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Harry Potter and the Prince Hidden in the Shadows
Author :CrossArk
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64 Reversed

"I've said this before," said Dumbledore with a hard tone. "I will not allow a student of mine to be taken away to a prison for criminals."

Fudge sighed.

"I know that you would say that Dumbledore. However, I don't have a choice here. The parents are scared, I receive ten howlers on a daily basis. My position is being threatened."

Dumbledore frowned.

"Your love for power is clouding your sight from the light. You do not care for the right or wrong, only your title as minister."

Fudge went red as he clenched his trembling fists.

The atmosphere tensed up as Fudge stared at Dumbledore with animosity.

"A little harsh for you to say that, considering I'm trying to stop the attacks from hurting another student."

"At the cost of an innocent boy."

"We don't know if he's innocent or not."

"Well he is innocent until proven."

"Well I say that it's better to arrest a hundred then let one escape."

"Then why not arrest the entirety of the slytherin house? I mean it is Slytherin's Chamber of secrets and Slytherin's heir. Not Gryffindor's."

Fudge opened his mouth to speak yet no words came out.

Seeing this, Dumbledore let out a smile. One that was not whatsoever friendly.

"Ahhh, It appears that you have had this thought. Now I wonder why you changed your mind about this... I recently heard of a tale that Lucius Malfoy gave a generous donation to the ministry. Maybe that has something to do with this nonsense? I also heard That Lucius's son Draco has a thing against our boy Arthur over here."

Fudge went pale.

"Are you accusing me of bribery?"

"I am only suggesting." Said Dumbledore. "However, most of the time, my suggestions become true."

"Dumbledore, I want you to remember that I am the Minister. Not you."

"And I am the Headmaster if Hogwarts. And this is my school and he is my student."

"The problems you have are ones that you cannot solve."

"It doesn't matter, I will not allow you to forcefully take my student away without evidence."

"I can, I am the minister. Do not force my hand Dumbledore."

Dumbledore got up causing Fudge to flinch.

"I remember a young man, excited to work for the good of wizards. A fair man who was reasonable and just. A man who would send me letters filled with questions on how to run as minister."

"Y-you dare!"

"I remember people telling me to take your position. Remember that I could've taken it from you. Do not be controlled by power Fudge."

"Is that a threat?"

"No, it is a warning. Fudge, you will never be the best minister we have, but do not go down in history as our worst."

Silence ensued the room as two influential figures faced off with each other.

In this silence, Arth hesitantly raised up his hand.

"What is it boy." Asked Dumbledore after a couple seconds of silence.

"Do my parents know of this?"

Fudge wiped some of the sweat off of his forehead before answering.

"Naturally they do not know of this manner but please understand that they will be notified of this matter the moment we get in contact with them."

"So basically after I am imprisoned."

"...that is correct."

Arthur furrowed his brows deep in thought.

"I'm terribly sorry to say this but we have no other choice. Please understand that parents are worried. People are scared. They want all potential threats to their children secured and locked behind bars."

"So my parents aren't one of these parents are they?"


"My parents would want to see me behind bars too?"


Arth sighed.

"I guess the ministry prioritizes the voice of many instead of the well being of one."

The minister blushed in shame.

Arth Stared at the floor for a couple minutes before a the door of the office flew open with an almighty bang and Hagrid burst in, a wild look in his eyes, his balaclava perched on top of his shaggy black head and the dead rooster still swinging from his hand.

"It wasn' Arth, Professor Dumbledore!" said Hagrid urgently. "I was talkin' ter him seconds before that kid was found, he never had time, sir —"

Dumbledore tried to say something, but Hagrid went ranting on, waving the rooster around in his agitation, sending feathers everywhere.

"it can't've bin him, I'll swear it in front o' the Ministry o' Magic if I have to."

"Hagrid, I —"

"— yeh've got the wrong boy, sir, I know Harry never —"

"Hagrid!" said Dumbledore loudly. "I do not think that Harry attacked those people."

"Oh," said Hagrid, the rooster falling limply at his side. "Then why are there talkings of the minister arriving at Hogwarts-"

Hagrid saw Fudge standing in front of the desk.

"Oh... um. My bad. I'll wait outside then, Headmaster."

Before Hagrid could walk out, Fudge stopped him.

"Actually Hagrid, I need you to stay here."

Hagrid stopped.

"Whatcha need me for Minister?"

"Well, some of your old... acquaintances remembered that you are working at Hogwarts and with all of these incidents going on recently, they can't help but... remember the past."

Hagrid went pale.

"Yer not going to take me to Azkaban are yeh."

"I'm sorry but yes we are."

Hagrid went silent.

Arth took this moment to raise his hand once more.

"Yes, What is it now."

With a wry smile, Arth said with a calm voice.

"I want to go to Azkaban, May I go?"


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