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Harry Potter and the Prince Hidden in the Shadows
Author :CrossArk
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37 Beheading

"Where is the proof?" Asked Hermione with her arms folded to her chest. "I need to see the solid evidence."

"Well the proof is right in front of you." Arth said throwing his head towards Nick. "Ghosts are the best proof of this."

"How? I don't understand? Aren't ghosts just made out of nothing?"

"Well, if we apply science to it-"

"We can't, because it's magic."

"Yes we can, it's just that people haven't found the correlation between the two."

"So are you saying that you, a twelve year old knows more that an experienced adult mage?"

"In the realms of mortal science, yes, probably."

"...fine I'll hear what you have to say."

"I find all of this quite confusing and amusing at the same time, please continue," said Nick, straightening his clothes.

"Ok, so first of all, can you agree that we can use magic?"

"Of course, we are witches and wizards."

"How do we use magic?"

"With spells-"

"Wrong, you can cast spells without verbal incantations."

"...then with determination." Said Hermione with an increasingly exasperated look.

"Ok, so what is magic then?"


"What is magic."

Hermione folded her arms and but her thumb in deep thought. After about five minutes, she answered.

"Magic is the manifestation of if our will and desire."

"Yep, that's basically it. But how does magic do this?"

"...because it's magic?" Seeing Arth smile and shake his head, Hermione gave off a depressed aura. She had on a face of upmost reluctance as she said the words. "...I don't know."

"So, let me make a hypothesis. Magic is something special people can use to bring forth their wishes into reality, it can make heat, make things move and a bunch of other things that seem illogical."

Arth gave a charming smile.

"However it is not. Imagine it like this, magic is a type of energy. It is everywhere, above us, under us, in us. And when we describe magic as this special type of energy, it can create other forms of energy, it all makes sense."

Arth lit up a ball of fire in his hands.

"Energy cannot be creates not destroyed. Only changed. Wizards use magic to convert it into other forms of energy. When we conjure fire, we change magic into thermal energy. When we use spells like expelliarmus, it converts magic into kinetic energy."

Arth extinguished the ball of fire and smiled at Hermione and Nick.

"So do you agree so far that everything seems to make sense in both magic and science?"

"... yes."

"I still do not know what you are leading towards. What is kinetic energy by the way?"

"Energy of movement. Anyways, I have just explained how magic and science can make sense together. To answer your first question, let me repeat what I said."

Arth glanced at Nick.

"Ghosts aren't made up of air particles, nor are they made up of any known material or gas. Gases don't have the ability to go through walls. So right now, when we think about it, ghosts deny every aspect of muggle science. How can ghosts exist with a visible form yet have no substance whatsoever? Well, the answer is simple-"

"Ghosts are made up of magic... oh my god. You are a genius Arth."

Arth snapped his finger in delight.

"Exactly Hermione! And you have to remember, that only wizards can become ghosts, which mean people who can use magic. And remember, what did I say earlier?"

"Magic is a type of energy, and energy is matter! So ghosts are made up of something!"

"Now recall when I punched Nick, what was different about me?"

Hermione's expression got brighter and brighter as she started to piece more and more ideas together.

"You had a thin layer of light on your hand- that wasn't light! It was magic! With a magic covering, you could touch a ghost, something that has no substance! This means that ghosts do have substance! Ghosts are made up of magic!"

"Yes! Last question, what are Ghosts?"

Hermione excitedly grabbed the shoulders of Arth and started to furiously shake it.

"Ghosts are the consciousness of dead people, no the consciousness of Wizards who have the ability to manipulate magic, thus people who can create themselves a body made up of magic!"

"So that means, Nick isn't permanently in a state where he can't change at all. Magic can be changed. We can touch him, so we can change how he looks, so we can behead him."

Arth stopped for a moment and frowned.

"I can't believe I just said we could help someone by beheading. It's the French Revolution all over again."

"How do we change him?"

"Well it's simple, we have three options. One-" Arth raised a finger while glancing at Nick, specifically his neck. "We can try to tear it apart just like how Nick attempted to do so earlier, with more force. However, we don't know if it's possible or not, and it might bring pain to Nick in ways we don't know of yet."

"Two," the second finger went up, "we can use the Reducto spell on Nick with once again, unknown consequences."

Arth held up his third finger.

"Lastly, Nick can change his body himself."

Hermione let out a gasp of understanding while Nick frowned.

"Is that even possible?"

"Were you not listening to a thing I said?"

"I was listening, however, listening and understanding is a whole different matter."

Arth sighed.

Why couldn't everyone be like Hermione and understand his thoughts?

"I'll explain in simpler terms. You are a wizard. Your body is made up of magic. Use magic to change your body."

"I don't have a wand though?"

"You can cast magic without a wand."

"But I haven't used magic in four hundred ninety nine years."

"Just try."

"What if something goes wrong?"

"Do you want me to tear off your head for you? Or are you going to do it yourself?"

"Arth, you are beginning to sound like a bandit."


Nick straightened his shirt and put on a brave face.

"I shall listen to you once and attempt to cut off my head."

"Arth, you just peer pressured someone to behead himself."

"I know Hermione, I know. Oh Nick, Remember, instead of casting a spell, just let your emotions loose, just express your feelings of when you were rejected by the headless hunt. Channel your inner desires and let your magic lose."

The whole hallway lit up with light.


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