Death's Scythe
31 Monitor?
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Death's Scythe
Author :BiGdAddYOnTheWeb
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31 Monitor?

Late at night , Leo and Leah we're sleeping and right outside their door , the captain , who brought them here with him , was standing with a Stern face . He took a deep breath , and raised his hand to knock on the door , when he suddenly stopped . He looked at the door in surprise as he lowered his hand , but after thinking some more , he decided to knock regardless .

He knocked twice on the door , and waited for some time , but after he got no response , he thought of knocking once more .

' Go away .'

A gentle voice rang in his ears . He looked surprised as he thought ' Who can go through my mental protection ?'

' They are sleeping .'

He looked at the gate for some more time , and thought whether he should do it again or not , but decided against it . If whoever was sending him message wanted to attack him , or them , he would have done it long ago , but since nothing was happening , he turned back and decided to wait till morning .


Leo woke up and saw Luna sleeping on his tummy . He slowly brushed he hair as he sat up and moved her down to the bed .

' Good morning , master .' He heard her sweet voice in his head as he once more patted her little head as he heard a low purr .

He looked at his sister who was sleeping on the bed to the right of his own . She had learnt the magic in the ' Tomes' but did not have complete control over it yet . She seemed to have slightly frozen her hands .

He smiled and shook his head as his hand burnt with a deep black flame . ' Let's see .' He pointed a finger at her and a small trail of flames left his hand and slowly burnt on Leah's hand . She did not wake up , and from the looks on her face , it seemed it hurt at the start as she groaned , but then a small smile appeared on her face .

Leo looked outside the window and found that the sky was still dark . ' Stay here and take care of her . I want to go out .'

Leo walked to the window , slid it up and directly jumped down . On the way down he opened his wings wide and flew into the sky .

He flapped his wings that looked like they were directly cut off from a bat as he flew across the sky .

He was at least 500 metres in the air and he could look down at the whole city , and could zoom in on anything he wanted to see .

He looked towards the boundaries of the capital and saw a huge forest that spread all around the walls .

' This continent is based on the earnings from the dungeon . The card leaves an enchantment on the corpses and the association picks it up .' He thought as he looked at what was named - Dungeon Management . It was a multi-storied building , and that was where all the dungeons in the country were managed . ' But the country does a similar thing with it's mercenaries . '

He flew towards the forest at a faster speed as his wings flapped in the wind .

He reached the edge of the capital and was about to go out when he heard a shout .

" It's better not to leave through there . " The captain was flying right behind him and was looking at him coldly .

" Why are you following me ?" Leo looked back as he landed on the top of a building . " Aren't you supposed to be a captain or something ?"

" I am the captain of a body that monitors the movement of heroes across the country . You ... " He paused for a while after which he said " You have a special identity which we don't dare overlook . I have been assigned to both guard , and monitor you . I will be in the shadows and stop you if you do something impulsive . That's it ."

He looked at him again and squinted his eyes as he said " You got weaker ."

Gerald's eyes twitched as he looked at Leo .

" I guess it was true ." He looked at his feet and shook his head . " Why ?"

Gerald looked at him and after a while said with a laugh " Looks like you learnt the Tome ."

Leo understood what that meant . He had felt that it couldn't be that simple . Learning from such a great book couldn't be as simple as just buying them from a bookstore . It seems the authorities had punished him for giving him the tomes .

" Thanks , I guess . " He said as he looked up at the captain .

" Don't mention it . Really ." He said as his pressure pushed down at Leo .

Leo looked at him and smiled as he said " In that case I need a favor ."

The pressure from Gerald increased . Leo trembled a little , but then said in a low voice " It's extremely small , for you at least ."

The pressure decreased a bit as he said that and leo stood straight and said " I wanna go to a dungeon . Upper-intermediate to basic-high ."

" Is that an order ?" He said as he furrowed his brows and the pressure increased once more .

" Please let me go to a dungeon ." He shouted as he shivered once more and muttered under his breath " Man , you're such a bully ."

" Go back . It's still the middle of the night . There will be no one from my team following you anymore . You will receive some documents for the reservation tomorrow . Try not to run out ." He said and vanished .

Leo looked at the spot where he was standing . He shook his head as he looked back at the forest with some resentment " I wanted to kill , though ."

He slowly flew back to the hotel and sat at the window sill . He looked at the same building on top of which he last spotted on of the Captain's ' Team Members ' .

He stared at the spot then looked at the sky as he said " He never said he won't be the one doing it ."


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