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Harry Potter and the Prince Hidden in the Shadows
Author :CrossArk
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31 I Feel Refreshed


No one said a thing, for everybody was equally speechless.

Another smack.

The Slytherins finally realized that there was a very furious Arth murdering a somewhat small in comparison Draco. Arth had Draco by the shirt and one hand was continuously striking the small delicate nose of poor boy.

"G-get off me!"


"Why the fuck-"

The punches started to rain down harder and faster.

Marcus and a few other boys attempted to get Arth him.

"Oi, get off-"

Arth swing his arm back, his fist catching the side of Marcus's face, sending him sprawling.

"That little mother fucker! Get him boys."

Seeing that the Slytherins where attempting to gang up on Arth, the Gryffindors prepares to join in on the scuffle, however, they soon stopped and stared.

Arth was holding out pretty well on the seemingly unfair battle of seven verses one, or since the seeker, Malfoy was already incapacitated so maybe it was six verses one... But it was nonetheless an unfair battle.

Yet the pitiful Slytherins were getting massacred.

Arth had abandoned the rag doll like Malfoy and turned around to catch the fist of the nearest Slytherin. Surprised, the Slytherin boy attempted to release himself but GeForce he could, Arth got up and pulled. The boy was flung towards Arth who then proceeded to knee the boy in the chest.

The boy let out a sound that resembled a bag losing air before crumpling to the four.

Five verses one.

Angry, the other five proceeded to tackle Arth. On grabbed his right arm, another grabbed his other arm. Two people proceeded to hold tight to Arth's right and left leg respectively. one of them gave a vehement kick to his side, and Arth heard a faint snap. Marcus popes his neck threateningly and walked up towards Arth.

Seeing this, Harry, Ron, and Hermione tried to stop them, but the rest of the Gryffindors held them back.

"Don't you see? He needs help!" Screamed Hermione.

"Yeah! He's our friend, we can't just let him get his ass kicked."

"He did look pretty wicked-" "Ron!" "-thats right! We need to save him."

"You started this fight, everything we do is self defense."

Wood gazed at Arth with a interesting gaze.

"It's ok, right now, if we do nothing. The Slytherins will take a massive drop in reputation and points. Even if Arth started it, they did fight back. Plus-" Wood added seeing the furious gaze in Hermione's eyes. "I don't think that he'll necessarily lose... call it my quidditch instinct."

Fred frowned.

"But Wood... this has nothing to do with Quidditch?"

"...shut up George."

"I'm Fred. Honestly, do you call yourself a quidditch team captain when you can't even identify your players?"


Marcus ignored the comedy show that was taking place a few meters away and stared at Arth.

"Quite pitiful how it can be considered self defense when there was seven of you and your enemy was a single second year, in sorry, a second year muggleborn. Quite pitiful, if I do say so myself."

"Shut it Kingscrown, I wouldn't be so cocky, looking at the situation you are in."

"I could say the same to you. Who needs seven people to beat up one person-"

Marcus hit Arth on the side of the face with enough force to cause Arth to have a busted lip. When he recovered, Arth glared up at Marcus with blood dripping from his mouth.

"You're lucky that I can't use magic, with what you guys showed for intelligence, it would be easier than putting down my wand."

This caused Marcus to smack Arth again in the same spot. Seeing that Arth was wincing, Marcus grabbed Arth's hair and dragged him near his face.

"Do you understand now?" He whispered. "You are not the one in power right now, its me. Now you better shut that hole of yours, before I make you throw up something more unpleasant that slugs."

Seeing that Arth went silent, Marcus let out a satisfied smile.

"Finally you realize that I am the-"

Arth interrupted by smashing his head into Marcus's face. He then suddenly jerked back, catching the four Slytherins off guard and escaped the deadlock. He bent down and spun around with his leg out, knocking them down to the floor. He sent two quick kicks towards two boys before quickly backing off.

Three verses one.

"It seems the tides have changed Marcus. What a pathetic lot you people are. Why would you give me a chance to fight back? You should've incapacitated me first."

Feeling wronged, Marcus wanted to howl.

We had four people on you! If that wasn't suppression for you! What do you want? A giant?

The other two boys got up and went to the side of Marcus.

One of them whispered quietly into Marcus's ear.

"Should we give up?"

"Shut up! We can still win."

The two boys glanced at the four Slytherins sprawled on the floor and sighed in defeat. They let out a mighty war cry before charging towards Arth.

Three seconds later, they joined the others on the floor.

Now Marcus felt fear, his face was pale and he was trembling. Seeing that Arth was gradually getting closer, he started to stutter.

"Hahaha... let's talk about this Kingscrown... were fellow students right? Let's stop all this violence and settle it like true respectable wizards-"

Arth sent a merciless blow to his crotch, causing Marcus's eyes to bulge out. Something in his eyes died out and his body fell as if something precious was destroyed.

The watching Gryffindor boys let out a shiver.

How merciless.

Hermione rushes towards Arth and took out a handkerchief.

"Are you ok? Are you hurt? Of course you are hurt, what am I saying, here let me wipe the blood off of your face. Why would you do such a reckless thing?"

Arth stood still as husband being scolded by his wife and watched on with an awkward face.

It was only until Fred, or George, not very important which was who, let out a dog whistle, when Hermione realized that what she was very romantic.

She blushed and stuttered that they were only friends yet didn't stop wiping the blood off.

Arth glanced at the bloody handkerchief and frowned.

"Wait, I know a spell that can take out the blood. Don't want to stain your precious handkerchief do we? I mean, it was for me after all."

Seeing that Hermione was blushing again, Arth gave a small smile, but immediately froze afterwords.

He slowly took out his wand and stared at it unbelievingly. His wand was located in the pocket that was located on his side. The place that was kicked.

Arth took out his broken wand and groaned.

He threw the wand aside and went back towards the unconscious Slytherins to vent his anger.


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