Elemental Mage
15 Souls in the cave
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Elemental Mage
Author :Ironhood
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15 Souls in the cave

The item drops that the group got from Drax were easily split up. Avery didn't want anything because there was something she wanted deeper down, so the rest evenly split up the drops.

Moonlight got the {Winged Bow}, because she was the only Ranger in the group and only rangers could use bows.

[Winged Bow (Grade B, Level 10 {0/8000})

+30 Intelligence

-10% chance that an arrow will grow wings and curve around defences

For: Mages, Shamans]

The {Hind Robe} went to Sunshine, because only Mages and Shamans could use robes. And since Avery didn't want anything and also had a better robe (Which she didn't mention), the robe naturally went to her.

[Eclipse's Staff (Grade B, Level 10 {0/8000})

+30 Magic Defence

+30 Wisdom

For: Mages, Shamans]

The {Drain} skill book was the best item in the pile. Skill books are naturally better than items and also rarer, so it was obviously a good find. Twilight ended up getting it because it was a Rogue-specific skill book.

[Drain (Tier 4, Level 0)

Drains the health from the enemy by stabbing them. Deals 100 damage over 5 seconds. Any damage dealt gets converted into health

Cost: 150 mana

Cooldown: 60 seconds

For: Rogues

Note: Helps quench your thirst for blood. Literally]

The other items, {Blood Bat Hind} and {Blood Bat Eye} were kept by Unbreakable, who was going to sell them after the dungeon and split the profit. None of them had any crafting side classes yet, so they were useless to them for the time being.

After they divided their loot, they continued on exploring the dungeon.

They walked and talked for about five minutes before coming across a new monster.

[Lost Soul (Level 8)

A soul that wandered off and got lost finding its way back. It now wanders the tunnels of the Cave of Mourning, making creepy noises throughout the tunnels, thus giving the cave it's name.

Health: 1

Mana: 1000

Defence: 0

Magic Defence: 0

Abilities: {Soul Form}, {Scare}

{Soul Form (Tier 4)}: Can't get damaged by normal attacks

{Scare (Tier 2)}: Screams and scares away enemies. Any enemy within 10 meters and less than 25 willpower will run away for 10 seconds]

"Okay, if you're skill is legit, then one-shot that monster" Twilight said. While walking, the whole group was bantering about Avery's skill. They didn't believe that Avery's skill was legit, so they wanted to test her. "Fine she said back. It wasn't much of a big deal to her. The gist was up, so she could show off as much as she wanted.

Summoning a fireball, she launched it at the Lost Soul. She decided to only use fire and light element skills to not draw attention to herself. Well, it's not like she didn't draw attention to herself already, but if she used all elements, people would suspect her of cheating.

The fireball hit the Lost Soul directly in it's centre. It instantly disappeared, and Avery got a kill notification.

The rest of the group were amazed. They assumed Avery was lying about her skill, but it turned out she was telling the truth.

They thought Avery couldn't do anything about the monster once they saw it's ability. It doesn't take damage from normal attacks? Then they'd have to constantly get direct hits against those monsters to even do anything! There was no way Avery could know how to do that. Unless what she told them earlier was true...

At first, when Avery said "It's just skill", they thought that it was a lie. In their minds, they thought she looked for a weak spot on Drax or got extremely lucky. Avery couldn't explain the truth though. No one would believe her if she said that she reincarnated.

Thus, Avery came up with a fairly believable excuse. She claimed that she was a beta tester. Although the game never claimed that there was a beta test of the game, there were multiple rumours about a beta test with multiple players claiming that they were beta testers.

It was a plausible excuse and made sense, plus it could always cover up the fact that Avery pretty much everything, so she decided to roll with it for the time being.

Everyone in the group finally believed her, so they continued on through the dungeon. There were a lot of Lost Souls, but they weren't a problem for Avery. After a while of walking, they came across a new enemy.

[Angry Soul (Level 10)

A soul who is unwilling to die until they kill whoever ruined them in their past life. They see a trace of that person in everyone, so they take out their anger on whoever comes in their path.

Health: 1

Mana: 1000

Defence: 0

Magic Defence: 0

Abilities: {Soul Form}, {Vengeance}

{Vengeance (Tier 5)}: Just before it dies, the soul launches a devastating attack dealing 1000 damage that ignores defence and kills itself in the process]

"Stay behind me" Avery said. The group naturally did. They trusted Avery's decision because they thought she was a beta tester, so she should know something they don't. Plus, the Angry Soul's {Vengeance} ability doesn't sound too pleasant.

"Fireball" Avery said, launching a fireball at the Angry Soul. It got hit directly and instantly exploded. Avery turned around and explained. "Angry Souls are pretty much the same as Lost Souls other than the fact that they explode upon death. It's really annoying if you get close and they have a large aggro range, so it's better off if you stay behind me. The rest of the group understood and heeded her advice.

If you don't know what a monsters aggro range is, it's pretty much how close you have to be before the monster will attack you. Pretend that the monster is near-sighted. If you're far away enough, it won't be able to see you. But, the second you get close enough, the monster will attack you until you either kill it or escape.

You might be thinking that you could just use long-range attacks, but sadly that doesn't work. Usually, ranged attacks don't attack farther than a monsters aggro range, so it doesn't work. In Avery's previous life, someone found a rare weapon that doubles their attack range and that broke the game. The creators had to remove it and compensate a hefty sum to the player for taking it. After that incident, they paid close attention to monster's aggro range.

Anyways, Avery was leading the group, killing every monster that came in their way. She was kinda showing off, but she didn't care. It was all fun and games to her...


Sam was grinding in Sunbeam Forest, where the dungeon was at, when suddenly out of the corner of his eye he saw a shine. With his heightened senses, he knew that his eyes never played tricks on him so he went to investigate the source.

Unfortunately, when he was walking, a group of players stepped up in front of him and blocked his way.

"Hey hey hey, looks like we got new prey!" One of them said. Sam instantly could tell that they were PKers. They only thought of him as free loot.

"Hmmm, should we make him suffer?" one of them asked. "Eh, might as well. A guild-less bug doesn't have anyone backing him up" another added. Sam's eyes narrowed. He was itching to kill them. They just said his trigger word. You could insult him in any way, but the second you insulted him for not having a guild, he gets extremely angry.

Having being kicked out by his family for "Not being up to standard" and "A useless martial artist", he began to loath people that insult his because of his status. That hate carried on into the game with people calling his guild-less trash. Being excluded, it slowly became his trigger word and he attacked whoever said it. Well, in the game. In real life, he automatically hates whoever says it.

He took a step forward. The PKers laughed, assuming it was a last ditch desperate struggle. But, he then disappeared and appeared right in front of one of them and attacked them. The Pker he hit instantly died. A one-hit! The rest of the PKers were shocked before proceeding to attack Sam, but ended up missing. One by one, they slowly kept on dying until one of them were left. He looked like the leader.

"You! You'll pay for this!" he shouted as he pulled out an object and activated it before Sam could react. Sam felt a huge pressure fall on top of him, but he looked up and saw nothing. Seeing his reaction, the leader grinned. "Hah! You like this item?" he said. "I got it off of a lucky player when me and my group killed him. Who knew he would have such a treasure. It's a one time use item, but I think right now's a good time to use it". He walked up in front of Sam and continued. "It tests a player's will to survive. It'll slowly kill you unless you break out. But, breaking out is nearly impossible. What could a guild-less piece of garbage like you do?". He was staring Sam in the eyes at this point.

At first, Sam was bitter. He tried to free himself, but he couldn't use any spells nor move with the pressure on top of him. Then he started to lose hope. He slowly accepted the fate that he was destined to have. Slowly, he was getting destroyed by the pressure...

'No!' he thought as he destroyed the pressure. He realized that people like him don't deserve to be treated like trash. People like him can accomplish things. My not yet in real life, but at least in this game! He remembered how a guild-less party got the first wipe of the first boss! That's an amazing accomplishment!

"N-No way..." the leader stuttered when he saw that Sam stood up and destroyed the pressure. He couldn't believe his eyes. It was a tier 6 item, yet it was destroyed just like that? He didn't even realize that he was surrounded by white light, meaning that he died.

Sam immediately killed the leader once he destroyed the pressure and got his bearings. His faith and hope for people like him, people that refuse to become a pawn for others, people like him that fight all by themselves exist and are strong. If he wants to join them, he has to become strong too!

With his new hope, he continued on, not knowing how much he just changed...


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