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Harry Potter and the Prince Hidden in the Shadows
Author :CrossArk
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17 Broken

Arth was in the common room waiting for Hermione and Harry to come back. It was already thirty minutes since they had gotten rifle of Norbert yet for some reason, they hadn't come back yet.

Suddenly the portrait opened and a gloomy Harry, Hermione and Neville walked in. Arth leapt up to his feet.

"What took you guys so long, I was waiting for you guys for ages."

Hermione didn't say a word and went up to the girls dormitory, while Harry sat down in a chair with a pale face. Neville looked as if he was turning into a corpse as he went up to sleep.

"... did you guys get caught?"

"... yeah, and we lost fifty points."

"...Fifty points ain't that bad."



"And we have detention."

"God f***ing damn it. Did you not here my warning call?"

"We did but it was too late?"


Seeing that Harry was shifting uncomfortably, Arth let out a crazed smile.

"Oh come on, don't tell em you didn't even bring the invisibility cloak? Harry?"


"...I... I'm... I don't know what to say..."

"Then don't, I feel like killing myself."

Next morning, Gryffindors passing the giant hourglasses that recorded the house points thought there'd been a mistake. How could they suddenly have a hundred and fifty points fewer than yesterday?

And then the story started to spread: Harry Potter, the famous Harry Potter, their hero of two Quidditch matches, had lost them all those points, him and a couple of other stupid first years.

Everywhere Harry went, people pointed and didn't trouble to lower their voices as they insulted him. Slytherins, on the other

hand, clapped as he walked past them, whistling and cheering, "Thanks Potter, we owe you one!"

Hermione and Neville were suffering, too. They didn't have as bad a time as Harry, because they weren't as well-known, but nobody would speak to them, either. Hermione had stopped drawing attention to herself in class, keeping her head down and working in silence.

Ron was probably the only one who took their side, Arth had gone completely mute and emotionless. Even Malfoy had started to stay silent around Arth, the coldness and anger radiating from Arth was unbearable to the teachers, Professor McGonagall had called him after class to discuss what was wrong. She eventually gave up when Arth observed her coldly with no intention of talking.

Arth spent a majority if his time in the library, reading and studying for exams. It was only after some time did Harry muster enough courage to speak to Arth after the class had ended.

"...erm, Arthur. I need to speak with you for one moment."

The whole room dropped ten degrees and everyone started to shiver unconsciously. Arth payed no attention and continued to pack.

"Arth, please... it is important this time."


"Arth... please... if we are still friends, hear me out once."

Arth had finally turned around and replied with a frosty voice.

"...what is it Potter..."

Hearing the formal voice radiating animosity,

Harry flinched.

"...we can't really speak here... can you meet us in the common room? After everyone is asleep."

Arth turned around and walked away.

"... I'll wait for you..."

Later that night, Arth walked down the stairs that led to the common room. He saw Ron, Harry, and Hermione sitting around the fire waiting for him.

"What is it that the famous Harry Potter wants to tell me."

Harry showed him a pitiful attempt at a smile.

"I... I just want to say, I'm sorry."

"If that's all you wanted to say, then our conversation here is done."

Arth turned around to go back into the dormitory when Ron blurted out, "Quirrell gave in."


"He finally gave in and told Snape how to get past his defenses."

Arth narrowed his eyes.

"How exactly did he say it?"

"He was in a classroom and I heard him say "No - no- not again, please," and "All right - all right -" before running out looking as if he just lost something precious. And it sounded as though someone was threatening him."

"There is still fluffy, we don't have to worry about anything."

"Fluffy is out too, Hagrid might have spilled the beans to Snape in the bar where he got the dragon egg. He accidentally told the man that the secret to fluffy is to play some music."

"As long as Dumbledore is here."

"... Dumbledore is gone too, we just checked with Professor McGonagall."

"What do you exactly want from me."

We need your help, we can't do this alone, we think that Snape is working for you know who to obtain the philosophers stone. We know this because there was something in the forbidden forest drinking unicorn blood."

"... to keep something or someone at the verge of death, yet still alive. God Harry, what have you found."

"A lot of things..." said Harry.

Arth watched them with a complicated look before sighing.

"I still think that it's better for us to leave it alone."


Arth turned his face away.

"Do you really think that us four can do something against the dark lord? No matter how weak he is, he still is the dark lord. And even if we did, how will you get pass the enchantments that the teachers placed. Sure, "Snape" might know the defenses but do we? How long are you going to meddle in things that aren't your business?"

Ron stood up holding his fists looking like he wanted to punch him. Hermione gave him a look filled with discomfort. Harry just stared blankly.

"I won't help you guys out on this... "adventure". I see no point."

"I... I thought we were friends," Harry said while looking betrayed.

Arth continued up the stairs.

"Sometimes... a friend isn't someone who has your back, but someone who tells you when to stop. You shouldn't go the trapdoor Harry, it isn't your duty."

"...I... I can't believe I have a friend like you..."

"Curse me all you want. It doesn't change anything."

"... it will, it changes how I think of you. You are no longer a friend to me."

Arth finally stopped and turned around and watched Harry with narrowed eyes.

"...do you seriously mean that?"

Ron and Hermione tried to stop Harry from speaking however it was too late.

"Yes. You. Are. No. Longer. My. Friend."

Arth coldly stared at Harry before turning around and walking up the stairs. No one could see his clenched fist that was bleeding due to his nails digging into his skin.

When he entered his room, Corvus cam and cawed, as if sending his partners pain.

"Corvus, was it the correct the choice? I'm staring to doubt."

Corvus just cawed.

Arth sighed and walked over to his bed. On top of it was a price of parchment with a bunch of scribbles. He rolled it up and pushed it to the side before sitting on top of his bed. However, his eyes were glued onto the rolled up paper on the floor.

He groaned and grabbed the paper tightly in his hands before unrolling it. He read over the contents once before throwing it aside and running out of the dormitories and down the castle.


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