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Author :MeiMinMin
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Tic-toc, tic-toc. I can hear the clock ticking. I can feel myself sweating, hands shaking, body trembling. I was surrounded by the darkness, I feel so suffocated and I fear that I am developing a phobia of claustrophobic, I can't see any light and my body feels so heavy and I feel like I am drowning in an abyss of darkness underwater. I wanted to scream, I wanted to seek for help, but something is stopping me to do those things.

And then, I suddenly feel the chills, running from my toes up to my spine. Why am I feeling this? Why do I feel this kind of sensation? Help, I need help. Anyone? Mother? Father? Big brother? And then, I hear the alarm blaze off from its set time. I jolted from my slumber that gives me a nightmare, and I realize that I woke up panting and sweating.

I ran my fingers through the strands of my hair as I take a look at the time, 8:51 in the morning, "I'm already late from my first subject this morning." Yawning as I stretch my limbs, get off the bed and start doing my morning routine. When I finished, I left my room and goes down to the kitchen, and that's when I saw my mother cooking. I greeted her and kiss her cheeks, I sat on a chair and smile when I eat my breakfast as I listen to her talk about father's work yesterday. When I was done, I grab my things as I said my goodbye to her and left the house.

I walk down the streets with an earphone on my ears, blasting music left and right in a maximum volume. I was lost in thought about the dream I had last night, no, I should call it as a nightmare. It was so frightening, I feel like I was dead at that moment, I shivered at that thought, death? I am afraid of that word. I just sighed as I, took a deep breath with my eyes close to erase that sickening thoughts, and then, I didn't expect what just happened next, I hear people screams and a siren of an ambulance as my whole word, spins as darkness engulf my whole being. What just happened? I can hear everything louder than before, I hear questions of the people around me, scream of concerns and shrieks of people.

"Is she okay?" "Move! The medics are here! Move!" "Oh my God! A truck just hit her!" in that moment, I just heard my Mother screaming my name and crying, "NO! Alyssa! Oh my God, my daughter! No! let me go, I need to be at her side! No! Alyssa! I am her Mother! Let me through!" Mother? Am I going to die? Am I going to leave you and father? What about big brother? Mother. As I can feel myself crying at my lost. No, help me. Help me! Is the nightmare, I had last night a premonition of my death? Is it? Is it?! Please, wake me up! Wake me up away from this horrible dream! I continue to scream internally, as the darkness engulf my whole consciousness.

RING! I gasped as I jolted from my bed, I was panting and sweating more than before, I looked around my surroundings. I'm alive? Am I really alive? I started sobbing as I hug myself for comfort and began trembling as my tears flows. What just happened? A dream? A nightmare? Or a premonition of my future death. I need the truth.


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