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Harry Potter and the Prince Hidden in the Shadows
Author :CrossArk
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59 Different Race

There were screams from frightened students as they backed off and watched the show.

Arth, in the other hand, was delighted.

"Oh my, isn't this a Night Fang Serpent. How fascinating."

Arth reaches out for the snake and the snake complied.

It gave a low hiss that sounded like it was happy and slithered up his arm. Arth couldn't help but smile.

"Your scales are absolutely beautiful. Your scales are also cool and nice to touch. What a beauty."

The snake rubbed its head around Arth's neck.

Hermione spoke with a pale face.

"Arth, I think it wants to bite your neck."

Arth rolled his eyes.

"Do you think this is twilight or something? Why would a snake be a vampire?"

"But it looks like it wants to bite you, I'm just worried."

"There's nothing to worry about, it's just a Night Fang."

"But aren't Night Fangs known for their aggressive behavior?"

"Well this one would never hurt me. Isn't that right, you adorable little snake."

The snake flicked its tongue in at out.

"you literally met it five seconds ago."

"Fate is a mysterious thing."

While the conversation continued, Harry has a weird look on his face. Arth noticed this and had to ask.

"What is it Harry. Is there something weird on my face?"

"...is the snake a girl?"

"Hmmm... good question, let me check."

Arth changed his pendant into a probe and probed the snake.

While Arth was identifying the snakes gender, Harry wore and even weirder look on his face.

After a few seconds, Arth Replied.

"It is a girl."

"Ok, that explains it."

"Explains what?"

Ron clapped his hands together with an enlightened face.

"Harry! You speak Parseltongue right? Tell us what it's saying."

Harry hesitated on whether to explain or not but seeing the curious look on Arth's face, he decided to give in.

"Well... the snake really really likes you. And-" Harry strained his ears. "It feels embarrassed that you probed it."

Arth froze and quietly put away the probe.

"...it also said-(MASSIVE SENSOR WARNING FOR THE KIDS WHO DIDN'T LISTEN TO MY *PARENTAL SUPERVISION ADVISED* WARNING. GET OUT YOU NINE YEAR OLDS, GO WATCH PEWDIEPIE. And for you adults out there, don't worry, you will satisfied in the fourth arc. I think.)- And it wants to be with you forever."

Arth hesitated before slowly removing the snake from his neck. He walked over to Malfoy and gave him the thrashing snake that seemed desperate to stay with Arth.

Malfoy dumbly received the snake and Arth gave a pitiful expression.

"...it's your snake so you can have it."

Before malfoy could reject his offer, Arth took off, with Hermione and Harry and Arth following him.

They soon arrived at the library where Arth crouched down and looked as though he was crying.

The other three tried their best to comfort him.

"It's ok mate, I would be scared too if that happened to me. Who knew that snakes could get into humans. I mean I've heard of insane people having a thing for furries but snakes? Unbelievable."


"I'm just saying that I'm supporting him. It's just that if he ever decides to go for something... non-human, I'm going to remove my association with him. I just can't do furries man, it's not my thing."

Hermione sent a glare at Ron before turning to Arth.

"You should be careful Arth, I think you should be a little less noticeable-"

"Then he would disappear from existence. I think the him right now is perfectly fine-"



"As I was saying," Hermione said after punching Ron in the gut. "It would better if you became a little less noticeable. You wouldn't be bothered as much, you'll have more peace and quiet, you'll be able to relax, I'll have less competition, and you get to focus on other things."

"Hermione, I think you just repeated the same benefit in different ways."

"Don't be silly, Harry."

"And What was the part about there being less competition?"

Hermione blushed.

"It's nothing."

"Really? I think it's something-"

"Shut up Harry, if you're so inquisitive, then why don't you and Ron do your homework yourself."

"Ah... sorry."

Hermione ignored the other two boys who were trembling with fright and placed her hand on top of Arth's head.

"It's ok Arth, just remember, I'm with you."

Arth finally sighed.

"The hell are you three talking about?"

Hermione have a start.

"W-were you not crying?"

"Why would I cry?"

"Because a snake got attracted to me? The hell would I be concerned about that?"

"Why wouldn't you?"

"Well the snake can love whoever she wants,

I'm just not going to return her love back. Plus, instead of being scarred or depressed, what ever you people thought I was in, I'm curious."

"Curious about what?"

"Well about my ability?"

"Which one? The dissipating aura or the nature animagus?"

"Nature Animagus of course. And you think I have Dissipating aura? Not a bad thought."

"It was me who though if it."

"Well done Hermione, that might explain why I'm not noticed."

Arth pulled out a book.

"Well what I was thinking, is that instead of a nature animagus having the power to influence living organisms, I think it might be more of mana itself."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, then it would explain why animals and girls seem to like me all the time."

"Those seem like living creatures to me, although from what I've seen, girls should belong to a different race than males."

"That's sexist Ron. Look at Hermione."

"That's exactly why I think girls are a different race."

"Then say Hermione instead of all of the females."

"Fair point."



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