Eternal Sin
-3 Cultivation Table
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Eternal Sin
Author :JacksonWalker
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-3 Cultivation Table

For Humans it's like this

Mortal-Body Refining stage(9 stages)-Refine the Container

-Stage 1-Skin

-Stage 2-Muscle

-Stage 3-Bone

-Stage 4-Tendon

-Stage 5-Blood/Veins

-Stage 6-Major Organs(Heart, Brain, etc., etc.)

-Stage 7-Lesser Organs(Eyes have been moved here)

-Stage 8-Marrow

-Stage 9-Meridians(This is clearing the Meridians not expanding)

>Low-3 cleared

>Middle-6 cleared

>Upper-9 cleared

Hidden Higher Body Refining stages(9 stages)-Release Vitality, Life feeds death bringing Rebirth

-1st Gate-Earth Beginning

-2nd Gate-Earth Defying

-3rd Gate-Earth Breaking

-4th Gate-Sky Clashing

-5th Gate-Sky Collapsing

-6th Gate-Sky Ending

-7th Gate-Heavenly Furnace

-8th Gate-Heavenly Refining

-9th Gate-Heavenly Rebirth

Martial Practitioner-Essence Gathering(9 stages)-Fill the Container

-Lower(large amount, low quality. 3 stages)

-Middle(low amount, great quality. 3 stages)

-Upper(large amount, high quality. 3 stages

Martial Warrior-Dantian/Meridian Expanding(9 stages)-Expand the Container/Refine the Energy

-Lower(Expand the Dantian)

-Middle(Refine the Meridians)

-Upper(Expand the Meridians)

Martial King-Essence Sea(9 stages)-Fill the Container with Dense/Pure energy




Martial Emperor-Core Refining(9 stages)-Condense the Container

-Essence Condensing(liquid. 3 stages)

-Essence Condensing(solid. 3 stages)

-Core Rotating(3 stages)

Martial Ancestor-Rebirth(3 stages)-Free the Soul from the Container

-Envelop(Envelop ones core, envelop ones surroundings)

-Hatch(Covering the core with elemental runes, almost like the cracks on an egg)

-Rebirth(The outer shell of the core is shed, the elemental runes refine the body into pure essence imbuing it with natural laws)


For Beast it's like this

Mortal Beast=Anyone in the body refining stage, common cattle an beast

Primal Beast= Has power equal to a middle to peak Martial Practitioner

Mutant Beast=Has power ranging from a middle to peak Martial Warrior

Sacred Beast=Can easily grow up to become a Martial Emperor, depends on the age of the beast)

Divine Beast=Born with the strength of a Martial Emperor, these beast are extremely rare and can easily break through and become immortal; which is why they are not seen often on the planet.


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