Eternal Sin
-2 Item/Martial Arts Ranks
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Eternal Sin
Author :JacksonWalker
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-2 Item/Martial Arts Ranks


[Items-Meaning Armor and Weapons, this includes Talismans, pills, etc.]

1st-Absolute trash, mortals make this all the time for the most common items

2nd-Slightly better then 1st, still would snap as soon as a true cultivator held it

3rd-Good for Body Cultivators, but can't be used by any rank higher then Blood Cultivator

4th-Can be used by any cultivator in the Body Cultivation rank, and peak 4th rank can be used by Middle essence cultivators

5th-Worst weapon for low-ranking Martial Ancestors, godly weapon for any rank below

6th-Good weapon for low-ranking Martial Ancestors

7th-Good weapon for middle ranking Martial Ancestors

8th-Great weapon for middle-ranking Martial Ancestors, good for high-ranking Martial Ancestors

9th-Divine weapon, the best weapon any mortal can wield, anyone under the Middle rank of essence gathering would instantly have their body destroyed and soul dispersed if used forcefully. This is where weapons begin to have sentience.

[Martial Arts]

Mortal-Beginner martial arts, used by low ranking body cultivators

Earth-Can be used from Essence gathering low to high, but are not typically used by higher cultivators then the essence gathering stage

Sky-Used by high ranking Essence Gathering stage experts and low ranking Martial Ancestors

Godly-Skills used by all Martial Ancestors, typically created by Martial Ancestors, they can be used even in to the immortal level. These skills are highly valued by all.

Divine-Rare skills that are created by high-ranking immortals, these skills posses sentience and can choose their master. They usually choose through character or skill, eitheir one of these can be bad it just depends on the skills taste


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