Ghost Wife My Lifetime Love
188 Shameless
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Ghost Wife My Lifetime Love
Author :KhanQi
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188 Shameless

In this way, successive challenges, each time is basically an hour or so to end the fight.

The old beggar seemed a little surprised at my performance. He laughed all the way and said that he taught himself well. I didn't bother to pay attention to him either.

However, on the other hand, this kind of high-intensity battle is indeed much faster than the speed of self-cultivation and comprehension alone. It can also accelerate the mastery of what I have learned before and steadily improve my strength.

In one day, seven clans, four small clans, and three medium clans have been challenged.

The gap between the small clan and the medium clan is really big!

In the face of those elite disciples in the small clan, I basically won without too much effort.

The elite of the younger generation in the medium-sized sect are not so easy to deal with. Their strength is beyond the peak power I once had. Various methods and tactics emerge in endlessly and are difficult to deal with.

Especially when I was living in Jiu Feng, a woman named Bilan impressed me most.

If it weren't for soul force after transformation and sublimation, the critical moment gave her a shock, the winner would be an unknown in that competition!

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When I defeated her very hard, she looked at me strangely. The old people in Jiu Feng looked at me the same way, and I was very uncomfortable.

The old beggar pulled me out of Jiu Feng with laughter. The excitement was like picking up a treasure.

Later, I learned that although the Jiu Feng clan is a medium-sized clan, even the superpowers of the large clan are very polite to the Jiu Feng clan, mainly because of Jiu Feng clan's unique mental skill and the old monster in it.

Jiu Feng's disciples are extremely harsh, and the cultivation of mental skills requires special qualifications. It is difficult to achieve anything.

Even the younger generation of top disciples in some large sectors are not necessarily rivaled to the top disciples of the Jiu Feng sect.

For so many generations, the Xiaoyao Dojo has been basically planted here in Jiu Feng during the start-up test, which has turned it into a shambles.

Some ancestors of Jiu Feng Sect once said that if the younger disciples of Xiaoyao Sect can defeat the disciples of Jiu Feng Sect, the female disciples of Jiu Feng Sect will allow Xiaoyao Sect to choose as their spiritual partners.

As a result, no one thought that I had won this time, so when the old beggar talked about it with laughter, the old people in Jiu Feng became very strange.

At that time, there were several old people living in Jiu Feng who seemed very satisfied with me. They talked in whispers. The woman named Bilan gave the old people a white look, shook hands with me gracefully and said that she looked forward to another battle in the future. Her eyes were full of fighting spirit.

Being targeted by such a belligerent woman is not a good thing!

In addition, the main reason why Jiu Feng is regarded with special respect is that the old monster in the clan is believed to be a strong man who lived several generations ago in Jiu Feng. He sealed himself with secret methods. Once Jiu Feng has a big problem, he will surely be born.

Although I don't know whether it is true or not, the courtesy of those big ones to the Jiu Feng clan is true. From this, we can see the inside information of the Jiu Feng clan.

After challenging the seven clans, the next one will be the elite disciple of the big clan.

The old beggar let me rest for two days to recover my best condition and then took me to the ground.

Dan sect!

This clan is known to all in the land of Zhongzhou. It has a high reputation and no clan can match it.

Not because this clan is strong, but because of their Dan method.

There are less than 30 large gates in zhongzhou. in terms of combat power, Dan zong is estimated to be at the bottom.

Dan has a special status. his disciples always travel with a halo. all the disciples of other major disciplines are courteous and extremely polite.

Because many strong people in Zhongzhou have come here to seek panacea, some special panacea, only the strong people in Dan sect can make.

At the same time, the same panacea, when Dan disciple refined it, the effect will be much better.

In short, the Dan sect is a treasure. anyone who dares to provoke Dan is equivalent to poking a hornet's nest.

Now, the old beggar is taking me to poke a hornet's nest ...

After learning about Dan sect, I was very resistant and unwilling to go.

You're really kidding. If I go to Dan to find trouble, I'll be really stuck in Zhongzhou in the future!

Provoked Dan sect, is equivalent to and Zhongzhou all big ones as an enemy, unless I am crazy, otherwise I will never do it.

I think the old beggar must be out of his mind, otherwise, he would never have made such an arrangement.

"Free and unfettered dojo for so many generations, every generation of inheritance disciple started when looking for other large door play, why did you choose Dan zong side for me?

The old beggar with a sigh, earnestly said:

"No, no matter win or lose, challenging Dan sect is definitely a stupid decision. Change it!"

"Do you really not want to?"

"Certainly not!"

At that moment, the old beggar's breath enveloped me, making me unable to move and beat me up.

"Rabbit, your teacher I said also don't listen to?

Under the suppression by force, I gave in.

Damn, when later my strength is stronger than him, sooner or later I have to beat back!

"Dan zong of those old guy temper is strange, moody, but there is a characteristic, is to take special care of love soul force outstanding young people with great potential.

The old beggar squinting, hey hey smiled and said:

"Dan Tao is what many people dream of, not only those big doors, but also our free and unfettered Dojo.

"Although this time you are challenging, the actual task is to find a way to make some Dan formula, which is also a contribution to the inheritance of Xiaoyao Dojo!"

After listening to the old beggar, I suddenly, stare big eyes looked at the old beggar, blurted out:

"Not the kui is my disciple, a little, obedient!"

I looked at him speechless and didn't know what to say.


This is probably also the style of Xiaoyao Dojo!


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