Battle For Everblade
20 Three Kidnappers
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Battle For Everblade
Author :Zologod
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20 Three Kidnappers

Yiede grabbed Toshiro and used [Time Skip]. Following the trajectory of the bullets, he came to a conclusion that the two shooters was at the red building across the house. He used [Jump] and then combo it up with [Time Skip].

He landed on the building and looked at the two shooters. He stopped using [Time Skip] allowing for time to resume again. Toshiro felt like throwing up but he held it back in.

He felt like beating up his senpai but he knew that he couldn't and even if he could, he would probably lose now. His senpai had grown to the point of overcoming him by a large margin.

It sucked to be weaker but at the same time, it felt safer.

The two shooters dropped their sniper rifles and took out two pairs of uzis from the back of their pants. They immediately started spraying their direction. Their clips on the uzis was extended to the point that ten seconds of firing the gun didn't even slow their firing rate down.

Yiede didn't bother to dodge the bullets because it didn't do any damage other than feeling like a sting or bite. He looked at his knuckles but he put them back down. There was no need to crack his knuckles as he ran towards them. [Time Skip] would've allow him to instantly travel to them but that taking in consideration how weak they were, he didn't bother.

Toshiro wanted to have some action too so he jumped into the sky and took out his wings. He dove at the bigger sniper and picked him off of his feet. It didn't take long for him to reach a height of five hundred feet in the sky. Toshiro pulled the sniper up to his eye level and asked, "Who sent you?"

The sniper didn't answer his question like wanted but instead, he spat on Toshiro's face. That struck a nerve as Toshiro didn't bother questioning him any further. Toshiro spat on the sniper's face as he said, "Goodbye piece of shit."

He released his grip and the sniper started falling towards the ground. The sniper tried to apologize and asked to be saved but was ignored.

Yiede made his way to the shorter sniper. He grabbed his uzis and broke them with his hands. The sniper kicked his stomach trying to create some distance between the two. If he could accomplish that, he had a dagger that he was going to dig into Yiede's body. Unfortunately, Yiede took the full force of the kick and even then, he didn't move an inch.

Headbutting the sniper, he fell to the ground. Yiede heard screaming so he looked up into the sky and saw a guy falling towards the ground—spinning in circles and screaming for someone to save him. Yiede looked at Toshiro and the only response he was given was a shrug.

If it was possible, he wanted to keep the snipers alive to interogate them but only one was needed so even though he had the ability to, he didn't try to catch the other sniper out of the sky.

The sniper who had fallen, was planning on attack while Yiede's was busy. He took out his dagger and was ready to slice at Yiede's little brother.

"Hurry up! Cut me already."

The sniper looked at Yiede's face that didn't move a single muscle since they started and yelled, "You're crazy!". He got up and jumped off of the building. His information was needed so Yiede jumped after him.

He was caught midair and landed without a problem. Yiede sighed at the mentality of these assassins. Not only did they give up so soon, they also were suicidal. 'There must've been something wrong with their brain,' Xavier thought to himself.

He pushed on a pressure point located on the sniper's neck. The sniper fainted.

Toshiro landed and his wings returned to his eyes. Yiede laughed as he looked at the dead body splattered all on the floor. The blood coming out of it was insane. It was like watching water flowing out of a pool.

Toshiro didn't care of someone finding the body but future problems could be avoided by simply shooting a [Fireball] at the body. It didn't take a scientist to know that falling from the top of the red building wouldn't have that much impact on the body.

Yiede threw the fainted sniper at Toshiro. He took out ropes that he had bought prior to his first dungeon hunt. Toshiro tied up the sniper as best as he could. Then Yiede sucked him into his ring. This way, the sniper couldn't harm the family when he woke up.

Now that he was done with his first goal, Yiede asked Toshiro if he wanted to go. After getting a denial, Yiede used [Time Skip] until he reached his destination. He was now standing in front of a small house connected to other small houses.

Knocking on the door, Yiede waited as patiently as he could. A few seconds passed and then they became minutes. Yiede looked through the window and saw a television that was on a cooking show. The stove was on cooking chicken.

Something happened. He didn't know how to phase through walls yet so the only fast solution to enter the house was to kick it open. The doorknob broke and the door opened.

Yiede used [Time Skip] to search the whole house as fast as possible. After five [Time Skip] it was clear to Yiede what happened. The table in the kitchen was knocked over showing signs of resistance. Someone was attacking the family. They didn't kill them as there was no blood anywhere.

The upstairs window was open which was where the kidnappers escaped. Following the trace, Yiede was led to an abandoned building that had the signs warning people not to enter planted everywhere.

There was subtle screams in the distance. Using [Time Skip] Yiede made his way over to the sound. Hiding behind a pillar in the building, he saw a family of a mother, two daughters, and a really young son. They were being threatened by three kidnappers.

"Where is the fucking money?" one of the kidnappers yelled through his hockey mask.

The mother cried as she replied, "There—is no money. My—husband—ex-husband took it all with him when he left."

The kidnapper that was asking her questions was obviously not convinced as he hit the mother with the back of his pistol. Another kidnapper, taller and bigger got down on his knees as he started licking the mother's ears.

"Lie one more time and your daughters will experience how hell feels. Done personally by my partners. Each time after that, a bullet enters your son. We start from the feet, to the thighs, to the hands, arms, ears, and lastly the head. So answer me—where is the money?"

The mother bit her lips before saying, "Please don't do anything to my family. I really don't have money."

The big kidnapper waved his pistol and the other two grabbed the daughters off of their chairs and pushed them down to the floor. They started unzipping their pants.

The mother screamed at the top of her lungs, "I'm telling the truth! My husband has the money."

"Lies," the big kidnapper said as he pistol whipped the mother. "We saw you yesterday taking out easily a hundred thousand dollars from the ATM."

The mother wanted to die. These kidnappers didn't even know the fact that ATMs had a limit to the amount of money that could be cashed out. They couldn't tell the truth from lies even when it was right in front of them.

The big kidnapper stood up and looked at his partners. He told them to continue what they were doing as he started walking towards the son. He pointed the gun at his left foot and pulled on the trigger.

"That's why you don't lie," the big kidnapper told the mother. He expected to hear the kid scream but there wasn't a single sound coming out of him. He looked at his hand and his pistol was gone. Someone had stopped his act of justice. "Who goes there?"

Paranoid, he straight spinning in circles looking for Yiede.

Yiede never expected to hear such a question in his life. Many times he heard it during movies but to hear it in reality was different. "I goes there."

"And who is I?" the shortest kidnapper asked as he started spinning in circles as well with his pistol ready to shoot. He felt his hands become lighter. His gun was gone.

The medium sized kidnapper also lost his gun as he spun in circles trying to find Yiede. His pants was also lost with the gun. That was what he wanted to happen but he didn't want it done by someone else.

"Trying to have sex with these girls? Didn't you guys know it's illegal to do so without consent?" Yiede asked them as he put the guns into his storage. "That's called ****. Ask next time."

They were about to answer when they felt pain in their lower half of their body. All three fell to the ground clutching onto their balls.

Yiede had kicked all of them with his full strength.

"That's what happens to those who rapes."


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