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Harry Potter and the Prince Hidden in the Shadows
Author :CrossArk
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67 Not Into

"Oooh, can I touch them?"

"Please don't, they really don't like physical contact."

"What happens if I do?"

"...the last time someone touched a dementor, he got swarmed and got literally drained of any positive emotion. He died the very next day."

"They didn't kiss him?"

"The dementors found it to be too light to give him a quick... end."

"Hmmm... fascinating."

Arth slowly drew back his hands from one of the dementors who were guarding the prison.

Seeing this, Fudge sighed.

"Can you act like a child and have some awareness on what you are doing? You do realize that these aren't some random house dog?"

"Of course they're not some dog, they're dementors."


Arth tilted his head.

"I wonder why the dementors suck out the happiness out of people... maybe it's because they want to find happiness and feel jealousy towards people who are happy?"

Fudge gave a dry laugh.

"That is Impossible, dementors simply do not have the same emotions as us-"

"We don't know that for sure so don't go on and say it's false."


Hagrid was wearing a melancholic look as he surveyed the land before him.


Arth stopped joking around and quietly patted Hagrid on the head.

"It's alright Hagrid... we're only going to be here for a few days. It'll be behind us in a few short moments."

Hagrid let out a sigh.

"Yer right, we're only gonna stay here for a bit. Me wonder why everything seems so different compared to last time. Musta be because of you Arth."

Arth gave a small smile.

"No problem."

Arth quietly leaned in close towards Arth.

"You reckon I could get a sample of the cloaks the dementors are wearing?"

Hagrid went pale.

"I also want a piece of their skin and know how they look underneath their cloaks."

Fudge gave a small sigh.

"Did I make the correct decision to bring the kid here? I feel like he will bring the whole prison down in some way..."

Fudge glanced at the dementors and frowned.

"I wonder why the dementors are so still and obedient, usually they go wild when there is fresh prisoners to be given..."

Seeing the almost orderly behavior of the dementors, Fudge couldn't help but frown once more.

They entered through the massive prison gates and saw the inner workings of the building.

The floor was the same color as the walls, and the only light source was the gloomy sunlight from the windows.

Some of the cells would contain murmurs that were previously inaudible from the outside. Every little movement that the prisoners made would echo through the hallways creating an eerie atmosphere.

Of course, Arth wasn't daunted by this at all.

"So where is the guest room? We have beds right?"


"Oooh, fascinating. Is that how a dementor eats."

As if noticing that it was being mentioned, the dementor in question immediately stopped draining its prisoner and stood up straight and still.

"Is this the normal behavior of a dementor? I read that they were usually wild... was the book wrong?"

Fudge shook his head.

"No, usually they are wild and untamed. For some reason, they seem awfully obedient today... gives me the shivers."

"Hmm, when is dinner? I'm starving."

"It will be in an hour. You can wait in the meantime. Just don't go wandering off somewhere wherever. There are people in here that may give you nightmares, sights that are so terrifying that even adults find it horrible."


After Fudge and the guards turned their backs, Arth immediately blended into the shadows and disappeared. The dementor who was standing alert slowly turned his head following the almost undetectable Arth with a blank gaze.

Arth made his way up the prison, often peeking inside the cells to see the prisoners.

Most of them were just sitting still looking dead and hollow while muttering to themselves. Some were insane, laughing hysterically while crying.

However, there was one thing Arth couldn't put his finger on.

He didn't feel the draining effect that everyone else felt.

He read that being next to the dementors would cause negative and horrible thoughts to surface however he felt nothing. Honestly, he didn't think the dementors were that bad. If he ignored the chill they produced, they were just big black cloaked figures.

Suddenly, while Arth was passing a cell, a pale hand reached out for him.

Arth calmly avoided it and sent an inquisitive look at the owner of the arm.

Inside the cell was a couple, man and woman. The man was in one of the corners, staring into space while the woman was reaching out towards Arth with a smile.

"Hello boy, it's been so long since I found an innocent one. Oh how I want to break you."

Arth raised his eye.

"Hi, I'm not into older women."


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