them. Yiede was about to rush at it when Toshiro and Azerrad stopped him. They wanted to fight as well.

Yiede had no choice but to bring them together with him as he used [Time Skip] appearing in front of the monster out of nowhere. They didn't allow for it to take out it's wings as they started attacking it.

Yiede had recommended for them to use their skills because for an obvious reason they leveled up faster on the Cequincem than other monsters he's fought before. They all started spamming their attack skills after Azerrad had successfully used [Spatial Control] stopping it in place. The cross seemed to be it's source of power.

After it died, Yiede offered the eyes to Azerrad but he denied saying that he couldn't risk losing his wings. So Yiede gave it to Toshiro who had an easy time swallowing it due to him being in combat mode.

Toshiro had different point of views on things depending heavily on whether or not he was in combat mode. Toshiro took out his wings again and they were becoming more devil like as compared to the original angel like wings with feathers. His cross also started to look more like four blades.

In the span of an hour, the three of them had hunted fifteen Cequincems and splitted the wings between Yiede and Toshiro. Their wings were now completely devil like with a slick design and horns on them. From then on, their wings started becoming more mecha like.

It took anohter three hours but fifty Cequincems later, both of them had mecha wings made completely out of metal. The transformation after that got even weirder as they started to fuse the three wings.

Two hours later and they had hunted a total of a hundred Cequincems. They were hunting them in groups rather than a single one of them as they were before. Yedil borrowed Azerrad's table rune and realized that he had already reached level five on all of his skills and his class. When he told the other two, they freaked out and checked theirs.

Their skills and class had leveled up multiple time even though it wasn't as much as Yiede did.

Yiede had reached level five in [Chronomancer] which unlocked the next class skill. [Reverse Time]. It was exactly as the name suggested but there was a cooldown on this skill as compared to [Time Skip].

His class also gave him a three hundred percent increase in strength and a four hundred percent increase in speed. His [Time Skip] could skip a minute into the future reducing the stress caused by having to spam the skill to get to far places.

[Power Fist] increased in strength, it's range of AOE, and could now be thrown from distance. [Spinning Fist] had a new feature of being able to create a tornado that could be controlled by Yiede. [Fireball] was bigger, hotter, had a shorter cooldown of three seconds, and could change into a fire ring that expanded from Yiede's body creating another AOE attack. [8 Line Slash] was leveled up using daggers and knives instead of a sword like intended. It was now capable of creating eight slashes with a single stroke.

[Grease] was now flammable, more slippery, and could be thrown as a ball. [Jump] allowed the changing of direction mid-jump. The distance was longer and the amount of time needed to prepare the skill was shorter. [Homing Dagger] would now return the daggers to Yiede. It resembled a ball of energy when thrown and instead of curving 180 degrees once, it could do it three times.

Yiede wanted to go and level up even more to see how much his skills could grow. He had an evil smirk on his face. Toshiro and Azerrad felt shivers just looking at it.

"Before I forget—[Full Recovery]."


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