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Harry Potter and the Prince Hidden in the Shadows
Author :CrossArk
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"W-what did you Do to the dementors?"

"Oh the dementors? Nothing really."

"Are you sure?"

Fudge gave a skeptical glance at the almost soldier like behavior of the dementors.

"Dementors don't usually act like this, no, they never act like this. They are usually wild and barely controllable."

"Well that's because you never really treated them right."

"What do you mean treat them right?"

"Well you see, apparently dementors eat positive mana, or emotions of the "soul", especially positive ones."


"Oh I forgot, I have this theory that all magic is caused by using mana from the world."


"Basically, magic and spell casting is basically the manipulation of mana, simple right?"

"Uh yes?"

"And while experimenting on dementors during my time at Azkaban-"


"You know the usual DNA sampling, looking at their anatomy, taking off their hoods-"

"You took off their hoods!"

"Oh yes, it's quite interesting really. Apparently they don't have faces at all, in fact, opposing popular belief, they don't have mouths either, or at least physical ones."


"Well you see, their mouths are only visible when they want to feed, but when they are not, they basically don't have a mouth at all. It's like a whirlpool that appears in a bathtub when you drain water. In simpler terms, when the dementors are hungry, they create a black hole that creates a suction. It's what we call the "mouth"."


Fudge naturally had many questions such as what the fuck was DNA testing and how he could study the anatomy of a dementor and most of all how in the world did Arth manage to take off the hood of a dementor. Sadly, Arth provides no answers.

"So why are you here?"

"... there has been an attack at Hogwarts, a boy from Ravenclaw now lies in the hospital wing petrified."

"Oh, so it means that taking away Hagrid and me proved to be ineffective."


"Which also means that we are innocent, right?"


"And both Hagrid and I deserve an apology for being wrongfully sent to Azkaban."


"Mister Minister?"

"...that is correct."

Arth reaches his arm out and held out his palm.


Fudge stared at the hand with a confused look.

"What is this?"

Arth raised an eyebrow.

"I'm ready to receive my apology."

"Yes, the ministry promises to provide an apology letter to both you and Hagrid. It's just that we need some time to prepare-"

"I don't give a dam about an apology letter, just hand over the money."

"Excuse me?"

"Hand over the money."

"For what?"

"My apology. I want money. Give."

"I-I do not understand, the ministry will-"

"Give me money before I sue you for imprisoning a minor in a prison meant for convicted criminals, for arresting two people without a strong valid reason, causing mental damage to a child who was wrongfully accused, and accepting a bribe."


"So will you hand it over?"


"Hello? Time is running out~"

With a face looking as if he was about to cry, Fudge slowly took out his wallet and placed ten Galleons on Arth's outstretched palm.

"Only this much? I want more."

Fudge started to tremble as he put another ten gold coins on top of Arth's hand.

"Make it double and I'll forget that this ever happened."

Fudge very unwillingly took out another twenty Galleons and placed them on Arth's hand.

Satisfied, Arth placed the Galleons in his pocket and gave a warm smile towards Fudge.

"Now that everything is settled, shall we go back to Hogwarts."

"... yes, let's get you out of here as soon as we can."

As Arth began to leave, the dementors began to become restless.

Arth rolled his eyes.

"Oh come on, you aren't some motherless ducklings who can't live without a mother duck, go do your job properly."

The dementors immediately complied and dispersed into the air.

Once more, the five newcomers were surprised.

As Arth walked down the floors, the once quiet prisoners would slowly get up from the shadows and salute.

"Oi, you people, no need to salute me you know?"

The prisoners yet still saluted one by one, from every floor. Suddenly, a voice came from one of the cells.

"Hey boy, it seems you are going to leave this place. I do say thank you for the books and the higher quality food. Here, take the book back."

A book came flying out of the cell and arth caught it effortlessly.

"I'm glad that you enjoyed it."

Fudge gasped.

"Isn't that Sirius Black?"

"I suppose it is."

Arth continued down the floors and went down quite a while when a pale white arm protruded from a cell.

Arth easily dodged it again and sighed.

"Come on Miss Bellatrix Lestrange, can you not try to grab me at least once? That's child molestation."

Bellatrix just gave a creepy giggle.

"Come over here Arthur~ I want to eat you up so bad~"

"I thought that you said you were going to stay loyal to the Dark Lord?"

"He is number one, you can be number two."

"I don't really like that, remember? I'm not into older women."

"I don't care, I'm going to make you like me."

"... mister Fudge? Isn't this sexual harassment? Can I file a complaint?"

"...she already has a lifetime sentence."

"Dam, oh well. Let's just move on."

As Arth left the cell behind, everyone could hear the loud voice of a women screaming behind him.




Arth ignored the commotion and continued on.

After collecting Hagrid from the guest rooms, they excited the prison once and for all.

Arth stretches his arms and took a deep breath.

"Now that vacation is over, I should go back to figuring out what and who the Heir of slytherin is."


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