Battle For Everblade
19 Two Bullets
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Battle For Everblade
Author :Zologod
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19 Two Bullets

After a long session of threating, torturing, and questioning, Yiede now knew everything about the assassin and why she was trying to kill him.

Her name is Teona Jackson, a hunter who used to leave in City of Death or formerly, Brooklyn. She had traveled over to the former land of Japan with her family because their weapon business was blowing up here. Her parents wanted to move to where money was coming from.

Teona had a light brown skin tone. Her blonde wasn't her natural hair but rather dyed. Her dad was black and her mother—white. She was coming home from college and was a little disappointed that she couldn't understand the other students.

She was about to enter her house when all of a sudden, a big bird dove towards her. Thinking it was about to attack her, she was ready to fight back but unexpectedly, the bird flew back into the sky but not before it dropped a letter.

When she opened it, all it said on the paper was kill Yiede Reho or else your parents will die.

She thought that someone was trolling her but the next day, her father had food poisoning and her mother was in a car accident. They both lived but Teona could tell that it was a warning. She spent the rest of the week researching Yiede and where to find him.

It was like they knew what she was doing as nothing happened to her parents after that. Teona took a while but by using your name in a search engine, she was able to find a post of him and his girlfriend before the Day of Judgement.

Then she clicked on his name from the tag and founded his account. Teona asked her best friend to track him down using his account. Her best friend was confused on how she would do that but after a day of trying and a thousand dollar as motivation, her best friend founded your location by sending out a signal to his phone and tracking where it went.

Teone gave an excuse to her parents that she was going to go sleep at her best friend's house which was another hundred dollar and she drove towards the location after putting the coordinates to her GPS.

The goverment had spent a total of twenty billion to get the satellites working again after some of them was unlucky to have been hit by the meteors.

Teona had arrived to her destination but no one was there but without anymore information, there was nothing else she could do, so she waited it out. It took hours of patience but when she put her phone down and checked the location, Yiede and Toshiro already had their tents out.

Patiently waiting, she went to assassinate Yiede. And that was how they reached the place they were at now.

Yiede was sitting down on his tent and looked at Teona who was laying down on his biceps and was staring at him. He smiled and kissed her in the forehead.

Yiede hadn't forgiven her but he understood the reason to the assassination. He wasn't mad any longer as he had taken it all out the whole night through. Plus Teona had grew on him, her body was perfectly molded to fit him.

Yiede didn't know what to do.

He knew that he needed to find the person who put a hit on him but he didn't have any leads as everything the person did was through a third party. Teona had given him all the information she had which he knew was reliable through reading her pulse.

He asked her, "Join me and my party. I will protect your parents as long as they let me. And even if don't—I still will protect them."

Teona knew how powerful Yiede truly was. After all, half of the forest was now fallen to the ground after he started going super hard. Her injured body was also healed by him.

Yiede had used another of his new skill, [Heal] which allowed for him to heal non-life-threatening injuries either on him or other people. This skill only had a fifteen minute cooldown so it was used the whole night.

Teona had awoken to her sex kinks. She was a masochist. Pain for her was pleasure. She had completely fallen in love with Yiede after the rough night she had inside her body and on her body. She agreed to his request because she wanted to be with him.

Yiede was glad that she accepted because—it wasn't that he had fallen in love with her but her body. He was planning on using her as a pleasure machine. Teona knew that but love to her was love no matter what kind it was.

She fell asleep and Yiede held in his hand a ring that appeared out of nowhere. He put in on and now Yiede had two rings on his fingers. On was a storage system that could put any lifeless thing in it and the other one, was crafted using [Astral Weapon Forging].

Teona had on a hairpin that had astral energy in it. Yiede who could now detect astral energy after getting accustomed to the skill. A new feature was that he could roughly detect the shape the energy could forge into and by focusing hard, he could choose.

He had enough weapons to protect him so he choose a ring shape. The skill wasn't limited to just bladed weapons. The ring could also be considered a weapon because it's usage was that it could put any defenseless living beings into the ring;

The information about the astral weapons was automatically planted in his head.

Yiede smiled as Teona entered the ring. He now had a place to put his teammates in if they had to dash. It would be hard to carry tons of people while using [Time Skip] so by putting them in his ring and then travel away, he had the perfect escape tool for a group.

He left the tent and woke Toshiro up. He would've like to sleep but it wasn't needed. His body and mind was used to staying up for days while grinding for events back when he was in high school.

Toshiro unaware of what happened was confused by the smell on Yiede. He started sniffing it and coughed. It smelled really weird.

Yiede was glad that Toshiro was unknown of the smell a woman's liquid had. He patted Toshiro's back and said, "Let's shower."

Toshiro blinked, about to respond, when he was in the sauna all of a sudden. Yiede had used [Time Skip] on him again. His move still made him dizzy.

Yiede took off his clothes and had on nothing. Not even a towel as he entered. Toshiro who saw through his peripheral view. He covered his eyes and blushed despite him being straight.

Yiede didn't bother to ask what was going on as he washed his body. This time felt even better as there wasn't any holes in body. The fact that they entered illegally made it more enjoyable as well.

After a shower was eating breakfast. But rather than calling it a breakfast, it was more like eating all three meals in one sitting.

Yiede grabbed onto Toshiro after they finished and he started using [Time Skip]. Although the distance was a little far, the skill had allowed faster travel after leveling it up many time. When he made it to Dragon, a city of hunters, he had used his skill making him younger while Toshiro was throwing up everywhere.

Yiede ignored him and walked up the stairs to a door. He knocked on it. When the door was open, a black man, 6'5, was looking at him with a shotgun in his hands.

Yiede was confused because it could've been a business offer or something like that but he remembered that the house Teona's parents lived in was abandoned, or that's what was told, so there was no need for someone to knock on the doors.

Yiede couldn't even say hi when a shotgun blasted pellets his way. He didn't bother to dodge. The bellets felt like an ant bite.

"Ahem—I'm here because your daughter requested me to," Yiede introduced himself.

Teona's dad realized her mistake as he apologized and asked Yiede and Toshiro to enter his house. He sat the two of them down and had made tea for them.

Yiede drinking the tea asked, "Why did you try to kill us? What if we were random people looking for directions or a phone call?"

"I apologize again. My name is Fredro Jackson, which you would probably already know. My wife and I had been talking and realized that our accidents weren't—accidents. Someone was trying to kill us so when you came, I had to fight back."

Yiede had his points proven. "That's why I'm here. To help you guys out," he informed Fredro. His wife, Britanny Lacher entered the living room and greeted Yiede and Toshiro. She had been listening in on their conversation through her bedroom and had only left it when she knew it was safe to.

"The reason for your endangerment—is—as shameful as this is for me—it's my fault," Yiede told the married couple who was listening closely to what he had to tell them. They were shocked but didn't get angry. "Your daughter was told to kill me or else—it would've been you guys."

Yiede stood up and continued, "Luckily I stopped your daughter and learned about your situation or else things might be different now. I just want to say—abandon your life here and come join me at Emerald."

They nodded. They had clearly had discussed abandoning their lives here even before he arrived. Yiede was about to suck them into his ring after he told them what he was going to do when he remembered, there was someone in there and that certain someone was naked.

Yiede asked if he could use the bathroom and they told him to go straight ahead. He let Teone out of the ring and she was still asleep but this time, in the bathtub. He put clothes on her as quietly and softly as possible.

Then he sucked her back in. He then left the bathroom and was about to suck up the other two when he felt danger ahead. Toshiro had noticed earlier than him and jumped towards the couple and pushed them down to the floor.

Yiede caught the objects that flew in through the window. It was two sniper bullets clearly aimed at Fredro and Britanny. Without waiting, he sucked the two of them after telling them to not resist.

He now had three people in his ring. It wouldn't be boring in there because it was actually a world inside the ring. It took the locations in his memories and would create a world based on them. It was about a tenth of the Earth or at least, it could be. For now, it was an area one mile square.

The inside of the world was projected in his head and if he wanted to, he could see everything. The one mile square was a bunch of sakura trees and a small traditional Japanese house.

The family could live there as long as they wanted. Food and water was automatically provided to them.

"Let's go chase these two snipers."


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