Eternal Sin
2 Why?
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Eternal Sin
Author :JacksonWalker
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2 Why?

When he woke he found himself in a dark chamber, he tried moving but his arms and legs were tied down with leather straps. He looked to see were he was, and his heart dropped. Looking to his right there was a stand filled with a series of tools and weapons. To his left was multiple different tables like his own, the only difference being that whatever being was on those tables weren't alive.

"You're awake! Good, it's better if you're awake!", a voice said, amusement evident in his voice. In his peripheral vision he could see a man walking out of the shadows. The man was in a dark cloak, a hood was drawn over his head and the only thing you could see was his wide smile.

"Who are you? Why are you doing this?!", he yelled at the man, his anger and frustration was heavy in his voice.

"Oh my! It seems like we have a fighter, I'll take my time with you. Trust me, we're going to have lots of fun!", underneath the hood the mans eyes were filled with a perverted glint.

"First I'll make you cry in pain, then I'll make you beg for death! But eventually...", he said picking up one of the many tools, "I'll make you beg for more!", the man started laughing.

'Insane this man is insane!', fear gripped his heart. He didn't want to end like this, it couldn't end like this. This can't be all I was made for! A plaything to this monster, never! But, try as he might, he couldn't break free from the bonds.

"Yes, struggle! Struggle more, that will make this even more enjoyable!", he laughed even more now. He picked up a small metal rod, the size of a pencil, that ended in a small sharp point. Stepping closer to Xue Long, he grabbed Xue Longs face, and with the mechanisms around him used one to open Xue Longs left eye.

"First, we'll take care of these beautiful eyes.", bringing the small sharp point closer to his eye, he held Xue Long's left eye in place.

Slowly the point pierced into his pupil, straight through his cornea. The pain was unbearable, and as the rod pierced deeper into his eye he heard the man say, "And, pop!", the man ripped the eye out of the socket use the rod.

"AHHHHHHH!! WHY?!", he cried out in pain, the man pulled out his eye then severed his optic nerve; forever impairing his vision.

"Because it's fun! And it feels so good!", the man laughed at his pain, he looked like a kid who had gotten his favorite toy, it was disgusting. "Oh my, I haven't properly introduced myself! My name is Si Wang!", Si Wang wiped the rod of my blood as he set the recently severed eye into one of the many jars on the wall.

"Me and you, we're going to have so much fun! Over our time together, we'll form a bond that only we can understand!", grabbing his next tool of nightmares he stepped toward Xue Long. "You'll learn that I love you in a way no one can understand, you'll learn to love me!", he laughed as Xue Long struggled. He loved to see them struggle.


A long time ago in a small family of four. There was a mother, a father, a daughter, and a son. The father is a strong man, a tough man, hard on not only himself but everyone around him as well. The mother is kind, she constantly gives her attention to others, always seeking a way to help others when she should be helping herself. The daughter is a prodigy, talented in almost anything the mind could think of, she could sing, dance, play sports, and has amazing grades. She is the pride of the family, constantly soaking in the attention of those around her.

Then, there is the son. He is not talented, he was not kind, and he was not strong. He was different, for when he looked around at his family he felt nothing. His smiles were fake, his laugh was fake, he felt empty inside. Constantly mimicking the people around him it soon became a dangerous habit. He felt what others felt, it would enter his mind but he would bare no pain because of it. He would constantly change to the flow of others around him, never once to he genuinely feel anything.

Ignored for his flaws, lacking in all areas except his creative mind. Even that was ignored though, "When throwing a pebble in a pond the ripple would be extinguished in the waves of a boulder". There was no way he could be seen with such a person in front of him. Then he felt his first genuine emotion, anger. It spread through him like a raging fire, burning him up inside until there was nothing left of the boy he once was.

10 years later, he was an emotionless husk of the person he once was. Empty, looking for something to fill this chasm and give his life meaning. Then he met them, the love of his life. Never had he felt such feelings for another person. He felt true happiness burning inside him, his love for them everlasting; eternal.

They fell in love, soon they were making promises of marriage. They spent so much time together, and every moment was a joyous occasion for him. Life is cruel though.

It wasn't long after he found his love that they fell ill. The only person who could bring him true happiness. He did everything he could, saving every dime and penny. Taking care of everything, hoping and praying that his love would pull through and they could live again. Fear and hope, they often come in a package. When have you ever felt true fear and bot hoped for a way out, a way to get away? But his hope was for not, for all the hope in the world couldn't advance science decades beyond it's current capabilities.

They passed away, and the emptiness consumed him. Then emotions filled him, pain, hopelessness, anger, and guilt. He couldn't live with himself, he couldn't live without them by their side. He was alone, no one to trust. Why couldn't he be stronger, why couldn't he be smarter? If he had been a prodigy like his sister, maybe then he could have saved them. If he had seen the signs earlier, maybe he could have prevented it.

He couldn't do it anymore, he couldn't be this anymore. Shapeless, formless, and alive.

When he was a kid he always dreamt of flying, and as he gazed upon the stars; the cool breeze flowing across his skin, he thought "Maybe now, I could fly away. Maybe, I can fly to you". That was his last thought before he hit the ground.

Deep in his mind he cried out in sadness, "Why?"

Deep in his heart he yelled in anguish, "Why?!"

Deep in his soul he roared out of anger, "WHY?!"

Then deep within his heart, something responded. Deep within his heart a small, black, drop of blood started to move. It entered his blood stream, and he felt his body start to change.


"Hahaha! What's wrong! Wake up, we have more fun games to play!", Si Wang looked at the kid before him; he felt so much pleasure looking at those drops of blood that painted his skin. He wanted more, but it wouldn't be fun if he wasn't awake.

Turning around to grab the next "toy", he started to feel something. He couldn't describe it, deep within his heart he could feel a sensation he had never felt before. This was-

"Fear", he heard a small whisper behind him. Turning he saw the kid looking straight at him, a wide grin on his face. Then ink black tears fell from his eyes, a sizzling sound making it seem like acid.

"Fear, you might think you know it. But when I'm done with you, you'll realize what true fear is, you'll realize what you know i just child's play.", he felt his heart stop when he heard them speak; it was like death itself had possessed their body.

The one remaining eye turned completely black, and from the middle one bright violet dot slowly spread until it formed a small pupil. The empty eye socket filled with the black blood forming another eye just like the first. Those eyes were filled with madness, like he had stared into the void for a thousand years.

When Si Wang saw this, he turned to run immediately; he didn't feel any confidence when it came to facing whatever demon had possessed this kids body. But, when he turned around, the kid was standing in front of him. Before he could even respond, a small hand had already pierced through his chest. It's target? His soul.

As soon as Xue Long had grabbed the soul form of Si Wang, he devoured it whole. He savored the taste of the soul of the evil cultivator, like a fine delicacy. As soon as he finished admiring the flavor of the soul, he dissapeared from the room; like he was never there in the first place.


When he woke, he found himself lying in his bed; as if nothing that he had seen had happened. He sprung out of bed and ran to the mirror, to see if the wounds were still there. When he arrived, he found all of the wounds to still be there; every single cut, stab, and rip was their.

What he found odd was that none of them were open, they were all completely healed; like he had had them for years! Looking at his left eye he was shocked, not just because it had recovered, because it had changed.

It was completely black, with a small bright violet pupil in the middle of it. Not only that, he also had two black lines flowing from his eyes to his chin; like a line of tears. The two black lines were completely solid and went straight down, obviously it couldn't be coagulated blood because it couldn't be wiped off.

So after trying, and failing, to get the black lines off his face, he realized two things. One, he needed to cover up his left eye. So cutting off a piece of the cloth on the arms of his robe that he had long since gotten rid of, he wrapped it around his head as a temporary eye patch. Two, he should check his stat page. Most likely, something big had gone down and he had no better idea then to check his system.

"System", his voice was filled with hope; this could be his chance to change his future! A small transparent screen faded into view, like it was always there; just waiting for him.

[Stat Page]



Then the emotionless voice of the system popped into his head [New Function Added].

"Huh?", 'that's odd, it's never done that before' he thought.

[Stat Page]




"Well then, I'll have to check that out later. But first I have to check my stat page!", he had to check his stat page first; he felt a big surprise waiting for him there. Opening his stat page his eyes widened to an almost impossible point, "What the hell?"


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