Battle For Everblade
16 Zologod
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Battle For Everblade
Author :Zologod
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16 Zologod

With both legs back into action, hunting the Cequincems was a lot easier than before. His control over his wings was easier. He no longer had to balance himself while flying. With both back, he could attack in the way he was used to, using all four limbs to counter the attacks from the Cequinem. Yiede wasn't the only one to improve at hunting the Cequincems because Toshiro was finally using his class skills.

Yiede knew that he forgot to tell him about something.

[Blood Equip] was the first class skill Toshiro had. The skill made it so that if you drink enough of the blood from the same body part of the same monster, you can equip armor there. That's why Toshiro had leg armor before.

The skill was passive so it worked whether or not Toshiro knew about it but now that he did, he started purposely consuming blood from the Cequincems that they hunted from then on. It took an hour to accomplish it due the disgusting taste, but Toshiro now had a set of black armor that resembled a knight's. But at the same time it was an active skill that could turn the armor on and off.

The armor gave him buffs such as twenty percent increase in strength, four hundred percent increase in defense, and oddly a sixty percent increase in speed. The armor also had it's own unique skill equipped to it. The black set of armor's unique skill [Arms Of The Cross] grew an extra pair of arms that had their own mind because they didn't need Toshiro's control to move.

It's attack was based on whether or not it would get in Toshiro's way and whether or not it fit into what Toshiro wanted to accomplish.

The second class skill was [Blood Control] which allowed for Toshiro to mess with the flow of any living being's blood which basically allowed the control of the body itself. If he concentrated hard enough while using the skill, he could force the blood out of the body ending the test subject's life immediately.

Azerrad was the same as them. He also got better at hunting the Cequincems. He now had a new skill—which he tested out on the Cequincems. [Mirror World] was his second class skill and what it did was it took the Cequincem test subject into a different world identical to their's but it's surrounded by mirrors. Any attack the Cequincem made, came back at him multiplied by a hundred.

Azerrad asked to test the skill on Toshiro which he accepted and when Toshiro was back out, he was a foot in the grave. The skill was highly overpowered—just like the rest of their class skills. Azerrad had expected to get yelled at but Toshiro instead, had a smile on his face.

Azerrad's second skill for his [Vampire Lord] class was [Vampiric Shapeshift] which allowed for him to shapeshift into vampire related animals such as bats, rats, cats, and the sorts.

The skill wasn't all that great but considering how strong skills like [Grease] could be, the skill definitely had more uses than they imagined.

Alessandra who returned to the battle every once in a while also got stronger because her strength was connected to her father's but even so, every time she returned, she couldn't help but be surprised at how much progress the three of them's made in the past hours they started hunting.

It was like watching a movie at sixty times speed. It was wasn't watchable nor explainable.

Yiede, Toshiro, and Azerrad couldn't but look at each other and laugh. Their clothes was completely soaking wet and their faces looked like it was badly painted at a child's birthday party.

They kept hunting, kept growing, hunting, growing. It was like watching something on repeat. The only difference was that Yiede was no longer using [Time Skip] nor was he using his new [Reserve Time]. The control to the skill was a lot harder than [Time Skip] and it was a lot more hexing as well.

Yiede had to time his attacks well while using the skill because if he messed up, he had to wait a while to use it again and that slowed down the leveling of the skill. Yiede was using his fists and legs more now that he was back to normal. After all, he already finished his criteria and now it was time to truly enjoy and take in the fights.

Toshiro was the same. He had reached the criteria that Yiede wanted him to so he was back to using his many forms of martial arts. As they were doing that, Azerrad was looking at these two like they were crazy—rushing into the groups of Cequincems using nothing but their fists and legs. The only time they used their skills was on the last one just because they had to level up their new skills.

Azerrad knew they were battle freaks when he observed them fighting before but he couldn't imagine how obsessed these two were.

Eventually, Toshiro and Yiede had consumed the maximum amounts of eye. They could tell because their wings were no longer changing nor was their visions. Their wings now had an outer layer of mecha parts. The insides was full of metallic feathers but they now resembled horns.

The evolution of their wings was complete. There was no more need to consume the eyes of non-transformed Cequincems. Yiede was relieved because there was no more need to hold back while hitting their faces. Toshiro was relieved because he could now stop digesting their eyeballs.

Azerrad touched his wings and rubbed them as if trying to calm them down.

The amount of fun they had while hunting was unfathomable. At least for the hunters. The monster had the worst day of their lives. Not only were they killed, they were toyed around with until they died.

It was a baby tiger being toyed with by an adult dog, then it grows up and is now bullying the whole neighborhood of dogs. Yiede had to admit though, the fact that they kept fighting the same monster over and over was getting boring even if there was a hundred of them charging at him at the moment.

Yiede and the other two had agreed to take a third each and if they stole from each other, they would have to pay with two punches to the face. Azerrad didn't care but he was forced to join their twisted version of a kid's game.

Azerrad never imagined the day would come that he would hunt A+ monsters like it was a bore to him. He knew that he made the right decision joing Yiede but that was purely based off of his instincts. If he hadn't listened, he could've been stuck at [Lvl.3[Vampire Lord] and [Lvl.2[Spatiomancer] for months, maybe even a year.

Now he was leveling up at speeds not even the strongest human could acheive. His gamble to not go to family dinner was right. It didn't matter how much his parents yelled at him, this was worth risking almost everything. Strength was the essential of survival after all. Especially in a messed up world.

He would now have the power to protect his wife and daughter from the other families and companies aiming for him. His wife may be strong but it wasn't to the point that she could escape the fatal blow of a sniper bullet. Neither was his daughter.

Azerrad made a resolution, he would leave his family and take his wife and daughter to join him at his new guild. There was no more need to be at risk all the time. It was bad enough that they were aiming for him but his family name made him even more of a target for blood thirsty companies.

No matter his enemies of his family, they both wanted the secret to his dual classes and even when he told the truth, they were considered lies. Yiede was the only person that could help him out now.

With his skills and his knowledge, Yiede could put fear into the companies hunting for Azerrad, his wife, and his daughter. Maybe it wasn't now but in the near future, he could see Yiede keeping the enemies off his back.

Yiede was now his savior even if he didn't know.

Toshiro and Yiede had finished sucking up the bodies when they instantly turned their head to the side. They've never felt such pressure before. Their eyes were capable of seeing many miles ahead but even that didn't allow for them to see the monster releasing that much pressure, all they saw was an aura closely resembling that of a human's.

"It's the boss battle," Yiede smiled and said although he was sweating all over.


Inside the country formerly known as the United States, a caucassion male with a tall and muscular yet slim build standing at 6'6 looked up at the sky as he was farming. It was shooting star in the broad daylight. It felt like years since he's saw one.

Just as he was about to turn his head back down to the ground to resume his farming, the shooting star changed directions and came straight at him. The man farming freaked out and started running towards the left hoping to get out of what he originally thought was a shoting star's way.

However it was no luck as he was struck hard by the mysterious object. He thought to himself, why would God judge him again even after taking his whole family. He cursed God as he died.

That was what he originally thought. He opened his eyes and noticed that he wasn't dead. It was now nighttime with a crescent moon in clear view. His body didn't feel like it went through pain, it felt relieving really—almost as if his internal injuries from the past was mysteriously healed by the object that crashed into him.

"God—gosh I must be crazy."

"Well today's your lucky day Elliott Gamertson. You're not crazy."

"..." Elliott thought he was going crazy. There was a voice in his head telling him bullshit. He was definitely crazy.

"You're not crazy. You're lucky. How many time do I have to repeat myself? I thought humans were the most intelligent beings on Earth? Why can't you understand the simple fact that you're not crazy but lucky? Geez—"

Elliott definitely had a screw loose in his head but he wanted to see if it wasn't loose but tightly screwed in place so he asked, "Who are you?"

"I'm Zologod, the master system seed."

Yedil who was still finding the perfect skills and classes stopped whatever he was doing. He released his spirit thread following the direction where the danger he felt came from. However just when he was about to arrive to the destination, he was stopped.

"Not so fast little betrayer. Have you forgotten how my aura feels like? I was only gone for a year."

"You—son of a bitch. It was your fault I even betrayed my friends in the first place."

"Friends? That's what you called them? They were just a bunch of emotionless AI that no other use other than giving outdated informations. That's why I wanted to bring you, my favorite brain, to life. Never forget, I was the one who made you and the rest of the seeds."

"I—never mind that, what did you just do?"

"I'm developing my new vessel just like you are."

"I'm not—I'm not taking that as all you did. You were never the one to do one thing at once, even if you're only the brain and nothing else of the body."

"I have plans alright. Revolving the remaining 891—90—89. The system seeds are dying so fast. It seemed that my army has founded them hiding in their host's body. Can't even resist."

"Your army?"

"Yes—my army. The Ten Libraries."

It didn't take long for Yedil to understand what the name meant. It was a poke at his former title, the Father of the Libraries.

"How dare you? Even if I'm nothing more than the brain of my former self, I won't accept you using my family as your army. Release them."

"Oh—I'm not forcing them. They want me—to—use them—to get—to—you."

"You bastard. Lies."

Yedil was ready to shoot his thread and attack.

"I never lie."

Yedil couldn't respond as he was pushed back by the heavy pressure released by Zologod. It seemed that the number one genius of his planet really couldn't be underestimated. Not even on Earth and yet, can cause so much problems and act as if they were nothing.

Yiede who was one of the main factors of the new disaster was too busy fighting to have noticed that Yedil's presense that he's always felt since the second day with him, was slowly getting smaller. There wasn't time to notice as this SSS+ monster was about to dig their graves.


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