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Harry Potter and the Prince Hidden in the Shadows
Author :CrossArk
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72 Misunderstanding

Harry was in the Gryffindor common room watching Ron obliterate Hermione in chess when Neville came running in through the painting with a pale face.

Or at least a paper face than usual because Neville usually had a pale face.

Neville attempted to speak however ended up tripping on the carpet and falling face first towards the ground.

A few people started to laugh lightheartedly. Harry ignored this and went over to help Neville get up.

"Come on Neville, calm down a bit."

"N-no! It's important!"

"What is?"

"Arth is going to be taken to Azkaban!"

There was dead silence, even those who were laughing at first stopped and stared unbelievingly at Neville.


"Arth is arrested for being suspected as the heir of slytherin!"

There was a shrill scream and everyone turned their heads to find the source.

In Hermione's hand, a slowly dis forming queen was struggling to escape the grasp of Hermione.

The culprit herself asked with an almost faint voice.

"Arth is being taken to Azkaban?"

As if almost afraid to answer, for Hermione looked as if she was about to break, Neville hesitantly replied.


"... but why?"

"W-well, you know of the rumors right? The rumors about Arth."


"Well, apparently, now even some of the parents think he is suspicious and might have the qualities of being the next you-know-who."

Harry frowned.

"That's stupid, Arth would much rather read a book or look at animals than terrorize the world."

"I-I know right?"

Hermione rubbed her hands on her temple and asked in a tired voice.

"...so why are they still blaming Arth?"

"W-well, people actually don't know how Arth actually acts, or even how he looks."

Hermione groaned.

"That dumb Dissipating Aura of his just had to get him in trouble."

Ron raised an eyebrow skeptically.

"Bloody hell, even then, they can't just take a student out of school based on rumors right? That must be illegal or something."

Hermione Replied almost instantly.

"Actually, the ministry has the ability to take a student out of school if it is determined that the student is a threat in any way."

"But Arth surely doesn't hold that much threat to the ministry does he? Or at least not enough to cause him to get sent to Azkaban?"

Neville gave a nervous look at his back before resuming.

"I heard that someone paid the Minister off, a big amount too. He said he was concerned about the WellCare of the students."

Harry growled.

"It has to be malfoy, I mean, he is always going on about how rich his father is and how his father is a school governor."

(Might be Wrong, idc, someone do a fact check)

Hermione let out the most un-hermione like growl possible.

"I'm going to smack that blonde boy in the face the next time I see him."

"Calm down Hermione, so where is Arth?"

"He is being taken away, the Minister has come to pick him up. People saw him."

Hermione, Harry, and Ron immediately jumped to their feet.

"What are we waiting for? Let's go already!"

Before they could, Percy walked in looking glum.

"Don't, you guys shouldn't go stop them."

Ron immediately let out an outrage.

"What do you think you're doing Percy? Stop being an idiot and get lost! He is my mate and I'm going to bloody save him!"

Percy gave a sad look towards Ron.

"Do you really think that Dumbledore would allow this?"

Ron froze.

"In fact, from what I've heard from the paintings, Dumbledore was about to go all out in letting Arth stay in the prison."

"Then why didn't he?"

"Because Arth offered to go to the prison himself."

"Why would he do that?"

Percy sighed.

"It was to prevent Dumbledore from doing anything risky that might cause him to lose his job as headmaster."

There was the sound of a sharp intake of air as everybody froze in shock.

"Think about it, Dumbledore is probably the only thing that's holding the monster back. The moment he is gone, there will be dead muggle borns. Arth probably knew this, he is smart after all. He didn't want to risk everyone's life just to stay in school. So he decided to sacrifice himself."

Harry fell to his knees and Ron slowly slumped into a chair.

Hermione began to mutter to herself.

"... he went to Azkaban to protect Muggle-Borns. He went to Azkaban to protect me..."

Everyone in the common room silently went off to their own way, trying to slowly absorb the information they had just heard.

Percy took off his glances that were moist in the corners.

"...he is a bloody hero, Arth that is."

Far away in Azkaban, Arth sneezed.


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