Battle For Everblade
17 Smile Of Thunder
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Battle For Everblade
Author :Zologod
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17 Smile Of Thunder

Toshiro hit the ceiling of the dungeon and as he fell back down his eyes rolled back passing out. The impact of a thousand truck was too much to handle even for him.

Yiede was counting down in his head waiting for the forty second cooldown to be done. There was five seconds which he had to avoid getting hit or else his team would have no chance of escaping alive. There was Yedil but he wanted to try his best to beat the 99th Demon General, Agonaul.

He heard from Yedil that most mythologies on Earth was based on true things from Yedil's planet. They were spread on Earth by roaming traveler who wanted to share his knowledge of his planet to his new temporary home.

It was shocking but Yiede came to accept it.

But he didn't think that he would encounter a named person yet. These were monsters, demons, people, and creatures alike that had a significant impact in their world and had the strength to rival that of a thousand full grown men.

Agonaul was the 99th Demon General out of the 99 of them meaning that he was the weakest, and yet, he had the highest rank known to men. The strongest human could probably fight Agonaul with ease but other than him and a few other hunters, Agonaul could kill everyone with ease.

A thunder in the desolation, a buzz of a drill, a powerful beast of blood and fury. Two neon yellow eyes stared at Yiede with a wicked furor, and another thunder exploded from it's large mouth that was covering half his face.

Six thick horns adorns it's dog head, which itself was scary to imagine. A dog with horns. Excited breaths escaped the creature's big nostrils set within a stumpy nose. He was curious, wondering what Yiede was thinking as he ran the other direction.

It's dog head sits atop a crouched, heavy body. Electric powers crackle through its skin, who knows what the story behind that was.

Agonaul treaded forward, it's two legs elegantly carried its draconic body with a harrowing energy. A powerful tail followed behind it, coarse hairs cover it sporadically.

Two gigantic wings extend themselves fully.

Shadowy bones, and feathers of fire stretch upward as if trying to block Yiede completely but at the same time, wanted a reaction as a human sized gap was visible. He looked at Yiede, and a horrible smile appears on it's face. Each of his fangs looking like a dangerous weapon of destruction.

[Time Skip] wasn't a good choice of skills at the moment as it would make life harder in the long run.

Azerrad who was barely conscious opened his fist, and inside was his weird choice of weapon. The icicle reflected his red eyes that looked like they were ready to dim to nothing. He mustered up all of his strength into his arm and threw it.

It was thrown at a bad angle, but it didn't matter as it was only meant to distract Agonaul. He was informed before the battle started of the plan so as long as he wa successful in his part, Yiede would be able to turn the table around.

Agonaul heard the sound of a thrown object and without needing to turn, he caught the weapon with his tail. His tail curled up tightly squeezing onto the icicle. In a speed, unseeable even with Yiede's upgraded eyes, the tail flicked itself and released the icicle.

Azerrad, despite having his eyes closed, felt that his time was here. Yiede wasn't having none of that as he used [Reverse Time] before the weapon could end Azerrad's barely hanging life. A new feature of the skill other than reversing fifteen seconds back in time life before was that as long as he was willing to sacrifise his lifeforce, he could go back as far as he wanted. A second equaling a month.

He could've went back forty seconds but he needed to go back even further this time around. Sacrifising ten years of his lifeforce, he made it all the way back to before they noticed the cruel demon named, Agonaul.

"Do you want me to fight him? I can beat him for you as long as you want me to."

Yiede who hasn't heard Yedil's voice since the start was a little surprised and was about to reply with his mouth but he composed himself. 'There's no need, I plan on leaving the dungeon.'

"Giving up so soon?"

'You can read only what I want you to read so it makes sense you would think that but just know, I don't plan on letting this piece of shit live for too long. I'll come back next month.'

Yedil was the one surprised this time around. He wanted to know the source of his confidence but he wanted to place his trust on Yiede as he temporarily left to go look for something. "Do you need any help before I leave?"

'Leave?' Yiede asked as he wasn't told until then.

"Temporarily. I'm looking for something but it'll take up too much of your time so I'll do it myself. And don't worry, you can still use the skills you have plus five new skills. I want to make sure you'll be ready to fight Agonaul again so do you need any help before I leave?"

Yiede thought about everything Yedil told him and asked, 'Can I get a list of everyone you were telling me about back in the hospital?'

"Ahh—that's what you have in mind. I'll implant the list to your memory plus your new skills."

There was a moment of silent before Yiede felt a poke on his skull.

"So that means you're ready. Goodbye for now."

'Goodbye' Yiede gave his farewells despite not feeling the difference of a gone Yedil and a present Yedil. His presence was there just the same as always.

"You want us to leave the dungeon?" Azerrad asked confused because they were obviously getting a lot stronger per battle so who wouldn't like that.

"You have your own dimensional space so you know why we need to leave."

Yiede was having a conversation with Azerrad and Yedil at the same time. He had completely mastered the skill to separate the two voices now.

"Don't worry. That doesn't mean I've given up. We will come back."

Toshiro was listening to the two conversating confused. They knew something he didn't so he was about to ask when he felt a presence. His head turned but was stopped by Yiede's hand.

"Don't look over there. He will notice you looking and our position will be compromised. "Now follow me as we leave," Yiede ordered the two. Toshiro had no complaints as he knew his senpai had a reason. Azerrad was about to ask when he thought back on the two previous fights with Agonaul and felt shivers creeping up his body.

The three of them started walking the other direction. They had left the dungeon, it was nighttime. The moon was a half crescent and the clouds were just barely visible. They were moving at a speed that was trackable.

Azerrad summoned tons of bats and transformed back into his other form. He was shorter and looked a lot more like a sloth than a vampire as he flew resting his head on a pillow following Yiede.

He wanted to keep following when he thought of something. "Leader, give me a location we can meet up two days later."

Yiede stopped walking and turned around. He didn't want to force Azerrad to stay but he wanted to know why he couldn't follow him. "Where do you plan on going?"

"Home—for now that is. I have to pack my belongings at home so that I can move directly into the guild," Azerrad explained.

Yiede couldn't tell him that they didn't have a building yet so he didn't tell. "Meet me at the Great Moon Sauna in Dawn City at 9:00 AM. Oh—while you're at it, bring me the best gun you can get your hands on."

Everyone had agreed to the plan and it was now just Yiede and Toshiro left. They exited the forest and was back in the empty plane of grass that they had sparred the day before. Sleepy from all of the fighting, they set up tents and prepared to sleep.

Yiede asked if he could borrow Toshiro's necklace after he forgot and was reminded by Yedil before they entered the dungeon. Toshiro, unexpectly didn't ask and just handed it over. Everything that Yiede did was for a good reason so why would he doubt him after all that was done for him. Yiede obviously had founded something wrong with his necklace that could harm him so Toshiro went to sleep knowing that his senpai was keeping him safe.

That was all in the mind of Toshiro.

Yiede's real reason was to use his skill [Astral Weapon Forging]. He needed as much power as he could so even if he hated assistance from weapons, this was needed to block attacks from Agonaul's astral body.

It was the perfect weapon. Astral vs astral.

Luckily Toshiro's mother cared about protecting her son so much that even after getting so strong, her astral energy stayed in the necklace.

The process was quite quick as a minute after using the skill, there was now three weapons, a sword, a spear, and a shield that had a blade in the middle of it. The more powerful the astral energy was, the more weapons that could be forged.

Normally it would've been one but Toshiro's mother really wanted to protect her kid. If this was done before the training of Toshiro, there would probably would've been even more astral weapons.

Yiede was satisfied, walked over to Toshiro's tent, entered and put the necklace back on for him. He laid down in his tent and fell asleep.

An hour later, he opened his eyes. He heard the sound of two weapons clashing.

It was the astral spear blocking an attack from a dude dressed in all black with a dagger aimed at Yiede.

"Well—well—well. Let's have some fun."


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