Battle For Everblade
18 Back Of The Throat 18+
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Battle For Everblade
Author :Zologod
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18 Back Of The Throat 18+

The assassin tried to back off as they realized the fact that they had failed.

Yiede wasn't going to let whoever was aiming for his life go so easily. If it wasn't for the convenient fact that he created the astral weapons, his life could've ended right there and then. He stood up and used [Time Skip] to reach the assassin's location in a flash.

The assassin didn't have the time to react as Yiede grabbed their arms and pushed them to the ground. Using his finger, in the correct order, he pushed the pressure points of the assassin sticking them in place.

Seeing that the assassin could no longer move, he pulled off their mask. He was a tiny bit surprised.

The assassin was a blonde female. It was hard to tell in the dark but now that he looked closely, the way the assassin's body was shaped, it was definitely a girl.

Yiede got down on his knees and asked, "Who are you?" But instead of getting an answer from her, he got spit to the face. Yiede didn't react to it like the assassin expected as he wiped off the spit with his sleeve and smiled at her.

"Don't feel like talking? Well that's okay. We can do this the easy or hard way." Yiede picked her frozen body off the ground and put her down into his tent. Walking over to Toshiro's tent, he used his new skill, [Barrier]. The skill creates a barrier wherever the user desires as long as it's in visible range, the further—the harder.

The barrier blocked off not only attacks from the outside, but it also blocked the two of the five senses. No smell or sound could get through the barrier.

As the owner, as long as he willed it, he could leave the barrier which Yiede did.

Reentering his room, Yiede pushed another pressure point which unfroze the assassin. She knew that her strength was no match for Yiede so she backed up in fear as she felt murder aura enveloping Yiede's body.

She wanted to run away but she couldn't. Her eyes didn't dare to meet his. She started shaking in fear.

"Oh—you're scared? Well you should be scared. But you're probably are—for the wrong reason. I'm not going to kill you—no no no. I will enjoy my time torturing you."

The girl screamed.

Toshiro didn't hear anything just as Yiede had planned it. He was still in deep slumber despite the sounds coming from Yiede's room.

Inside of Yiede's tent was an absurd scene. There was two naked people. One was on top moving her hip up and down and the other one was playing with her boobs as he observed her movements ready to [Time Skip] away if she was up to no good but despite his caution, nothing happened.

The assassin at the age of twenty wasn't no stranger to sex. But it was her first time taking in such a huge penis. It was easily over a foot long and it had the girth was big fitting the length. She was screaming in pain for the first few minutes as her vagina was hurting from Yiede trying to fit it in but now that it was loose and ready, his cock was reaching her womb and beyond.

She could feel it poking on her stomach. She leaned back as she moaned in pleasure. Yiede was having some fun torturing the poor woman but her techniques was no longer able to please him.

Standing up with her still riding his cock even while in the air, Yiede applied [Grease] to his cock which allowed for the whole thing to enter.

"Fuck!" the girl screamed as Yiede's massive cock reached places that wasn't supposed to be touched, especially from the inside. "Stop it! Stop!"

Yiede didn't listen as he started ramming his penis hard into her. He was going at a calm pace at first but soon he was reaching speeds that most men couldn't reach. In less than a second, his penis went inwards and outwards seven time.

It sounded like a gatling gun.

The girl was screaming in pain again. Her body was being tortured just as she was told was going to happen to her. She couldn't hold her up anymore and her body started falling but she was caught Yiede who pulled her up and wrapped her arms around him.

She was no longer in a horizontal position but vertical.

Yiede had no trouble keeping his cock moving with the change in position. His method of torture was going effectively as she was screaming on the top of her lungs, "Please—stop! I'll tell you everything."

"Everything?" Yiede asked while continuing to fuck her at superspeed. His penis wasn't close to being satisfied.

The girl barely managed to piece her next sentences together as her brain was slowly getting fucked as well. "I—I—I'll tell you—you—everything. Please—just stop!"

Yiede smiled because he knew she was telling the truth. With him being in contact with her body directly, he could feel her body movements. Using them, he read her as if he was an autopsy.

Yiede was slowly down to a pace where the girl was able to catch her breath instead of constantly moaning all the time. Yiede thought to himself, 'Should I stop?' The decision wasn't hard, he hadn't paid her back completely for trying to kill him yet.

He kept on ramming his massive cock into her but he wasn't going fast this time. This time was the opposite. He was focusing more on power instead of speed.

Every time he put his cock in, there was ripples on her ass. She could feel that the insides of her body was now messed up because of how hard Yiede was putting his penis in her body. Her vagina had changed shape to fit his massive cock.

Yiede didn't care for the amount of strength he was applying to the sex because he knew that she was able to take it. When he caught her, he measured her strength right then and there and determined that she was also a hunter of some sorts. Her strength could rival that of five past Yiedes.

Yiede stopped moving his hips and pulled his cock out. The assassin sighed in relief as they were finally done but on the contrary, he laid her down onto the ground facing the floor as he started riding on her like a surfboard.

The only thing protecting her body was a pillow placed on her lower abdomen. At that point, the assassin was no longer thinking straight. The only thing in her head was the thought, 'I have to please his body until he cums.'

Her body was instinctively trying to protect her from anymore injuries by giving her the only way to stop the pain. To finish the sex.

Yiede was in the midst of riding her as she started moving her hips. Her vagina was squeezing on his cock satisfying him to the point of wanting to climax but he stopped himself because he hadn't had enough torture time with the poor girl yet.

He got up, turned her around and pulled her up seating her. He grabbed the back of her head and pulled her towards his cock which he rammed into the back of throat. After a second, he pulled out and allowed for the assassin to catch her breath. Then he rammed it in again.

He repeated that action thirty times before he rammed it in again except he held it in there. He pushed his cock in as far as he could despite the struggle the girl was making punching him and trying to get him off.

She was crying, nose was full of snot, and her mouth was dripping saliva like a waterfall. She eventually gave up and tried to catch her breath while being in the bad position she was in. Just as she had caught a few breathes, Yiede had rammed it even deeper.

A warm sticky fluid ran down her throat. She wanted to throw it up but Yiede didn't allow it keeping his cock in her mouth until he noticed that she had swallowed everything. Finally did he pull out.

The assassin fell onto the floor as she coughed very loudly and painfully. She took two fingers and put it in her mouth trying to throw up the liquid she had swallowed.

Yiede saw this and was a little disappointed. She hadn't learned her lesson completely yet. He picked her off the ground and jammed his cock into her throat again. She couldn't take it anymore and bit down.

Yiede whose body was capable of blocking a sword without trying was obviously not hurt but he was mad. He was treating her so kindly and yet, she treated him with disrespect. He took his dick out and slapped her. The assassin flew to the other size of the tent.

Yiede walked over to her and picked up his shirt. He started cleaning her face. Her tears, snot, and saliva was cleaned off her face.

Smiling, Yiede said, "There's nine more hours before I have to get on with my day. That's eight hours for us to have fun."

A tear fell off the assassin's eye as she realized the mistake she made biting down. This man she was trying to kill wasn't the person she thought he was. It was almost as if he became a demon—no, the devil.

"Now with seven hours left to your punishment, let's see you satisfy me to your max capacity. Let's have a fun time instead of a rough night—am I right?" Yiede asked as he moved his dick and smacked it on her lips.

She nodded as she started giving him the best blowjob she could possibly give.

Yiede laughed. He was remembering of the time when his girlfriend left because of how aggresive he was in bed and looking at this girl in front of him, it made him want to go find his ex and make her give him the same look the assassin was giving him at the moment.

A little impatient, he grabbed her head again and rammed his penis into her mouth all the way down her throat. He chuckled as he saw her try her best to breath.

"Don't worry—don't worry—at all. When we're done, you will have the ability to hold this pose for an hour. I will train you to the point where everything on your body, has changed to fit me."

The assassin was crying as she heard this and yet, her heart was beating fast in excitement. Her mind was getting fucked up.

Controlling his body, he cam inside of her mouth again just because he wanted to. When he pulled his cock out, he saw that this girl had swallowed everything and had her mouth open, her tongue open, and she said, "More. I want more."

Yiede picked her off the ground and used [Jump] landing in the forest. He pushed her against the tree and started moving his hips again. "You will receive what you wish for."

Another one of his new five skills was used. [Point Break] was a skill that could be applied to any part of the human body. It tripled the strength and sent whatever was hit flying.


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