Eternal Sin
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Eternal Sin
Author :JacksonWalker
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Holy Flame City, Flame God Sect

The Flame God Sect was a powerful sect made for talented cultivators of fire, there were four different types of disciples at the Flame God Sect. The infinitely talented Core Disciples, the highly talented Inner Disciples, the above average Outer Disciples, and the trash Janitor Disciples. Janitor Disciples were often sent by familys that were desperate to give their child a chance in the cultivation world, they were at best average and at worst not even able to sense the essence in the air. Essence being the most important resource for a cultivator is what defined where you were placed in the chart of importance. Mortals could barely be defined as a useful resource, and were destined to live a life of mediocrity.

Our story, though, begins with such a Janitor Disciple. This Janitor Disciple was the most untalented Janitor Disciple in the whole sect! He can't sense the Essence in the air at all, and when he was checked for his Dantian size they couldn't even find one! This Janitor Disciple is named Xue Long and he has a secret, well, multiple secrets. Xue Long is actually a reincarnator from Earth and, he has what many people can only dream of, he has a system! When Xue Long first found it, he was ecstatic! But, he soon found that with his lack of talent for cultivation, he could never become an OP system main character. So, we come to today. The day that everything changed.


In an alley of the Flame God Sect, multiple Janitor Disciples were gathered around a small kid and, holys**t, they were beating the hell out of him. The kid in the middle, despite having multiple wound and-Crack! Broken ribs, he still stared at them with a hateful defiance in his eyes. Who else could it be but Xue Long?

"You shouldn't even be allowed to be a Janitor Disciple you worthless piece of s**t!", one of the kids yelled, "You should just beat it, or else next time we come after you we'll beat you to death!", another soon followed.As the kids left the left nasty comments and spat on his bloodied and bruised body.

"Just another Tuesday, what a great way to start the day off." Xue Long thought sarcastically, spitting a bit of blood onto the floor. "You'd think they would get tired of hitting me, but no. I guess their little egos got crushed by those Inner Disciples thoroughly" he smirked, it amused him how some of these kids acted.

"Back to the work, after all the day is still young!" looking at the sun, he realized just how long of a day he had ahead of him. First, the trash. As he got up, you could get a thorough look at the boy that was Xue Long. He was wearing the dirt cheap robes that the sect provided. They were simple unadorned black robes they had a little red flame over the heart, and the sleeves were torn of; thanks to Xue Longs taste in fashion. He had long raven black hair that went down to his shoulders, and blood red eyes. His skin was like jade, but it was criss-crossed with the scars of his life.

He wasn't very tall, after all, he was only 7 years old. As he weaved his way through the back-alleys of the sect he slowly picked up the trash of the Outer Disciples, the more important Disciples and figureheads didn't have low quality servants like them picking up their trash. He made his way through the sects, sometimes running into other Disciples; in which case he often received a beating.

By the time he got to the Dining Hall he was a total mess and, as he sat down with his food, he felt a sinister presence behind him; sending shivers down his spine. He obviously knew who it was, "Hey pervert!" He said, a little bit louder then conversation level.

"Why do you call me that every time? I'm not a pervert, I told you! That time you caught me at the women's bath was a misunderstanding!" the voice complained. As he turned he could see the figure of his, one and only, friend.

The boy before him did not look like a pervert, he had the appearance and aura of a scholar. He had dark blue hair, like the depths of the ocean, and deep blue eyes. Despite his young age, you could tell he would grow up to be quite the looker. His name was Hai, no surname, and he was the only one crazy enough to be his friend. He was the same age as Xue Long, 7. He had average cultivation talent, and had an unyielding and prideful personality, like the tide, like the sea.

"So, how many times did you get beat today?"

Hai was a teaser, he constantly had a playful tone as if everything was a game. Even in a serious situation he could find a way to get in a nice laugh.

"It's a new record! About 16 times, that beats the previous record by 2."

He responded in an official tone, as if he was announcing the results for the Olympics, earning a small chuckle out of his friend.

"Moving on, aren't you excited?! Our time is here!", he was most likely talking about the-

"Mortal Tier Fire and Flame competition!" he shouted excitedly. The Fire and Flame competition was a series of trials for mortals and cultivators alike, it allowed mortals a chance at becoming a cultivator and cultivators a chance to raise their cultivation beyond even the big talents in the sect. The reason he was so excited was because the Mortal Tier competition was coming up, and they would be of age just before the competition. If they were able to win the young cultivators section then they would be able to become cultivators.

But, why should Xue Long be excited? He was confirmed to have no Dantian! No matter how good the rewards for the Mortal trial, they couldn't make him a Dantian! It would take a heaven defying pill to do such a thing, and why would anyone give him that?

"Well do your best! I'll be watching from the sidelines, don't you forget about me on your rise to become an immortal cultivator", he responded to his excitement with heavy sarcasm. This kid was too hot blooded, did he think just because he wished to win he would?

The Mortal section included not only cultivators who hadn't even begun on the path of cultivation, but also Body Cultivators; who had already refined their body to a become more then human. They could cripple kids like him with one finger.

"Oh come on, your not even gonna try? There's always a chance that we could win!" whining he realized that even after talking for almost 10 minutes, he still hadn't sat down.

"Nope, trying to compete in impossible competitions that could cripple or kill me is not something I plan to try; and I like to believe that I'm open to most things." he said with a quick wink, but Hai just looked back with a face full of confusion. 'Fuck, being young sucks! No one gets my humor yet!' he looked to the heavens as if blaming them for this, and as if in response a thunder storm quickly covered the sky. A deep rumble crossed the sky, as if the very heavens were laughing at him.

Sighing, he looked at his friend, "looks like we'll be running in the rain for the rest of the day, huh?", he loved the rain but it wasn't the best when you have open wounds.

"Looks like it, I gotta get going; I wanna get out of this rain as soon as possible and the quicker my chores are done the quicker I can get inside.", piling the last of his food into his mouth, he ran out setting his tray down on the garbage cans.

"He's right, I better get started as well", finishing off his food , he ran into the rain and down an alley; hoping that he could be rid of this rain soon. The dark clouds rumbled, and thunder struck down; as if the heavens them self were angered. "God damn clouds, couldn't pick a better day?", he grumbled.

What he didn't know was that the heavens weren't mad at him, nor were they mocking him, they were trying to warn him of danger.

The danger soon became more apparent as a few outer sect disciples looked into the alley that Xue Long went down, they looked at each other and smiled sinisterly as they followed him down the alley.


Letting out a deep breath as he finished delivering the last round of filth to the dump, he wiped his forehead of the water, sweat, and blood that seemed ever present.

"Finally I can get some rest", starting his walk back to his shack that was on the very outskirts of the sect he didn't feel that anything was wrong at first, but soon enough he started to feel that something about the alley was off. There was something about it that seemed different. He just couldn't place his finger on it.

Then it hit him, it was too silent. This was a fairly large sect, so it would never be completely silent; even on the outskirts of the sect. When he finally reached his house, he looked around cautiously as if to make sure that there was nothing wrong; maybe it was just him being to paranoid.

Looking back, he saw nothing, shrugging he turned back around. As he did his eyes widened, as he realized that at some point the door to his shack had opened and an Outer Sect Disciple standing before him with a small cloth in his hand.

He tried to step away from the figure, but soon realized that they were behind him too. The Disciple in front smiled a wide smile, his eyes filled with a sinister light, and pressed the cloth to his face. He tried to resist, but in front of these Body Cultivators it was useless.


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