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Harry Potter and the Prince Hidden in the Shadows
Author :CrossArk
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40 Piano

Arth grabbed the blushing Hermione and took her to the ghostly ballroom. Seeing the other ghosts' dance, Arth grinned charmingly at Hermione.

"Do you know how to waltz?"

"How to what?"


"... No."

"It's pretty simple really."

Arth stood straight as a board and faced forward.

"Step one, Face one side of the room. Stand with your feet hip distance apart."

Arth took a step forward with the elegance of a high rank noble.

"Step two, put your left foot forward."

He took another step so that his two feet were now parallel.

"Step three, place your right foot forward so it is parallel to your left foot. Your feet should be side by side, a bit more than hip distance apart and then move your left foot to meet your right foot."

Arth then took a step back.

"Step four, go back with your right foot. Then, move your left foot back so it is parallel to your right foot. Make sure your feet are side by side, with some distance between them."

Arth joined his feet together before stopping.

"Finally, Place your right foot next to your left foot. This will end the basic steps of the waltz."

Arth gave a charming smile.

"Simple enough right?"

Hermione furrowed her brows in deep thought before nodding her head.

"Yes, I think I got it down."

"Ok, let's do this."

Arth grabbed Hermione's hand and led her towards the dance floor. He placed his right hand on her shoulder-blade and grasped her right hand with his left.

"Place you hand on my shoulder and we shall dance. I'll be the lead, you can follow."

Arth took a step forward, and Hermione accidentally stepped on his shoe.

"I-I'm sorry."

"It's ok, really. You just need to get used to it. Remember, you are starting by taking a step back."

Arth slowly guided her around in a square while gently guiding her with his right hand.

"Yes, that's it. Keep it up, you are doing good."

"I-I am?"

"Yes, you definitely quickly improved."

Hermione had gotten the basics down after about five minutes and the two of them were dancing in the room while staring at each other in a dazed manner.

They danced in the same simple pattern until Arth sighed.

"If only the music was better."


As if waking up from a daydream, Hermione gave a flustered reply.

"I thought that it was personally good though?"

"...the music?"

"...oh, I thought you meant something else, the music is terrible."

As if trying to hide something embarrassing, Hermione covered her red face.

"Do you mind sitting down for a while? Let me go see if I can do anything about the music."

"... ah."

Hermione deflated like a balloon and wore a face that showed how disappointed she was.

"...okay, I'm fine. Just... come back fast."

Arth raised his eyebrows before waving her off. He made his way down towards the ghostly musicians and interrupted their... art.

The screeching noise came to a halt and all of the musicians stopped and glared at him.

"Why do you interrupt our song?"

"What does You of the living need from the celebration of the dead?"

"You do not belong."


Met with a surprisingly strong retaliation, Arth let out a wry smile.

"Ummm... I was wondering if you could perform a song that was a bit... a bit more... musical."

Instantly, the room went silent before the ghosts let out a wail of anger and wrath.

"How dare you criticize our talent in music? What does the living require from us

Already dead folks?"

"You sat question our skills? We are far older than you boy and more experienced."

"What do you know of sadness? Today is a deathday party, we are best to play sorrowful music."

"What we believe to be the saddest melody is this tune, it is something that the living do not understand."

Arth gave a slight frown.

"I can play a tune that is sad. And also a tune that is equally as... painful as this one."

The ghosts shook their fingers in anger as they screeched, causing the whole room to stare.

"If you think you are so better than us, then prove it, I refuse to believe that what you say is true."

"I agree with her. What can a little hatchling do in the face of experienced artisans! This is a serious offense!"

Arth sighed.

"Give me a... a piano and I'll prove it."

The lead ghost stared at Arth with a burning look before pointing towards a dusty piano in the corner.

"Fine, I shall give you a chance. However, if it does not explain the true meaning of pain and despair, then you shall suffer."

"... Deal."

Arth made his way towards the piano with a hesitant look in his eye.

How awfully convenient that there was a piano at a deathday party of all things. How fantastic. It must have been some sort of higher being playing a trick on him.

Arth glared at the ceiling before sitting down on the piano.

He opened the piano cover and blew off the dust. He played a few notes causing the ghosts to snort in disgust.

"He dares to challenge us with that measly amount of skills? How laughable."

Arth hovered over the piano keys while slightly trembling.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

It had been a long time since he had touched a piano. A very long time.

While his eyes were still closed, Arth placed his fingers on the keys and started to play.


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