Gusion’s BarberShop
2 #2 - Dark Secre
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Gusion’s BarberShop
Author :Rokimi
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2 #2 - Dark Secre

At the cemetery, the mysterious hooded man has already created quite a number of zombies with different powers. "I hope for this plan to success." Thought the man while sipping brewed potion.

The zombies caused to draw attention at the people in town and scared them away, some didn't survive and they were slain by the creatures.

On the other hand, Gusion kills every zombie and proceeds with caution. "What's with these zombies? Why are these so strong?" He asked a man who is nearest the cemetery. "It all started when a thunder and dark things exploded very near here and zombies were destroying everything they see in their way. So i hide somewhere safe that they can't see me." Asked gusion to stop the problem.

"This is getting serious, i've got to stop this as early so only few will get affected and no more."

He encountered a zombie eqiupped with knuckles in his hand. Gusion slashed his body swiftly. But the zombie vanished. "Where'd it go?" Gusion said while guarding up. The zombie fastly punched gusion in the back and made Gusion take some damage. "Damn. That was a clean hit."

Gusion predicted the zombie's next move. He threw his dagger in front of him, slashed his back checking for the zombie. "This must be it." The zombie vanished and it was in front of Gusion marked by target. "I knew it!" He laughed knowing that zombies are stupid. He chased teh marked zombie landing a strong hit splitting its body in half.

Walking towards the center, Gusion was interrupted by a creature who is wearing black torn hood.

"Creating these little creatures just to be stopped by you? A barber? Don't make me laugh." Removing the hood as it was a huge monster. "I can't control this anymore. I am too powerful. No one can stop me." While it laughs so loud.

Gusion is very exhausted. "I think this is the last one. The one who created these zombies. I've got to stop it." As the battle begins. The monster walked slowly towards gusion and lands a weak punch.

"How could it be strong?" Gusion said while resisting. He threw 6 daggers at once and he seems that the monster is taking no damage at all. As he angered the enormous monster, He went flying towards Gusion landing a strong jab.

The monster has hit Gusion and knocked him unconsious on the ground. "My plan shall success."

While evily grinning. He called his companions but it seems there is no one answering him. He went to the chapel and he saw bodies that are headless, and full of blood. "How..?" The monster asked himself nervously. "I am mad! Im gonna drink all this potions so no one can definitly stop me!" Grabbing all the potions and ready to drink it.

While opening the bottle, someone angrily sliced his back with a big sword. "You should die with this! This is for miya! I failed to go to her because of you!" Shouting as he kills the monster. "A.. Alucard.. Thanks for saving me.. I owe you one." Alucard told Gusion what happened and why he didn't make it to miya. "So i heard a loud breaking noise near your Barbershop and i have to take a look, and all these zombies were walking across destroying everything." As he carried Gusion back to town.

"I Didn't know you were a great swordsman! Good job Gusion!" He cheered Gusion up. "Alucard, please don't say that, it makes me remember my tragic past."


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