Eternal Sin
3 0003 Bloodline-Void
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Eternal Sin
Author :JacksonWalker
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3 0003 Bloodline-Void

"What the hell?", when he looked at his stat page could see that his cultivation had risen explosively, not just that but there was also a new line of information formed underneath his cultivation.

[Name: Xue Long]

[Age: 7 yr ]

[Race: Autta Theos - ???]

[Titles: ]

[SP: 880]

[Cultivation: Body Cultivator-Blood/Veins: 34% {Veins(68%) Blood(0%)}] (Author note, blood and veins are cultivated simultaneously in this stage, so it shows two percentages for completion)


[Martial Arts: None]

[Cultivation Technique: Soul Devouring-(BL)]

[Essence Talent: E]

[Body Talent: D]

[Soul Talent; ???]

Not only had his cultivation gone from absolute trash to top-tier talent, but he had gained a new label; bloodline. His race had also changed, "Autta Theos? System, what type of race are the Autta Theos?"

[No information known about Race: Autta Theos, Autta Theos is an unknown race.]
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"Unknown? Huh, well I guess I'll have to see if there's any information somewhere else. But second, System what is the Void Bloodline?"

[Void Bloodline, the void is an area between realms where creatures of infinitely different combinations live; every bloodline made there is unique. Besides knowing that your bloodline is of the Void nature, none of it's other abilities are known except for the recently awakened Soul Devouring Technique.]

"Hmm... So that's what the BL behind that meant, ok. System, open the Bloodline page", he was curious about the functions of the new bloodline page; maybe he could gain new abilities!

[Bloodline: Void]

[Type: ???]

[Abilities: Soul Devouring Method, More Unknown]

[Stage 1: Awakening-12%]

"System, what are the stages for my bloodline?", this bloodline sure was interesting; he had already gained a Cultivation technique from it and he had only just unlocked it!

[There are 9 bloodline stages the 3 foundation stages, Awakening, Refining, and Expanding. The 3 True Origin stages, Origin Opening, Origin Path, and True Origin. The final Transcendent stages, Exceeding Earth, Shattering Sky, Transcending Heaven. Information for these paths are closed unless purchased or unlocked.]

"Locked as always huh? You couldn't give me a freebie every once in a while?", complaining about how the system worked wouldn't do him any good ; instead, he should find out how to use the Soul Devouring Technique.

Bringing up the Skills page , he mentally clicked on the [Soul Devouring Technique]; bringing up the circulation method. When it came up, it showed something strange. Instead of a normal technique which showed the meridian pathway which one needed to follow, it showed a method in which the cultivator would take the essence of the surroundings and slowly turn it into a void; which would automatically take in SOULS and refine them into essence instead.

Another thing, unlike a normal being which would take in essence and refine their body then slowly gather their essence within a their dantian. He had to take his essence and refine his body until he reached the, what was called, the ACTUAL peak of body refining. Then his body would be a natural container for essence, his whole body would be a container for essence!

Not only that, but his body durability and strength would be off the charts. Souls would be a problem though, he would have to kill an insane amount of people and creatures to gather enough essence to reach the true peak, or hunt insanely powerful creatures and people. For now, the former was his only option. Which meant he needed to make a trip to one of two places, Iron Wood Forest or the Beast Glades. Each had their own pluses and minuses.

Iron Wood forest had low level beast and creatures, not only was it a great place for low-level hunters but it also had its own city established within. The only problem was that it was a 1 month journey on horse, and he was broke so a horse was a no; not to mention that there would be many bandits and murderers on the way.

The Beast Glades was very close, maybe 2 days walk from here. But, it had many higher level creatures; so if he wasn't careful he could end up dead. The Mortal Fire and Flames competition was in 4 months, so either place was an option. But he would have way less time at the Iron Wood forest, it would be far easier to hunt there though.

He couldn't waste time on travel, he was determined to make as much progress as possible in these next few months. So he couldn't go to the Iron Wood forest, so Beast Glades it was. He would rest for today, get prepared tomorrow, and leave the day after.

"But first, sleep!", collapsing on his bed once again; he completely forgot that he had just woken up and that he had chores to do. But, his snoring filled the room, he was off to dreamland as soon as his head hit the pillow. The amount of energy his new body had used to repair itself had been great, so his body still needed more rest.


Back in Xue Long's house, 2 days later

"Ughhhh, what time is it?", a groan came from underneath the sheets. "Shit!" Xue Long popped his head out from under the covers, looking out at the sun through his window, he could tell it was well past noon. "I gotta get out of here!", grabbing all of his things, which wasn't much, a set of cloths, a few coppers, and a small Black Iron dagger. He packed it all into his bag and strapped the dagger to his waist.

He ran out the door and straight out of the sect gates, which with the size of the sect took about 30 minutes. He was planning on leaving today, and he wanted to get at least halfway there before nightfall. So, racing down the streets he bumped into many people who; in return, shoved him to the ground.

Turning around into an alley, he bumped into an old man who was talking to himself. The man said nothing to him and continued talking to himself, "The gods will burn, that of who they once were will become who they will now be; their origin will become their reckoning and they will be torn to pieces by that which they used to preside over, fire...", the old man continued talking to himself as Xue Long ran apologized and kept running.

"Run little one, run. The gods will fall here, the ones they sacrifice deserve no more suffering...", the old man watched Xue Long run down the alley; and then he vanished.


Reaching the City gate he found that the guards were searching the caravans and traders wagons. The reason? They were searching for someone, looking at the poster they were holding, it was an old women. With long curly brown hair and deep green eyes, apparently she was a crazed pill refiner who had gone crazy and had committed a terrible crime, Genocide. She had a huge bounty on her head, unimaginable wealth for him, 1000 gold coins! That was enough to live 2 lives and still not run out of money, even if you spent it flippantly!

But looking at the cultivation of the women he sucked in a breath of cold air. The women was a High ranking Martial Emperor! Of course, during her genocide she had been heavily injured by many cultivators so she only had the power of a late stage Martial Warrior; but that was still enough to wipe out many influential clans within the city. The Flame God Sect would retaliate, but it would still take them some time to mobilize.

Even so, he memorized her facial features just in case he ever crossed paths with her; after all, they might give him a sizable reward for an anonymous tip off. Making sure that his knife was strapped firmly to his belt, and his bag was banded tightly to his back, he set off on a new adventure! Taking his first step forward on the path to greatness, he stepped directly into horse dung. "Shit!", the path to greatness wasn't looking to good.

"One more check, oh wait! I forgot to spend that new SP!", he remembered that he had gotten some SP from the system, for unknown reasons. "System, bring up the Store", he had never been able to purchase anything from the system's shop before; and he was excited to see what it had.

[What would you like to search?]

"Hmmm...Martial Arts!", the reason that he had chosen Martial Arts was because he needed something to fight the beast with. He wasn't skilled in any weapon, and his knife might not even be able to cut into a beast skin, so he had to choose a Martial Art that would be able to boost his power to the next level.

[Searching {Martial Arts}, filtering out Non-purchasable options, ding! There are 7,876,456,276,263 results!]

"Filter out Martial Arts that cost less than 800SP, and then out of the remaining Martial Arts find the Top 10 that are most suited to me", he had to do quite a bit of filtering; as the amount of Martial Arts in the system was mind boggling.

[Searching {Martial Arts} with {3} filters, there are {10} results, showing {top 3} for host]

[1st Vanishing Steps-Footwork technique, step through space; vanish though the void, shifting through chaotic space. These words were the only thing left behind by the creator of this mysterious technique, this technique is classified as a Godly skill. The price has been lowered due to the actual value of this skill in the outside world being useless to all beings except creatures from the void. Initial Mastery-step through space, Great Mastery-vanish through the void, and Perfection-shifting through chaotic space.] 880SP

[2nd Shatter the Void-Fist Technique, this technique was created by the same person who made Vanishing Steps and is a mysterious technique that only has one goal; shatter all who stand before you. Due to the having the same problem as the former technique the price has been lowered once again for the host; and has 4 mastery levels instead of the usual 3. Initial Mastery-Shatter the Earth, Great Mastery-Shatter the Sky, Peak Mastery-Shatter the Heavens, Perfection-Shatter the Void.This technique enhances fist strength by a large margin] 850SP

[3rd Soul-Shattering Sword-Soul Technique, this technique was made by a renowned Cultivation Master in the famous Soul Seeking Sect. This technique forms swords of soul energy around the soul and can both attack and protect; the exact limit of swords you can create are dependent on your soul power, Initial Mastery-Defensive(Only), Great Mastery-Offensive(Only), Perfection-Can Attack and Defend Simultaneously.]-850SP

"Hmm... If I use the momentum I gain from Vanishing Steps then I could gather a sizable amount of force, after all if I need to escape from something I'd rather have this then the fist technique. I should be able to work up enough points to get it later on anyways, system buy Vanishing Steps!", he thought while Shatter the Void gives him great strength; it still wasn't enough to protect him from all those beast. He would rather have an escape method then a fist technique. "Ok, let's go!", he said; taking his first REAL step onto the path of greatness; right into another fresh pile of dung. "Oh come on!"


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