Forbidden Love: I fall in love with my Butler!
21 Don“t forget that you always have me
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Forbidden Love: I fall in love with my Butler!
Author :Jennifer_Roxy
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21 Don“t forget that you always have me

When Zane knocked Eve's room there was no response he knocked the door again and still, there was no response from Eve. Zane feared something might happen to Evelyn because every year on her mother's birthday Servants in Rose Wood are given holiday and not allowed to enter the place. 'no is there then... what if someone broke into Eve's room!' this taught of Zane made him crazy. He rushed and opened the door of Eve's room.

The image before him that he didn't even dare to imagine such things in his wild dreams. The pink night dress was so thin that her snow-white skin glitters in the light reflection from her dressing table her long slender legs and her perfect curves... Zane gulped 'God! What kind of test is this?'. But his reaction froze at the instant he saw the tears in her eyes.

He noticed the wooden box in the table and sighed 'No wonder, It seems she finally heard the recording. The whole Raylands corporation will tremble with her one glance who could even think that she is such a soft-hearted & sensitive person when it comes to the people she cares'. Before he could return he was caught by Evelyn!

Their eyes meet in the air there was no motion and the silence grew until someone rushed and pounce into other's embrace. Zane's eyes widened he felt that his shirt is getting wet by her tears. He gently patted Evelyn's head till she calmed herself. Evelyn cried like a baby in Zane's arms all the pain sorrows that she hides within herself broken at the instant Zane embraced her as a baby.

After pouring out all her feelings she felt like her heart is unlocked from many years of emotions she longed for her parents. When she lifts her head a very familiar face and his emerald eyes locked hers his face showed different emotions that he never has shown.

Seeing Eve is seeing him, Zane gently patted her. Eve flushed she realized that she was in between Zanes's arms and his shirt is soaked in her tears and she was even staring at him!!!

"Everything will be fine" Zane's comforted Eve. His hands still padded Eve's head. Eve felt did he see her as his baby or little sister? she freed herself from his embrace and took two steps back with lifting her chin "Zane I am not a baby" she pouted.

Zane was seriously comforting Eve so he didn't notice the position they were just before few seconds his heart skipped a beat his eyes filled with love for the girl standing before him. She was in her nightdress and her skin was see-through her teary eyes pouted face made him lose his sense. In a flash of a second Zane grabbed Eve's left hand and hugged her hold her between his arms.

Zane didn't speak anything but Eve can sense he is hugging her even tighter than before and she can hear his heart is beating fast. She realized her face on his chest her hands are around his waist. She felt Zane's warm breath on her ears "Why you always think that you are alone? aren't I am with you. Don't forget you always had me and will always have me with you" his voice was soft and sincere. Eve looked at him and with a sweet smile on her face "you promised me now no turning back" after hearing this Zane nodded his head.

*buzz buzz buzz*

Evlyn's phone vibrates

With a grin both released other. Eve took her phone seeing the caller ID her eyebrows raised. "Hello, Miss Evelyn Raylands." An arrogant voice from another end filled the silent room. Hearing the voice Zane's eyes become dark 'WILLIAM' a deadly vibe filled the room. "Can I know what is the purpose that the Zanantious family's head is calling me at this hour". "Haha... Don't tell me that Evelyn has already forgotten my proposal"


In Aventhar Hill,


Lu Feng was in his Disguise and strolling in Myanmar Aventhar Hill his gentleman figure is completely vanished into thin air by his brutish disguise. He was searching for something like his life is dependent on that! for the last 48 hrs, his eyes didn't take rest. Like a crazy man, he is visiting every gambling black market and gem ore extract place for Painite[1]. He took a thick wrinkled paper from his robes and strikes another name on the list. 'Agni' was the last place left in that list but it was closed for past 2 years!

As he stands in front of Agni gems shop he was pushed by somebody on the road he ended up falling down his brown robes and the fake Beard he used for disguise is coved by mud. He raised his head and looked at the old man standing near the Agni shop his face turned in a surprise. He removed the dust in his robes and in his fake beard and walked towards the old man.

"Master Xi!"


Painite [1] - Painite is a very rare borate mineral. It was first found in Myanmar by British mineralogist and gem dealer Arthur C.D. Pain in the 1950s. When it was confirmed as a new mineral species, the mineral was named after him.


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