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Harry Potter and the Prince Hidden in the Shadows
Author :CrossArk
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27 Three Questions

Arth entered the Ravenclaw Tower with a hint of expectation. It was a wide, airy room with windows that provided a mountain side view, there were bookcases that held countless amounts of books, so much that they started to spill onto the floor. There was a domed ceiling above them painted with the colors of dark blue and black, giving off the aura of the endless sky during the dark.

The most striking difference was the silence. The Gryffindor common room was always packed and noisy, everyone thought that being loud was the best way to spend time. In the Ravenclaw Tower, it was more of a soft quiet sound, like the flight of an owl. It wasn't the silence that made you uncomfortable and uneasy, but the one that reminded you of a warm, homey library, a place of learning and books.

Even when it was early in the morning, people were out silently reading books in the comfy chairs. There was an occasional sound of a page being flipped that brought a sense of rhythm.

Luna came from behind with a dreamy look.

"It's a sight to see isn't it. Although I have nothing to compare it to, I still think that it is one of the most beautiful places in Hogwarts."

Arth walked over to the bookshelf and picked out a book. It was a book he had never read before. He picked up another one and again, he didn't recognize the title.

Arth placed the book down.

"If... if every book in here is something I haven't read... it would last me for a bout two years... with those I still haven't read in the library... that's seven years worth of books covered."

Arth turned around and gave Luna a hug.

"Thank you, this.... this is amazing. Thank you for showing me this."

Luna blushed, maybe due to the suddenness of the hug, but it could also be because of her inexperience in matters similar to this.

"Isn't this what friends are for?"

Arth grinned and ruffled her hair before claiming a seat with a book in hand. Luna absentmindedly touched the part of her hair that Arth had ruffled before sitting down right next to him.

As time went by, the sun began to rise and more and more Ravenclaw a began to come out of their little comfort zones. They stumbled into the common rooms with drowsy eyes and the first thing they saw was black and gold. There was a somewhat familiar girl sitting in one of the chairs while reading a book. Her silver eyes were dreamy and curious while her golden hair spilled down the chair. She looked as though she was focused on her book and yet at the same time somewhere far away.

Right next to her was a raven haired boy with the night sky as eyes. His hair was somewhat long and his skin was a natural pale. He was hard to notice at first, but once he caught their eye, it was hard to look away. He had a naturally hidden aura that gave people a warm feeling, as if one was reading in front of a cozy fire.

One of the older Ravenclaw students, an Asian girl, can over to investigate.

"Umm... hello?"

Arth closed his book gently before turning to the Asian girl.

"Hello, how may I be of assistance?"

The girl hesitantly spoke with an uncertain voice.

"Are you a first year? I don't think I've seen you around here before."

"Oh no. I'm a second year, Arthur Kingscrown."

"Cho Chang, Are you... really a Ravenclaw?"

"What one is thought of as, is not always his truth."

"Excuse me?"

"He's saying that he isn't a Ravenclaw," said Luna without looking up from her book. "He isn't a Ravenclaw, which is what you thought he was. However, this can also mean that although he is in a different house, he belongs in Ravenclaw, was that right Arth?"

Arth held up a thumbs up before continuing on with his book.

Cho Chang frowned.

"Is this even allowed? I thought joining into a different house wasn't allowed. Did you tell him the answer to the riddle Luna?"

Arth stood up and gave a stretch.

"Nope, I solved it myself. Seemed very interesting."

Arth glanced at the clock and raised his eyebrows.

"Would you look at the time. It's already nine, I'll get going. See you Luna."

"May the Margs leave you in peace."

"Hahaha, I hope so too."

Arth was about to leave when a sudden figure blocked his way.

Arth frowned.

"Is there something bothering you?"

"Yes," said a female Ravenclaw student, "I wish to challenge you to the Three Questions. I refuse to believe that you entered by solving the riddle. You cannot be as intelligent as Ravenclaws while you are in a different house."

"Wow, that is a very stereotypical thing to say. I would expect better from a Ravenclaw, Arth paused for a bit with a curious gaze. "however, you have piqued my interest. What exactly is this Three Questions you have challenged me too."

Luna spoke answered while still on her chair.

"the Three Questions is an old Ravenclaw tradition. It's basically ask three questions each, whoever can't answer their opponents question the most loses. However, you need to provide an answer to the question you asked. Otherwise, the other party wouldn't learn."

Arth let out a smile.

"That's seems fun, well then, I accept."

People from all years started to gather around as they watched the battle begin. They made a circle around the two and waited. The younger students quietly watched on with excited expressions while the older students wore a smile on their face.

Arth did an elegant bow towards the third year Ravenclaw student and smiled.

"May I have the honor of knowing the name of the person who is challenging me?"

"Marietta Edgecombe, I shall start off."

She stood tall with her chest puffed out, acting as if she was superior to him.

"What is the quickest way to get something you want?"

Arthur let out a cheeky grin.

"Your voice."


"Actually, you are the one who is incorrect."

The whole room froze in tension. Marietta frowned.


"You see," Arth explained. "You asked me the fastest way to get what you want. That is your voice. When you call out to someone to get something, it happens instantaneously."

Marietta smirked.

"Well, you are wrong. You don't need to ask for something when you can summon it. The summoning charm will get your stuff the quickest."

The whole room started to clap but stopped when they say that Arth's hand was up.

"I beg to differ. The summoning charm is indeed a quick way to get your stuff but it's only on certain items."

"What do you mean?"

"The summoning charm can only summon physical objects, it has no affect on the intangible."

Marietta started to stutter.

"B-But that's not what I asked-"

"No, it IS what you asked. You asked for the quickest way to get things you want. What if the thing I want is something I can't get with a spell? I can get a broomstick with a summoning charm, I can also get a broom by asking Madam Hooch. However, what if I ask for the assistance of an individual? Do I summon him to do things? Or do I ask him?"

"But what if they refuse-"

"It doesn't matter if they refuse, all that matters is that asking for it has a chance of success and that it will get things done quick."

"But then the summoning charm is also validated, it can't do things sometimes, people get rejected sometimes. We are thus, equal-"

"That's where you are wrong. You see, if I ask for something, there is a chance I can get it no matter what it is. However, if you tried to use the summoning spell on, let's say for an example, to date a guy you like, there is a zero percent chance of that happening. Thus, my answer wins because it is the quickest method that is able to function in all situations. Let us move on to my first question now."

The whole room was silent.


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